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Mini Skis Turn Your Rollerblades Into Winter Fun or Death

You'd have to have a couple screws loose to wear the Skatesliders, because they look like an accident just waiting to happen. They attach to any pair of inline skates. Just remove the wheels and attach the mini skis using the p...

The Star Wars Gear Won’t Stop – R2D2 Phone

Please make it end...course I post on it perpetuating the very thing I think I despise. It's an R2D2 phone. The head moves and lights up and plays R2D2 sound effects when the phone rings. It ain't cheap: $160 available here. [S...

Unusual Fire Extinguisher

Today's fire extinguishers do one thing: put out fires. But what about when you're caught in an inferno with so much smoke you can't breath to react? This no name concept does just that. At the core of the system is an oxygen t...


Stretched Ferrari

This first thing that popped into my mind was "how's the cornering on this thing". What you see is a stretched 2000 Ferrari 360, which seats about 8 people. What's really cool is its two giant electric gull wing doors that allo...

New Lock System Allows The Consumer, Yes You, To Make Your Own Key

Smartkey maker Kwiset has engineered a new type of lock that allows its owner to essentially cut their own key...sort of. It works like this: You purchase a newly cut key. Insert the old key, hit the 'learn' function (to do thi...

Wireless Wii Nunchuck

Can't stand the corded Wii Nintendo Nunchunk? Nyko is set to introduce a Wireless Wii Nunchunk for $35 that'll start shipping March 25th. It works with the current Wiimote by plugging in a small receiver to its base. Expect 30 ...


Urine Fertilizer Kit

Sounds funky I know, but it's totally legit. If you didn't know you can drink your pee if stranded...okay, I digress. EAWAG Aquatic Research in Switzerland has developed a DIY kits that turns pee into fertilizer. The kit will b...

You’ll Surely Turn Heads With This Bike

With this bike, you won't need the Turn Signal Bike Jacket to get folks to watch out for you. I'm sorry for those who are offended by this grotesque display of male machismo, but if you don't get a kick out of this, get lost. I...

Turn Signal Jacket Is A Perfect Fit For Bikes

The Turn Signal Biking Jacket would be a welcome addition to my biking paraphernalia. The LEDs are controlled via a wrist mounted switch and it would double as a nice warning signal to drivers at night. More pics here. [Make]


Canon Intros Flash Memory Hi-Def Camcorder: HF10

This light weight (.8 lbs) bad boy can achieve up to 6 hours of full HD recordings on its 16GB internal flash memory. Unfortunately, the battery life maxes out at 3 hours and I'm not sure if that takes into account use of the f...

2 Person Rumble Chair Goes Wireless

This isn't the first rumble chair I've seen and it definitely won't be the last. Believe it or not, for $250 you get a pretty good deal: 4 3"two way speakers, 2 subwoofers for game thumping action, dynamic vibration motors, sou...

USB HUB Disguised As A Photo Frame

No, this isn't a digital photo frame. In fact, it's a regular photo frame with a built-in light at its base to illuminate the framed picture. So what's cool? It plugs in via USB and provides 4 additional USB 2.0 ports. Okay, so...