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Motion Bulb

Motion Detecting Light Bulb

Just like the infomercial says, don't spend hundreds on high end motion detecting light systems, get the Motion Bulb. Built into the tip of the bulb is a small motion detector. The detector is only active if there isn't enough ...
Pioneer LED Sneaker

Concept Sneaker Sports Built-in LED

More safety than vision, this pair of concept sneakers - called the Pioneer - include a built-in LED that will shine a path up to 4.9 feet in length.  The LEDs are powered by kinetic energy, so no need to worry about recharging...
Furito Solo VoIP Handset

Futiro Sleek VoIP Handset

'Small and sleek' and you've got me sold.  The Futuro Solo handset is a VoIP compatible handset designed for the business traveler.  Embedded in its back is a retractable cord management system and as you can see from the pics ...


Quake 3 Hits the iPhone

[GR]kvci1vTXyUo[/GR] Check it: Quake 3 on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It looks excessively boring since you control strafing via the accelerometer and firing by just tapping the screen. I wouldn't waste my time, but for the iPho...

Diamonds International Coupons and Discounts

What is it: With over two decades in the business, Diamonds International is one of the most trusted jewelry retailers in the business. They currently boast over 125 locations with locations both domestically and internationall...

Griffin Technology Coupons and Discounts

What is it: Griffin Technology manufactures a wide assortment of accessories for the iPod, iPhone and iPod touch. Many of their devices are also compatible with other MP3 players. Griffin Technology Coupons and Discounts - Tune...


Zoomswitch Links Phone and Computer Headsets

[GR]EpCr8cz4v3U[/GR] First and foremost watch the video.  It's pretty amusing...amusing because the guy in the video couldn't be any more obvious about reading off a quecard.  Nonetheless, the Zoomswitch is a useful product for...
USB Cassette

USB Cassette

Don't be mistaken, this isn't a converter. In fact, its a gag gift for those friends that have a death grip on the gold old analog cassette. The faux cassette tape, yes fake, actually hides a 64MB USB drive. The idea behind thi...
Cell Phones

Lenovo Ideapad Seems Uninspired

Lenovo's newest product offering is essentially a cell phone with what appears to be an eraser-head like optical mouse that allows for one handed operation. The Ideapad operates over EDGE or 3G networks, sports a 4.8 inch touch...

Rumored 3G iPhone All Black Finish

New 3G iPhone Images Leaked? Unlikely.

According to MacRumors, well, more like according to iPodObserver the new 3G iPhone will sports an all black glossy back finish.  As Macrumos points out, it's unlikely that these are accurate, which is further reaffirmed by iPo...
Reef Dram Sandal Hideen Compartment

Sandle Flask

Yes, the list grows.  What list you ask?  Well, we've seen the Beer Belly, the Wine Rack, the Barnoculars and now there's the Sandal Flask.  Actually, they're made by Reef (THE sandle maker) and called the Dram Sandal.  Embedde...

Slick Wine Theremometer

Achieving the perfectly chilled white, or room temepartured red can make or break a wine's flavor.  The Wine Thermometer neatly adhears to the bottle as if its part of it.  Battery life lasts approximately 2000 hours and includ...