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Handhelditems Coupons and Discounts

What is it: Heldhelditems sells a wide and massive selection of, well, hand held items. This includes iPod accessories, a programmable digital pen, a red LED scrolling message badget and a whole lot more! Categories: Camera and...
Headmounted Mini Camera UKP300

Cops To Wear Bluetooth Headset Sized Cameras

I know, tiny cameras aren't exactly revolutionary,but this is a reality check.  According to GIzmag, this new UKP300 head camera with built-in microphone can record high quality video and plug into any recording device with vid...
iHome iP99BR Radio

iHome Launches iPhone Compatible Stereo

Most, if not all stereos with built-in iPod docks pick up the iPhone's ever aggravating GSM signal noise. For Christ's sakes, it sounds like good damn aliens are invading! Finally, iHome has announced the availability of their ...

Green Energy
Hymini All Products

HYmini Review

This month I’ve been testing out the HYmini, the world’s first personal wind powered charger. At $49 it’s a steal and gives you ‘green cred’ – you know, like ‘street cred’. What is the HYmini? HYmini calls it “the first green p...

Slinky Like Expandable Chair

By: Tiffany Miller At first glance this looks like an illusion, but by the end of the clip my mind was churning with all the potential uses for this, uh, contraption. The options are endless- chair, couch, ottoman, bed, table, ...
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Retinal Display System

Retinal Display System Makes HUD Glasses Obsolete

Today's personal media player's, or PMPs, screens are too small. Even worse is the solution: bulky glasses with embedded screens (aka head mounted displays) that obstructs the user's vision. Brother's solution is a small and li...

Electrial Outlet Mini Safe

Electrical Outlet Safe

Not only is this Electric Outlet Safe completely unassuming, but few criminals will peel back an electrical outlet for fear of electrocution. This mini safe will hold small amounts of cash, jewelry and credit cards, or a large ...
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Remote Sumos

Remote Controlled Sumo Wrestlers

I don't know why I like these, but I just do. Perhaps it's the 'Urban Outfitters' marketing machine finally wearing off on me. Using the two button remote you can challenge a friend (or foe) to a sumo match. Just like the real ...
Personal Bed Fan

One Special Bed Fan (Not Bed Pan) Cools Feet and In Between Sheets

If you've ever used a standard fan at night, then you're familiar with the 'waking up with dry mouth syndrome' and crusty eyes. On those hot summer night nothing is probably more perfect than this Personal Fan that is designed ...

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Timex iControl

Timex iControl Review

By: Jeff Bordeaux What is the Timex Ironman iControl? The iControl is a digital sports watch that wirelessly controls your iPod with the touch of a button. You can easily navigate through your music using the large and very res...

CompUSA Coupons and Discounts

Compusa has recently been relaunched and is now owned and operated by Systemax.  They've added more products, better customer service and a guarantee to ship same day of order.  They offer a 30-day return policy but just make s...

Hello Direct Coupons and Discounts

What is it: Hello Direct is your source for all your telecommunication needs. They offer a massive selection of telephones, headsets, conferencing systems and more. Need help? Just click their 'talk now' button. Checkout Hello ...