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LCD Projector Cell Phone Next April

According to The Korea Times, we can expect projector embedded cell phones as early as next April. Created by Iljin Display, the Single LCD Panel technology should be able to project up to a seven inch full-color screen. The LC...

Liquid Snake Game

Remember the game ‘snake’? Well now you can play it in some gooey black ooze called FerroFluid. Looks like you just tilt the box to move the snake in the desired direction. More pics here and video here.  Snoil [Core77]

Paramount HD movie content on XBox Live

Microsoft announced a partnership with Paramount that will bring HD movie content to XBox Live.  The deal will include HD trailers for "Mission: Impossible III" and "Nacho Libre."  The hope is that this deal will eventually lea...


USB Flash Bag Inflates w/ Storage

Although still in its design concept phase, the Flash Bag inflates like a balloon to represent total stored capacity. So, as the USB based flash drive is filled with data a built-in pump (assumption) fills the surrounding bag w...

Color Changing Clothes Depending on Emotion

Soon you may be able to look at the voluptuous blond and now your game has a chance at the plate.  What the hell are we talking about?  Made of electrochromic polymers the color changing cloth, or material, can be manipulated b...

Sony DVD Recorders w/ PSP Line Out

Let's be honest: no one is buying those pesky little PSP UMD. I concede that there a great piece of technology, but its just not practical to purchase UMDs, and a DVD. Well, it would seem that Sony has caught onto this trend an...



Nerds can finally get to second base with the ladies thanks to the USB bra.  This brassiere  features a USB male and female connector as the hook. I actually received this as a joke e-mail so no idea if it's actually manufactur...

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Remember that concept pen PDA we showed you a few months back with the projection screen and keyboard? Well it looks like we're half way to that reality with the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. This matchbox-sized gadget actu...
Cell Phones

Transfer All Cell Phone Contents w/ One Easy to Use Tool

Getting a new cell phone means the inevitable task of transferring names and numbers. But what if you have pictures, ring tones, text messages and more? The Universal Memory Exchanger 36 (UME-36) by Cellebrite will transfer all...


Keychain Radiation Detector

Living in fear of radiation? Finally you can carry around a portable radiation detector in a keychain friendly form factor. This little detector will detect radiation levels above 75 milliRoentgens per hour (mR/hr). It features...
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Unlimited Hard Drive Space for your Xbox 360

No doubt the Xbox 360’s hard drive will fall short of space for some users as their library of games continues to grow. A new device by Datel hopes to eliminate this issue by linking your 360’s HD to your computer. The XSATA, w...

SmartMug w/ LED Temperature Display

The Smart Mug keeps your beverages at a specified temperature ranging from 85 to 160 degrees. Just specify the temperature on the included LED, and plug in. Includes 12V car adapter for those brisk morning trips. Available here...