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Top 100 Products of 2008 By PC World Is All Wacked

I don't know how they do it, but some how these publications are able to determine 'best movie of the year' just months into the year and now they've already compiled a list of 'The 100 Best Products of the Year'.  That's right...

Lego Indiana Jones For Xbox 360

As if there wasn't enough publicity and advertising surrounding this movie... Now you can enjoy the chronicles of Dr. Jones in Lego style through the jungles of South America to the mountains of India. Be Indiana Jones: Re-live...

Samsung Announces $200 Eco Friendly Terabyte Drive

Samsung's newest terabyte drive won't be reversing the Republican's rumored Green House Effect (Demos say it for fact), but at $200 it's probably the cheapest terabyte drive to date.  The EcoGreen F1 hard drive can be used as a...


DirecTV To Go: The DirecTV Sat-Go

I am having a hard time believing this thing is real. Anyone else?  The DirecTV Sat-Go includes everything you need to 'take your shows with you': receiver, antenna and TV. (more…)
Cell Phones

Cell Phone Meets Glove, What Do You Get?

What is it?  But of course, the GLOVE PHONE!  Real? I doubt it, but it would prove useful in an avalanche! More info here.

Polaroid ZINK Printer Availability Announced and Official Product Name

I've been dieing to get my hands on a ZINK printer (go here and here for the additional info). Looks like Polaroid has made it official. Come July 6th the ZINK printer will be available at Best Buy stores for $149. The actualy ...
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Adult DVD Lock Box That You Can Manage From Your Computer

When I was a kid my brother's friends stole Debbie Does Dallas, copied it and sold it to my friends for a tidy profit.  If you don't want your kids profiting off your indiscretions, or rubbing one out to your own stash of ungod...
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Cell Phones

More 3G iPhone Pics (rumor)

A usual they're all blury and not overly detailed. Nothing looks too impressive and the front shot looks so iPod Touch it's not even funny! This one's white unlike the black shots we saw a while back, which were later debunked....

DataBreaker Review

by Jeff Bordeaux We are living in a time where the word security means a lot more than it use to. Homeland security, Airport security, and Internet security, all provide more jobs than they did 10 years ago. Not to take away an...


Robotic Women Is Complete Fake

[GR]i2wYWAlg8Do[/GR] Some goofballs posted this video on Youtube.  The woman is supposed to be a robot featuring advanced technologies.  It's some what believable until they interview the English speaking kid and then cut to th...
heat_sensitive_walls that change color

Transforming Wallpaper, Just Add Heat

I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain this one in great detail as this is clearly a case of 'a picture is worth a 1,000 words' (BTW I don't believe in 10,000 words).  Using a heat sensitive paint, the imagery on the wall chan...

Delias 20% Off Everything Coupon – Expires: 5/28/08

Delias is offering a 20% off EVERYTHING for a limited time. This deal will run run though 5/28 - Delia Memorial Day Sale - 20% Off EVERYTHING! Coupon code: GRAB20 More Delia Coupon codes here.