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Apple MacBook Released!

Apply has finally released the eagerly-awaited, Intel-based MacBooks -- the follow-up to the iBook.  Just how does the Apple MacBook stack up to its big brother the MacBook Pro? The Apple MacBook features a 13.3" widescreen dis...

Buy “24″ episodes on MySpace

Starting next week you'll be able to buy episodes of Fox's hit television show "24" on  Since News Corp, the owner of Fox, owns, this move comes as no shock.  There will be initially two free episodes c...
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Helio KickFlip First Look

We were recently invited down to the Helio building in Westwood, CA. As it happens its right down the street from my apartment so we shot over there to get a look at their drool worthy handsets. After a cordial visit and a sit ...


PlayStation 3 Release Date and Price announced

All the rumors are over, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 3 Release Date and price at E3.  The PS3 will come in two configuratios: a 20 gb system for $499 and the 60 gb system for $599.  Damn that's one pricey system. ...

New PS3 Controller

Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 3 controller at this year's E3 and it looks like the boomerage is out and the DualShock is back in. However, this time around the Dual Shock has dropped shock support in favor of motion ...

Medicine Cabinet Refrigerator

In case things get a little steamy in the good ole bathroom, why not install a refrigerator cooled medicine cabinet to cool you down. Apparently it has 3 different zones for variable climate setting, which means beer in one, na...

Cell Phones

MicroSD Payment Card

We keep hearing about ‘contactless’ payment with cell phones – you know, walk up to the kiosk, wave your phone by the register and be on your way. One of the challenges, or so it would seem, would be waiting for the rollout of ...

Pac-Man the Movie

While playing on YouTube, I just stumbled across someone's joke trailer for a live action interpretation of Pac Man. I love how they handled the power pellets, fruit, and Ms Pac Man. All very entertaining and worth the few minu...

Special New Chip Increases Cell Phone Battery Life

Lately battery development has focused on creating a more efficient and longer lasting battery. Little thought has gone into how to make these battery dependent devices more efficient and ultimately suck down less energy. After...

Cell Phones

Origami Cell Phone

Inventables has posted a really cool cell phone concept -- the Origami Cell Phone. Inspired by electronic ink, the Origami Cell Phone would feature a paper screen that automatically unfolds (using an origami folding technique) ...
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US Nintendo DS Lite release date and price announced

Nintendo has finally announced the US DS Lite and release date today via an official press release.  The DS Lite will be released in the US on June 11 for a mere $130.  Initially, the DS Lite will only be available in white, th...

aXbo Alarm Clock Review

Remember that aXbo Alarm Clock that knows when it’s best to wake you by monitoring your sleep cycles? Well, the guys at Digital Reviews got their hands on one. They determined that for the most part setup and use will be intuit...
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