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Sony Unveils World’s Smallest HD Camcorder: HDR-TG1

Don't be deceived by Sony's newest camcorder's small size; this little fella packs a punch. Standing just 4.7" tall and measuring 2.5" deep, Sony's HDR-TG1 shoots full blown HD video (1920x1080). Unfortunately, Sony in their bl...
LaCie Triple Interface

LaCie’s Newest Hard Drive Offers 3 Different Inputs and Ground Effects

Good looks and gadgets go hand-in-hand.  That's why LaCie hired Porsche designer Neil Poulton to design their latest product offering.  Available in sizes 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB, the new drives include 3 different inputs to meet...

Cambridge Soundworks Coupons and Discounts

Cambridge Soundworks carries mid to high end audio products.  In addition to carrying their own branded products, Cambridge Soundworks also sells many other brands.  They offer a no questions asked 45 day return policy and stel...

Cell Phones
Samsung Instinct

Sprint Instinct Haptic Touch Screen Phone

Remember the Samsung Anycall Haptic I featured about a week ago? At the time, I didn't know when it would arrive State side. Well, you'll be glad to hear it should be available June 2008, but under the guise of Sprint's network...
Motorized Mono Cycle

Motorized Monocycle Available for Purchase

For a long time the Motorized Monocycle has been a thing of dreams.  Sure, concepts and prototypes existed, but they weren't readily available for purchase to the public, until now.  For a mere $13,000 plus $800 for shipping, t...
Croc Phone Case

The World’s Ugliest Cell Phone Case EVER

You know those ultra popular Croc shoes? Yeah, that hideous rubber like shoe meets sandle. Well, thanks to Verizon you can now look like a bigger schmuck with the Croc Phone case. Don't be surprised if you see me on the street ...

Touch Sreen
Microsoft Surface in AT&T Retail Stores

AT&T Stores Set To Introduce Microsoft Surface

It looks like AT&T will be among one of the first to feature Microsoft's Surface, an interactive touch screen table, in a retail environment. Customers will be able to place handsets on the Surface and through the magic of ...
UV Card

UV Thermometer Card

There might be nothing worse then being sun burned.  In seconds the UV card displays the UV level on a scale of 1 - 8: 1-3 low, 4-6 medium, and 7-8 high.  Probably not thin enough to fit in a wallet, but it should slip into the...

Atom Shockwave Games Coupons and Discounts

Atom Shockwave is the leading game destination on the web.  Choosing Atom Schockwave should be a no brainer with their 10 day free trial and access to 100s of games.  Checkout Atom Shockwave's other coupons and offers below. At...

Coupons Coupons and Discounts

What is it: is the leading online drugstore and includes information about health, beauty, wellness and personal care. provides a convenient and private shopping experience, and offers a 30 days retu...

Champs Sports Coupons and Discounts

Champs Sports is home to 1000s of sports products. Strangely enough Champs doesn't sell any products for kids. They're owned by Footlocker and offer an unlimited return policy assuming the product is in like new condition. Chec...
Cell Phones

Cell Phone Disguised As A Cigarette Pack

Perhaps they're trying to prove a point. Get it, cigarettes, cancer and the ever on going debate about cell phones and tumors. The Cigarette cell phone is simply a cell phone embedded neatly into a box of cigarettes. The phone ...