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heat_sensitive_walls that change color

Transforming Wallpaper, Just Add Heat

I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain this one in great detail as this is clearly a case of 'a picture is worth a 1,000 words' (BTW I don't believe in 10,000 words).  Using a heat sensitive paint, the imagery on the wall chan...

Delias 20% Off Everything Coupon – Expires: 5/28/08

Delias is offering a 20% off EVERYTHING for a limited time. This deal will run run though 5/28 - Delia Memorial Day Sale - 20% Off EVERYTHING! Coupon code: GRAB20 More Delia Coupon codes here.

Wearable Motorcycle

Say what now.  Although this probably won't be hitting 'store shelves' anytime in the foreseeable future, this wearable motorcycle from Yamaha is a small glimpse into the future of transportation.  The Yamaha Deus Ex Machina, a...


Touchscreen Turntables

Where do people find the time? Invented by a UK student (Scott Hobbs), the dual touchscreen turntables allows you to do a wide variety of cool ass things. Based on the video it looks like he's integrated a drum machine into the...

View London From New York Via the Telectroscope

What the hell is a Telectroscope? It's like a telescope only it's not. In fact, the Telectroscope dates back the 19th century, or does it? Ok, I'll come clean. The Telectroscope is in fact a work of art by Paul St. George. The ...
Cell Phones

Sprint Instinct Availability Date Announced

Sprint said the Samsung Instinct will be available for purchase June 20th, 2008 in both the online and retail channels today. The price is still unknown, but since this has been pegged as Sprint's iPhone, I'm sure folks will be...


Fredericks of Hollywood Coupons

Fredericks of Hollywood offers a wide variety of lingerie, which includes bras ,panties, corsets, shoes, and much more. Fredericks of Hollywood is true to its name - it was founded in Hollywood, CA and has been in business for ...

Wirefly Coupons

Wirefly is the World's largest online retailer of cell phones and cell phones service. They don't offer a ton of coupons, but they do have many free cell phones and other promotions, which many will consider a Wirefly coupon. W...
Cell Phones

The iPhone VS The Blackberry Bold

[GR]Fl7cqFQatP4[/GR] The iPhone Blog did a side-by-side comparison of the Blackberry Bold and iPhone.  According to the iPhone Blog RIM disabled the browser's full functionality (something to do with a PIN) so they've preloaded...


EPOS Digital Pen Review

By Ian S. Gertler [singlepic=337,460,380,web20,] Let's face it -- we're living in an electronic -- and increasingly mobile -- world. While desktops still exist, it's the "on the go" devices that are gaining market share each da...
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Scandyna Micropod SE Active Speaker Review

[singlepic=327,460,380,web20,]I think I've said it before, but if I didn't, here it is again: Speakers aren't easy to review and are in fact extremely subjective. I don't use any type of technical measurement to see what the Hz...

Samsung Unveils 82-Inch 2160p (not 1080p) HDTV

Just when you thought the television had hit it's peak in picture quality, think again.  Samsung unveiled an 82" HDTV that displays a resolution of 3820x2160.  To put it in perspective, today's top of the line consumer HDTVs di...
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