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A Truck That Runs On Coffee

Is this the perfect truck for that early morning commute - you know, the whole 'wake me up' aroma thing that Folgers instituted? The Cafe Racer is a 1975 GMC pickup that burns used coffee to make it go. According to Gas2 the en...

Slimmer Redesigned Xbox 360

I guess there's a rumor floating around out there on the World Wide Web that Microsoft has plans to redesign the Xbox 360.  Apparently, it would be a slimmed down version.  Unfortunately, a Microsoft spokesperson squashed those...

Walmart Coupns

Walmart is the worlds largest retailer. They carry a wide selection of products, which includes electronics, dvd and cds, tools, books, tools, and much, much more. Check out Walmart's coupons and offers below. Walmart Coupons -...


Orbitz Coupons

Orbitz - actually Orbitz Wolrdwide - is a global online travel company that has pioneered leading technologies in the travel market place. Orbitz owns a wide variety of travel sites, but Orbitz, which includes a number of coupo...

iWin Coupons

iWin is one of the web premiere destinations for web based games, online games and downloadable games. iWin is well known for the Jewel Quest and Mah Jong Quest franchises, which are regarded as some of the web's most successfu...
Cell Phones

Is The Blackberry Thunder A Storm Of Rumors Or An iPhone Killer?

Although details are vague, there's one thing for sure, Blackberry has achieved a shit load of press in the last few weeks.  Last week it was the Bold, or the Blackberry 9000, now it's a rumored ultra powerful touchscreen devic...


Microsoft Unveils Powerful Telescope For The Web

Have you ever wondered what lies just beyond the stratosphere, or better yet the atmosphere?  Wonder no longer.  Microsoft officially unveiled their telescope service today: Microsoft Worldwide Telescope.  Any web surfer with a...

Office Depot Coupons

Office Depot was founded in 1996 and is now one of the world's largest sellers of office products. They boast a massive product offering, and retail locations scattered through out the USA. For return and exchange info please c...

J and R Coupons

J and R provides the best in electronics and computers and has been in business for over 30 years - so it's probably fair to say they're trustworthy. They claim superior customer services and not only boast a strong e-retail bu...


Cellhut Coupons

Cellhut has been in operation since 1996 and carries a huge variety of International GSM tri-band and quad-band phones that can be used worldwide. All their phones are genuine and unlocked. Cellhut provides a 14 day return poli...

Introducing the Nipple Gauge – Need I Say More

I don't think I've seen anything quite as obligatory as the Nipple Gauge. According to the manufactures, this will get the ladies shirtless, why 'it's as easy as that!'. My recommendation: Take a 'shot' or ten to numb the pain ...

AT&T Slips New iPhone: iPhone Black

Did AT&T screw up or is this simply a website glitch?  According to Apple Insider, AT&T's website was showing an alternate device for those who are already logged in and have the iPhone selected as their device of choic...