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File Your Digital Pics by GPS

One of the biggest challenges I face when it comes to snapping pics is organizing them on my computer.  Too often they get buried in the shuffle off 1000s of other photos, and with Hard Drive space increasing by folds every mon...

Helio Making Money, but How Much

No doubt you've heard the rumors about Helio: "Its biggest backer - SK Telecom - was pulling out, and that Helio wasn't making any money." According to Business Week Helio has reported earning about $100 a month per user - on p...

Quarter Sized Turbine Engine for Your Cell Phone or Computer

If someone told me that a turbine gas engine would end up inside a silicon chip a few years ago I would have told them their crazy.  Hell, if someone told me today, I'd say their crazy.  Well, some folks over at MIT - you know,...


iPod Nano Gen 2 Quick Review

So I picked up a 8GB Nano on Friday evening, bring me to my 72nd hour with the device.  For the most part I am pretty pleased with the device, the new packaging - took me a sec to figure out how to open the damn thing - and its...
Cell Phones

Blackberry 8800 Specs

If you haven't seen the unreleased Blackberry Pearl 8800 then you're missing out. This beast of a Smart Phone is poised to set the standard for Blackberry devices sporting a full QWERTY (QWERTZ in some places) keyboard. Blackbe...

Playstation 3 Preorder, No Money Down

Hard to believe, but it is true.  The guys over at dropped us an email today to tell us they are already accepting preorders of the Playstation 3 with NO MONEY DOWN and NO COMMITMENT.  Sounds like you have to put i...


Nikon Coolpix 7.4 Megapixel WiFi Camera

Nikon unveiled its Coolpix 7.4 Megapixel camera with intergrated WiFi for quick transfer of recorded images.  Its sports a massive screen (3") that run the height of the camera and almost its width.  Specs include ISO 1600 with...

USB HSDPA Pivot Modem

The HSDPA modem is brought to you by the folks over at Korean company Login.  Sporting an interesting form factor - looks like the red puck thingee slides down to reveal single strength, and we're assuming it turns it on - this...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Pearl to Appear on Cingular in 2007

Cnet has confirmed that Cingular won't carry the Blackberry Pearl 8100 until Q1 2007. Recent rumors had its release slated for Q4 2006, but we knew that was too good to be true. Expect the Cingular Pearl to sport a Push To Talk...

Cell Phones

Motorola Vending Machines

Motorola plans to begin distributing its products (phones and accessories) via vending machines. The machines, or "robotic retail stores" will carry up to 25 Motorola cell phone products and will land in 20 high traffic retail ...

Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Price Announced and Will Arrive in Japan in November

According to Engadget, Japan will be the first to receive the HD DVD player add on for the Xbox 360. The HD DVD drive should emerge over seas sometime in November (17th or 22nd) of this year and sport a $170 price tag (this is ...

Helio Store Spotted in Santa Monica, CA

Although the announcement of the Helio brick and mortar stores were announced some time ago, I didn't realize they were actually coming to fruition.  The other day I was in Santa Monica on 3rd Street and spotted the above.