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iPhone Lego Robot

[GR]7pIS69teEvw[/GR] So the title is a little misleading, but after you see the finished product (or read my explanation) you'll understand.  These guys built a Lego robot that can be operated via the iPhone.  They've incorpora...
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Multitouch LCD Almost Ready For Market

TGDaily got a hands on with a 22-inch multitouch display from motherboard and graphics maker Albatron (never heard of them).  I wish there was more to tell, but in short TG said the display worked without a hitch and from what ...

MSI Launches The Wind Laptop – The World’s First 10″ Notebook To Use the Intel Atom CPU

Ok, I'll be honest, I don't follow laptop and computer news all that much.  It's just not that exciting.  So feel free to 'flame' me all you want (can't believe I used 'flame').  MSI says they have the World's first 10" noteboo...


iHome Announces Computer Speakers, iH69 and iH70, with Built-in Dock

So I recently conceded and bought a desk for my bedroom. With in a matter of weeks my table top was cluttered with papers, gadgets, computer speakers and needless to say the dock for my iPhone. Yes, minimizing clutter is a bid ...

Daily Gadget Deals Now On Gadgetreview

Looking for some killer deals and discounts on gadgets? Then check out the recently added 'deals' section. Go there now It's updated daily with what I feel are 'worth while' deals floating around on the net. If you have any dea...

Remote Controlled Caddie

Lugging those golf clubs through 18 holes can kill your game and institute a mean case of sore lower back.  The Remote Controlled Caddie is a green and practical - price aside - alternative to courses without golf carts.  It in...


Apple Set to Change .Mac to

According to a rumor, Apple has registered and might be set to move from .Mac to  Is this the last step in aligning the Apple brand to grab more PC customers? More info here.
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Dior Phone Details…Sort Of…Emerge

Dior, yes that Christian Dior that makes luxury goods such as ultra expensive handbags, is set to release a cell phone.  According to the WSJ it'll start at $5000 and include not only a touchscreen, camera, etc, but a miniphone...
Cell Phones

iMac Stand For Your iPhone: The iCooly

Do I really need to say anything? Official product page here.


Macbook Air Sports New Feature: Cake Cutter

Pictured here is Rahul Sood, HP's gaming division's CTO, cutting his bday cake with a Macbook Air.  I'm not sure who should be more astonished: the person who gave Mr. Sood the Macbook Air for his birthday or Apple?  According ...
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iWin 30% Off All Downloadable Games Coupon

Starting today, has a coupon code that'll get you 30% off all downloadable games until June 30, 2008. Use iWin coupon code: IWIN368 at checkout Expires: 6/30/08 Click here to visit iWin now.
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HTC Touch Diamond Now Available For A Ridic Price

Can't wait for the official launch of the HTC Diamond?  Well, according to PhoneArena you can nab one right now from the following stores starting at $780 (ouch): DechoWireless, PopularElect, and Welectronics.