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Sprint Instinct Pricing Revealed

According to Phonenews, Sprint Instinct's pricing was revealed internally today. The Samsung Instinct's full retail price will be $449.99. If you sign a new two year contract you'll receive a $150 instant rebate and get a $100 ...
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Blackberry Bold Promo Site Launched

AT&T let the cat, or the black cat (get it, Blackberry) in this case, out the bag with the launch of the Blackberry Bold 9000 promo site. Unfortunately, they don't mention launch date and simply say its "expected to be avai...
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iPhone Dock Projector from Honlai

Ok, so no one knows, or probably cares, at least until today, who Honlai is, but an iPhone projector?  Really?  Seriously?  I am totally game if it can display video, but if the dock connector only allows for pictures to be dis...


BMW’s Shape Shifting Vehicle: GINA Light Visionary Model

Watch the video (after the 'leap'), but in short this is purely a conceptual BMW called the GINA.  It's covered in a polyurethane-coated Lycra fabric and sports embedded LEDs.  According to its lead designer, Chris Bangle, it t...
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Plan On Selling Your iPhone & Wanna Wipe The Private Data? You’ll Need This App.

According to Zdziarski it's harder than you'd believe to wipe your personal data from the iPhone before selling it.  Their process takes 2 hours and they don't guarantee it won't 'hose your iPhone', but anything that takes that...
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Philips Skype Phone (VOIP8411B/37) Review

Until recently I had one phone line, my cell phone. A few months ago I discovered the downside of my 'plan to simplify' in the form of a $130 phone bill. You see, since I started focusing full time on Gadgetreview I've been gab...

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Is AT&T Paying Apple A Kickback To Sell The iPhone For Cheap? I Say YES!

I got thinking yesterday - especially after hearing that the data plan will cost more for the 3G iPhone - is the new 3G iPhone really that much cheaper than the EDGE or Gen1 version? PCWorld, discovered that new AT&T iPhone...

iRobot 20% Off Coupon Code

iRobot, famous for the automated vaccums is currently featuring a 20% off all 'home cleaning robots' 20% off all iRobot Home Cleaning Robots. Use iRobot Coupon Code: 800360 Expiration: Unknown

MBT Physiological Footwear Review

by Jeff Bordeaux First off I will say that I love shoes, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I have pairs of Nike Air Max 90's that I haven't even worn yet. I wear them all so infrequently that they all look brand new, which is nic...

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iPhone In White Means More Smudge Stains

I own a Macbook in white and it's covered in stains, both on the glossy and dull side. What does this mean for the 3G iPhone in white? I'll bet more then 60% of folks opt for the black version.
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Apple Announces 3G iPhone

Yup, it's here. I'll spare you the long winded intro and give you the specs: Comes in black or white Costs $199 for the 8GB and $399 $299 for the 16GB (thanks commenter) Looks like they got rid of the recessed headphone jack GP...

IBM Builds A Supercomputer Capable of 1,000 Trillion Calculations Per Second (video)

[GR]bpA129SHSuI[/GR] Believe it or not, IBM has eclipsed the world's fastest super computer (also built by them) and done it with 'off the shelf parts'. Dubbed The Roadrunner, the $133 million computer is composed of 7,000 dual...