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Green Energy

Personal Wind Turbine

If you recall, I reviewed the Hymini which is a personal wind powered battery.  If it is up to one Philippe Starck, we'll all have personal wind turbines powerful enough to power 20% - 60% of our homes energy.  The device, or m...

Tyrant Alarm Clock

Don't snooze with this alarm clock or it'll call your boss, your ex-girlfriend, your boss' wife, you brother, your drinking buddies until you wake up.  For every 3 minutes that you 'snooze' the alarm clock will dial a random nu...

The Dark Knight ‘Joker’ Bobble Head

The Dark Knight movie is just weeks away and I've seen stories that it's already sold out.  The director and composer will be doing a 'guild screening' at one of two of LA's Imax theaters next week (not saying which one in case...

Cell Phones

Macbook Air iPhone…Keyboard That Is

If you've got the balls to 'jailbreak' your iPhone, you too can have a Macbook Air like keyboard when texting, surfing and emailing.  This is all aesthetics with no utilitarian purpose. More info here
Cell Phones

iPhone 2.0 Software and App Store Launch Date Unveiled

I didn't see this anywhere else, with the exception of the 3G iPhone AT&T page, course I really didn't look.  At the bottom of the FAQ, AT&T confirmed that iPhone 2.0 software and App store will be available on July 11,...
Cell Phones

AT&T Unveils 3G iPhone All You Need To Know + Pricing

Buy now there's a million Apple wannabes shaking in their pants from 3G iPhone fever.  The new iPhone launches on July 11, 2008 and will cost $199 and $299 for the 8GB and 16GB respectively.  All I really care about is the soft...

Cell Phones

LG enV2 (Verizon) Review

[singlepic=404,465,380,,]Verizon's enV2, otherwise known as the VX9100 is a texter's delight.  Hidden beneath the standard keypad is a complete QWERTY keyboard sporting two additional soft keys for on screen demands.  This iter...

Monaco Aluminum Case For The Nintendo DS Lite

I was recently riding home - on my bicycle - from the gym when some tween cruised by me on her cruiser bike. I'm not sure how she passed me, but when she did, she hit a nasty pot hole causing her PSP to go flying and take a mea...
Cell Phones

Mophie Juice Pack Review

Everyone's primary complaint about the iPhone is the length of the battery life. It's way too short. I've become conditioned to charging my iPhone as much as possible in order to not run out of "juice" when I'm away from home. ...


This Table Shows Whose Got The Gift Of Gab

We've all got a friend or coworker who talks too much.  Now, without pointing the finger, you can implicate their ranting and ravings asses.  The Reflect Table monitors the ongoing conversation with multiple microphones and sho...
Cell Phones

Motorola Blaze Revealed

This handset, the Motrola Blaze that is, don't look exciting, but if you're a Motorola fan (Bueler?) have at it, boss.  Based on BGR's word, the mobile web browser is 'ok', the touchscreen leaves much to be desired when emailin...
Cell Phones

MetroPCS To Unlock Phones If You Sign With Them

If you can't stand Verizon, Alltel, or Sprint but love your handset you're in luck.  MetroPCS says they'll unlock any phone from these carriers to work with their service.  Sorry, AT&T and T-Mobile run on GSM, which isn't c...