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Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617) Revealed…sort of

Unfortunately, this news isn't so exciting. The Samsung Blackjack II, or SGH-i617, is the folllow up to the much hyped Samsung SGH-i607, or the original Blackjack. As I reported some months back, Samsung was due to release a Wi...
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iPhone Killer: LG Voyager (Verizon)

Verizon announced its iPhone killer yesterday..sort of. The LG Voyager, which will launch later or next month, features a touch screen display and slide out tactile QWERTY keyboard. The LG Voyager will take advantage of Verizon...

SecondRotation: Skip Ebay and Craigslist and Get Instant Cash For Your Used Gadgets

Got some used gadgets and don't wanna deal with Ebay or Craigslist? Then give SecondRotation a shot. Its pretty simple, actually. Enter your item, its condition, and your accepted payment methods (check or PayPal - I suggest Pa...


V-Moda Vibe Duo: Are They THE Ideal Headphones for the iPhone?

I took me sometime, but I finally found what just might be the best corded headphones for the iPhone. I realize that everyone is probably sick of hearing about the iPhone, but I picked it up just over a week ago, so I gotta wri...

2p Slim Mouse Review

I recently got my mitts on the 2P Slim Mouse. Clearly its designed for the road warrior as its footprint is slighty larger then a credit card and just 3-4 credit cards thick. Unfortunately, its slender physique makes too many s...
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iPhone Dummy Plugs – Stop Dirt and Pocket Lint from Attacking Your iPhone

Looking a little closer at the iPhone, I noticed that the headphone jack is not only recessed (big boooos) but isn't completed sealed. Peer deep into the headphone jack's hole whilst the screen is illuminated and you'll notice ...

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Palm Centro Shows up on Sprint – Release Date October 14th

Right now - September 27th at 10.44am - there is just 25,275 minutes until the Palm Centro is officially available. How do I know this? Palm launched a teaser site. The copy reads: "Get a sneak peak at the world's smallest Palm...

New Fraud Protection:Voice Recognition Credit Card

I just stumbled across this while reading this month's issue of Popsci. Have you ever worried about a crook snagging your card and ordering high end goods over the phone? Well, the Beepcard contains a prototype paper-thin speak...

Amazon Launches DRM Free, 256Kbps MP3 Store

For years I’ve been complaining about the iTunes Store’s shoddy sound quality (128Kbps). If you can’t tell the difference then you get your ears checked. Today, Amazon launched their Music Store called AmazonMP3. It’s straight ...


Xbox 360 Premium $290 Shipped (never heard of it) has the Xbox 360 Premium - that's the one with one controller and a 20GB hard drive - for $290 shipped. I don't know where tax is applied but negligible at a price like this. In order to get this ...

Costco Now Selling 16GB iPod Touch and 8GB Nano

Just took a walk through the Culver City Costco.  The've got the 16gb iPod Touch for $389.99 and the 8GB Nano for $189.99.  Didn't see all the colors for the Nano but nor did I flip through all 100 (exaggeration) plastic packets.
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Blackberry 8820 Now Available on AT&T Wireless

Not the most exciting news, but I am pretty sure the Blackberry 8820 is new to ATTWireless' cell phone line up.  The difference between the 8800 and the 8820 you ask?  WiFi of course! More details and available here for $299 wi...