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dell e laptop

Dell Launches $300 Laptop: Dell E

Funny name for a laptop considering the brand.  Get it, Deli.  This 8.9-incher weighs 2.2lbs and rocks an 'instant on' Linux OS or Windows XP if you so opt.  It's hardware is as follows: 1.6Ghz Intel Diamondville processor, 4-1...
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Aerial Photography Just Got Cheap With This Device: Flee Digital Camera

Under water photography, no problem, just buy a water tight case for your digital snapper.  Snap some photos of rolling or falling down a hill, just wind up and toss the SatuGO camera. Capturing snaps in the middle of no where ...

D-Link Launches Internet Closed Circuit TV Product

D-Link, long time makers of routers, switches, etc, launched their first Internet Surveillance Kit today from the D-Life line of products.  It includes one closed circuit camera and two power/network adapaters.  Setup is super ...


Microsoft Finally Unveils Netflix Partnership

So after months of rumors Microsoft has come clean. The Xbox 360 WILL stream Netflix's 10,000+ movies and TV shows. Praise the lord! I almost bought a Netflix Player, although based on my experience so far (I have a review unit...
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Contest Expiring: Win a Belkin N1 Router and USB Adapter From Gadgetreview

Just a quick reminder that this contest will be ending tomorrow at Midnight.  That's 7/15/08 at 12am PST.  So if you haven't entered, now is the time to do so.  You can enter here.  Just put in  your name and email and you're in.
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Belkin BreakFree Protects Your Gear Like A Macbook

Scratching your head yet based on my title?  The Belkin BreakFree uses the same principal as Apple's Magsafe power cords.  When, and if the something yanks on the cord leading to your guitar or amp, the cord will simply detach ...

Amphibious Tank

Remote Controlled Beverage Delivering Amphibious Tank

Remote controlled tank meet McDonalds cup carrier.  It also fires BB bullets up to 90 feet.  If you're stranded in the middle of the pool fear not, for the Amphibious Tank will dismount from land and cruise across the water to ...

Nintendo Concedes And Provides Updated Wii Controller

I say concedes, because when it comes to bowling, tennis - heck any game - you could just move the Wii-mote or Nunchuk a half inch and get the same accuracy - and reaction - as flinging it 3 feet.  From the looks of it, they've...
Cell Phones

How AIM Works On The iPhone

I downloaded AIM from the Apple App store and was immediately disappointed with its functionality, but after some testing and playing around with it I'm a bit more satisfied.  If you're like me, you looked for some instructions...
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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Latest Trailer

The Force Unleashed, which is due to hit store shelves 9/16/08, just looks better and better with each subsequent trailer.  I'm psyched!

Free Push Email On The iPhone

By now you've probably downloaded the iPhone's newest Firmware update, 2.0.  If you're like me, you want 'push' email not 'pull' or 'fetch' email. For those that don't know what Push email is, it means the email will be 'pushed...
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Photo Pooping Duck

Insert double take here.  This thing is all 'art'.  Actually, it really does take photos and poop them out.  It also posts the photos to its Flickr page via built-in WiFi.  It's officially called 'Charlie. Camerautomata' and bu...