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Freecom Mobie Drive XXS

World’s Lightest and Smallest External Hard Drive

Freecom is claiming to have the smallest and lightest 2.5-inch USB 2.0 hard drive.  Called the Mobile Drive XXS, it weighs just 155g, and comes in 160GB, 250GB and 320GB capacities.  It's got the usual USB 2.0 drive specs, but ...

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Leaked

[GR]FD5ArmOMisM&e[/GR] Hit the video for the look, but in short, it's a leaked version of Microsoft's newest dashboard for the Xbox 360.  According to Xbox-Scene, this has been installed on a modified 360. No confirmation o...


Lenovo Ideapad G430 Details (rumor)

I pulled this one from Engadget.  According to them, they've got some vague details on Lenovo's Ideapad G430.  It's sport a 14.1-inch WXGA screen, 2GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, Vista Home basic, DVD burner, Nvidia's 256MB GeFor...

Broadband Penetration Percent By 2012

If I'm not mistaken, broadband penetration currently sits above 50% in the US. Hard to believe, but it does, at least according to the last set of reports I read. Course, this could mean these folks are sporting something over ...
naked-case review

Case Mate Naked Case 2 Review

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, much like the Naked Case 2. The clear case is best at protecting the iPhone (Gen 1 only) from scratches and the occasional bump. Because my testing didn't include risking the virility of my ...


Honda’s Latest Bubble Car: Puyo

I didn't convert the French writing on the linked page, but the pics say it all.  It's a concept and I don't see it going into production.  I gathered that it's electric. More pics after the 'leap' (more…)
Cell Phones

Nokia Tube (aka 5800 XpressMusic) Photos Leaked

I actually totally forgot about the Nokia Tube cellphone; you know, the one that was associated with ripping off the iPhone's everything.  But, based on a these pics, it doesn't look like Nokia has a leg to stand on.  Who knows...
Cell Phones

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Emerges

Don't get too excited, because there isn't a ton to tell, or get here.  Wired got a screen shot of the iPhone 2.1 beta download screen.  Currently this version is designated for those 'dedicated to iPhone OS 2.1 beta developmen...


Wrist Cooling Keyboard

Ahhh, the products people build. This one cools your wrists while typing. Unless you're the controller for a space shuttle launch or hitting the nuclear launch reset key, how many times will this thing come in handy? Plus, the ...

Netflix Player Review

In case you didn't hear, Microsoft announced a partnership with Netflix a week ago or so that'll allow all Gold Xbox Live customers to stream Netflix's 10,000+ movies (it's actually 12,000 now) and TV shows to their Xbox 360. M...

Nintendo Updates The Wiimote

Aside from a few broken windows and faces, the Wiimote destroys batteries, battery juice that is.  Looks like they got smart, though, and have packed with Sanyo to integrate their 'no one knows about' Enloop battery technology....