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iTunes 7.7 Now Available

We all thought iTunes 7.7 would hit some time in the late morning, but according to murmurs on the net, it looks like it's available now via Apple's software update. The biggest feature mentioned in the update is the ability to...
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iPhone 2.0 Sneak Peek

[GR]nUsEnrZmhmw[/GR] I have no way of validating this, but GeekGuy1984 got his mitts on the iPhone's newest software, 2.0.  The oddest addition, is the handwriting recognition pad, which might be only available for Chinese.

Gadgetreview Contest: Win A Belkin N1 Vision Router

Gadgetreview and Belkin are giving away one Belkin N1 Vision Router + USB Wireless Adapter! Enter Here The contest ends 7/15. Belkin N1 Vision Router review here

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Algiz 10 Rugged Tablet

Lookswise the Algiz 10 from US Handhelds is a bit odd, but if it holds up according to its specs it ain't half bad.  I think it's the handle that throws me off.  Anyways, the 10.4-inch touchscreen tablet is MIL-STD-810F grade -...

Electric Mini (the car) To Hit US Shores

With oil prices sky rocketing the new black gold is electricity.  With that said, BMW will reportedly export an electric version of the Mini Cooper to California.  There will only be 490 of these converted pocket sized vehicles...
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Blackberry Thunder Delayed and Needs Lots Of Work

According to an 'insider', the Blackberry Thunder won't hit the retail market any time soon - we're talking 4-6 months - and needs works.  The Blackberry spy says the screen ripples when pressed, the accelerometer goes wacky an...

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3G iPhone To Have Replaceable Battery

Take this one with a grain of salt, but some bloggers, and no doubt the iPhone obsessed, spotted 2 screws on the bottom of the 3G iPhone.  Does this mean a replaceable battery?  Perhaps, or perhaps not.  Seems like a reasonable...

Prius Adds Solar Panels To Keep The Tree Huggers Cool…

...but wait, there's more.  The new Prius will purportedly have a more powerful but efficient engine, perhaps get anywhere from 55-100 mpg, and plug-in to your home's electric socket.  To offset the cost of the fuel sucking A/C...

A Real Talking Knight Rider (The TV Show) Voiced GPS

Mio is set to launch the Knight Rider GPS.  In case your second guessing this post and pontificating about what marketing ploys Mio employed - ok, ok than your half right. The Knight Rider GPS will include all the normal GPS qu...

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iPhone With Flash (video)

[GR]iJhGCQ888Os[/GR] Here's some video of an iPhone sporting Flash.  It's actually Flash Lite and it was installed by Belgian iPhone coder Thomas Joos using two apps: eyeGT and b.Tween.  Hit the video to see it in action. What'...
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Blackberry Thunder Touchscreen Phone Pictures

Blackberrysync managed to score some pics of the highly anticipated Blackberry Thunder (aka Blackberry 9500).  According to them, it'll run Blackberry's 4.7 OS, have some sort of Sync (Blackberry Sync) that'll work with iTunes ...

Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth Headsets are pretty common place these days.  I myself can't casually walk around with the thing stuck in my ear where as others aren't phased by some doodad hanging off their head.  Thanks to a new California law it'...