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James Bond’s Newest Cell Phone: C902 Titanium

Sweet, sweet product placement.  The Bond movies have never been shy about it and the last film was so Sony Ericsson it made my head spin.  Could you imagine the iPhone in every Bond scene? I can't. Sony Ericsson unveiled detai...

MSI Launches New Gaming Notebooks: GX620 and GX720

Talk about work horses.  MSI's newest notebook offering is looking robust to say the least.  Not only are they packing a Blu-ray player, Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT 3D graphics card and Dolby® 7.1 digital surround sound, but they'...

A Real Life James Bond Jet Pack

Nasa has struggled for years to come up with a jet pack.  You know, the thing we all one day hope to strap to our backs and shoot into the sky like superman.  Believe it or not, a New Zealand born inventor, a one Glenn Martin, ...


90210 iPod

Capitalism will stop at nothing, huh?  CBS, which didn't even air the show - it was Fox - has an iPod Nano engraved with Brandon, Dilan, Kelly and Brenda from the hit show '90210'. It's an 8GB Nano and costs $269.  No returns a...
Cell Phones

HTC Touch Diamond Launch Date and Carrier (rumor)

No word on the official and actual date, but rumorville has the HTC Diamond Touch pegged for a August 2008 launch on Sprint.   Although Sprint has yet to confirm the partnership, this pic emerged on the Net linking the two. Spe...

Gateway P-7811 FX Gaming Laptop Get’s Official

According to an employee of Best Buy, this thing will hit the store shelves August 14th.  Expect some power under the hood: Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 (2.26GHz, 3MB L2 cache with 1066MHz FSB) PM45 Express chipset 17-inch WUXGA disp...


Toyota Marries Vacuum Cleaner and Segway & Gets Winglet

First things first: the Winglet only goes 3.7 MPH. Talk about not being efficient.  What's my point?  If Toyota's Wnglet device could travel faster than a human than it would make sense to burn the energy necessary to charge it...

6ave August 6% Off Coupon

Save 6% on most products at Use coupon code: SUMMER72908 (Expires: unknown)

LG BD3000 (aka LG Netflix Player/Blu-ray) Screen Shoots

Cnet's Crave was at the press event for the LG BD3000 Blu-ray DVD player last night.  You know, the one with Netflix streaming functionality.  They've scored some screen shots.  In short, it behaves just like the Netflix Player...


Funny or Die Compares Blu-ray and DVD

This ain't laugh out loud funny, but it's done with enough of a dead pan like quality that's it's humorous to watch. I ain't gonna ruin it, so hit the 'leap' to watch Ferrell's pet project get techy. (more…)

Cell Phone Termination Fees Deemed Illegal

Woah there horsey!  Don't think you can go out and break your contract today.  Much like any legal struggle, this is simply a step forward in the on going battle between cell phone service providers and customers.  The good new...
Cell Phones

Computer to iPhone Tethering Now Available Through NetShare App

One of the biggest downsides to the 3G iPhone release was the lack of tethering. Now, thanks to the trusty NetShare app, you can do just that through a SOCKS5 proxy (ya, new to me too). Just download and go through the process....