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Blackberry Thunder Touchscreen Phone Pictures

Blackberrysync managed to score some pics of the highly anticipated Blackberry Thunder (aka Blackberry 9500).  According to them, it'll run Blackberry's 4.7 OS, have some sort of Sync (Blackberry Sync) that'll work with iTunes ...

Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth Headsets are pretty common place these days.  I myself can't casually walk around with the thing stuck in my ear where as others aren't phased by some doodad hanging off their head.  Thanks to a new California law it'...

Necktie With Fan Built-in

Only some where in Asia would this exist.  It's actually a pretty ingenius device, but I gota wonder how affective it really is. [Corr77]

Cell Phones

Beer Drinking Simulator For The iPhone (video)

And you thought the iPhone was a phone.  Wrong.  Thanks to iBeer you can turn your Gen 1, and soon to be Gen 2 (or 3G) iPhones into a cold frosty one.  Ok, it ain't really gonna do all that, but it'll give other fellow bar patr...
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LG Chocolate 3 Price and Specs Emerge

The guys at Gadgetell got the scoop on the upcoming LG Chocolate 3 (aka VX8560) which is due to arrive on Verizon.  Looks like it will go from being a candybar style phone to a clamshell one.  It'll sport 1 gig of on board memo...

Averatec Releases iMac Clone With Bigger…

A bigger screen and some other goodies.  Although the Averatec iMac clone's processor is on the slower side of Apple's version - according to Digital Trends it's comparable to the cheaper of the iMacs - the 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 ...

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Blackberry Flip Phone Announced: Blackberry Kickstart

Not a whole lot to tell, but that pesky Blackberry flip phone rumor is now no longer a rumor.  The Blackberry Kickstart (aka Blackberry flip phone) will sell on T-Mobile for $50 with a 2 year contract. Supposed Specs: Internal ...

Olympic Quality Indoor Shooting Simulator

Apparently the ST-2 Shooting Simulator is so accurate that even the Russian and Slovakian national clay shooting teams use it for practice.  Co-developed by the British Association of Shooting (is that like the NRA) the ST-2 pr...

Nintendo In A Nintendo Cartridge

The pics says it all.  I am not sure how they squeezed it in, but it's worth a look. [Make via BenHeck]


A Really Small R/C Car

It's tiny, its carrying case doubles as a remote, and it's only $13. You can grab the Mini R/C Car here

Nintendo DS Lightsaber Stylus

It's no surprise that Lucas licenses the Star Wars brand to, well, pretty much anything cool.  Now your kids, or all you 'growned up folks', can enjoy your Nintendo DS with your very own Star Wars Lightsaber Stylus.  And the fu...
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Cell Phones

iPhone Timeline

The guys and gals at iPhoneGold have a pretty solid timeline describing the iPhone's genesis.  I'll be honest though, I love the iPhone and Apple, but I couldn't tell you if this is completely valid, what missing, omitted, etc.