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Preview Of Apple’s New OS: Snow Leopard (video)

[GR]knYecgPHlPw[/GR] I'll be honest, it's not very exciting, but a glance at Apple's new OS.
b-membrane computer and projector

A Computer With A Built-in Projector

This concept is brought to you by designer Won-Seok Lee.  The 'B-membrane' design is a projector with a built-in computer and touchscreen like keyboard that only appears upon contact.  Also included in the design is a disc driv...

Walking Laptop

This piece of 'kit' (as the English say) isn't super innovative, but perhaps resolves the everyday working man's problem.  The harness, or the 'connect-a-desk laoptop holder' attaches to your laptop and slips over your head all...

Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot Ad (video)

[GR]NWuYQw2kl64[/GR] I announced the Sony Ericsson C905 8-megapixel Cybershot phone a few days ago and if the two pics I posted weren't enough, here's an ad. Enjoy!

WiMax Hits The Streets In September

There isn't a ton to tell here, but WiMax, from Sprint, will be available for public use starting September 2008.  Unfortunately, it will only be available in the Baltimore area (why there, I don't know) and hit Washington D.C ...

Chevy Volt Price Announced

Chevy finally got on board with the whole hybrid/electric car thing and built the Chevy Volt (Chevy actually has an all electric golf cart that is road legal on streets 30MPH or slower).  Today, Bob Lutz, Chevy's CEO, revealed ...


Dual Touch Screen Laptop, Say What!?

The Dual Touschreen Laptop, or more officially known as the Prezenter PSR, isn't intended for the general public.  No, it's designed for harassing the working stiffs.  Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but this dual touchscreen...

Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Costume

I don't even think 'die hard' does justice.  Available at is the Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Costume.  Price?  Well, it shouldn't be a factor for those ultimate fans, but in case you wondering about the lunacy inv...

Toshiba Announces Ultra Thin & Light Laptop With 128GB SSD Hard Drive

Toshiba announced its ultra portable laptop today.  Called the Portege R500-S5007V, the laptop weighs just 2.4lbs (the Macbook Air weighs 3lbs and the Lenevo Thinkpad X300 2.94lbs) and measures a mere 0.77-inch at its thinnest ...

Cell Phones

Sprint Instinct Now Set To Debut at $130

Originally the Sprint Samsung Instinct was set to be $199 after mail-in-rebates, etc.  Now, Sprint, the scrappers that they are, and after the 3G iPhone was announced at $199 for the 8GB model, they've decided to drop the price...
Cell Phones

iPhone Running Windows XP, YES Windows!

This is pretty scary, or is it?  Citrix demonstrated how its thin client desktop software, XenDesktop, could run Windows XP.  Ok, I'll come clean, it isn't actually running Windows XP natively but rather accessing it via a UNIX...

Optoma To Build First Truly Pocket Sized Projector (aka Pico Projector)

Optoma today announced that they'll be building the forever anticipated pocket sized Pico projector and it's availability will be later this year.  If you recall, I've posted a few articles about this in the past but until rece...