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iPhone Timeline

The guys and gals at iPhoneGold have a pretty solid timeline describing the iPhone's genesis.  I'll be honest though, I love the iPhone and Apple, but I couldn't tell you if this is completely valid, what missing, omitted, etc.
Home Theater

Ovei Home Theater Pod (aka Home Theater In A Capsule)

This thing was unveiled at the UK's CEDIA 2008.  It's exactly what the title says it is.  Apparently it'll feature touchscreen controls, A/C, and a bunch of optional gaming equipment such as a built-in steering wheel.  You can ...

SensoGlove Meet Golf Club

The next time your golfing buddy tells you to 'get a grip', you can say 'I did, and it's got an LED screen', or something stupid like that.  Golfers are always looking for every angle to enhance their game and hence the SensoGl...


Netflix Player To Stream More Than Netflix

I've got a Netflix Player review unit right now and I gotta say I am pretty impressed.  Don't worry, I'll knock out a review soon enough, but then again there are a number of other 'reviews' out there already.  Anyway, back to ...
Cell Phones

First Pico Projector In A Cell Spotted

About time Texas Instruments! I've been writing about this for like..forever.  Big ups to Crunchgear for getting their hands on this.  The commentator in the video says it's an AT&T Blackberry with a Pico projector embedded...
Green Energy

Personal Wind Turbine

If you recall, I reviewed the Hymini which is a personal wind powered battery.  If it is up to one Philippe Starck, we'll all have personal wind turbines powerful enough to power 20% - 60% of our homes energy.  The device, or m...


Tyrant Alarm Clock

Don't snooze with this alarm clock or it'll call your boss, your ex-girlfriend, your boss' wife, you brother, your drinking buddies until you wake up.  For every 3 minutes that you 'snooze' the alarm clock will dial a random nu...

The Dark Knight ‘Joker’ Bobble Head

The Dark Knight movie is just weeks away and I've seen stories that it's already sold out.  The director and composer will be doing a 'guild screening' at one of two of LA's Imax theaters next week (not saying which one in case...
Cell Phones

Macbook Air iPhone…Keyboard That Is

If you've got the balls to 'jailbreak' your iPhone, you too can have a Macbook Air like keyboard when texting, surfing and emailing.  This is all aesthetics with no utilitarian purpose. More info here

Cell Phones

iPhone 2.0 Software and App Store Launch Date Unveiled

I didn't see this anywhere else, with the exception of the 3G iPhone AT&T page, course I really didn't look.  At the bottom of the FAQ, AT&T confirmed that iPhone 2.0 software and App store will be available on July 11,...
Cell Phones

AT&T Unveils 3G iPhone All You Need To Know + Pricing

Buy now there's a million Apple wannabes shaking in their pants from 3G iPhone fever.  The new iPhone launches on July 11, 2008 and will cost $199 and $299 for the 8GB and 16GB respectively.  All I really care about is the soft...
Cell Phones

LG enV2 (Verizon) Review

[singlepic=404,465,380,,]Verizon's enV2, otherwise known as the VX9100 is a texter's delight.  Hidden beneath the standard keypad is a complete QWERTY keyboard sporting two additional soft keys for on screen demands.  This iter...