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T-mobile Android HTC Dream

T-mobile Android HTC Dream Launch Details

By: Albert S T-mobile's Android HTC Dream mobile phone is set to be released on October 13. It'll cost you $200 smackaroos with a 2 year commitment. Not a bad deal at all since you're getting an awesome phone coupled with the h...

Sony Play TV For The PS3 Unboxed And Tested

The folks at Stuff got their mitts on the Sony Play TV.  The small and unassuming devices turns your PS3 into a DVR that can receive terresterial TV and presumably cable signals.  It features its own electronic programming guid...
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Apple Gets Hit With First iPhone 3G Lawsuit

As you've probably heard by now, many folks are complaining about the iPhone 3G's lack of 3Geeness.  One iPhone customer is so pissed that she's filed a suit against Apple for misrepresenting the phone's abilities.  Her name: J...

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Is This The New Prada Cell Phone?

Nothing is confirmed, but this is apparently the new Prada II cell phone with slide out QWERTY keyboard.  No specs or release date, but sleek nonetheless. [BGR]
Cell Phones

Samsung Gets All Youtube Viral With Omnia i900 (video)

[GR]QQlzX7EyIwU[/GR]I gotta give it to Samsung. This video looks super homebrew but it's really all professional and stuff. Nonetheless, it will help stir up some fanfare about the Omnia i900 cell phone.
Deus Ex Motorcycle

Deus Ex Exoskeleton Motorcycle In Action (video)

Remember that crazy looking 3 wheeled motorcycle that what more exoskeleton than vehicle? Looks like someone did a video mockup and through in some off beat noises like a dog barking. The video is a little 'dark' mood wise, but...


Intel Officially Announces Solid State Hard Drives

Intel made their SSDs, or solid state drives official at the Developer's Forum in SF today. They'll come in two form factors, 1.8 and 2.5-inches, and they'll depend on Multi Level Cell NAND memory. The addition of the SSDs is s...
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Nike Plus Screenshot Leakage

Nike and Apple are super brands - no doubt about that.  Hence why they partnered up a few years ago, well, plus the iPod is synonymous with working out.  Here's a screen shot of the upcoming Nike Plus app for the iPhone and Tou...
lunocet high speed fin

Lunocet High-Speed Swimming Device

By: Albert S The Lunocet is a high speed swimming "fin" that turns you into a honest to goodness man-dolphin. Strap on the revolutionary device and torpedo through the waters at speeds in excess of 7mph, generating bursts power...

wireless usb docking station

Kensington Wireless USB Docking Station Review

By: Albert S has a review of the Kensington docking station. It's a nifty device that connects all your USB devices, including monitor, wirelessly to your WUSB-enabled laptop. So instead of plugging in your laptop to ...
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Google Android Logo

Google’s Android OS Video Tour

By: Albert S Android OS has been a hot topic as of late. So what is it and what's all the hoopla surrounding it, you ask? Basically, it's an operating system for mobile phones based on Linux and developed by Google. The thing t...
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Lenovo Shows Off Newest Ideapad At 2008 Olympics

Lenovo launched their latest mobile computer (aka large handset) to what I'd call little fanfare at this year's Beijing Olympics.  The Ideapad U8 hasn't hit US shores yet and no release date is known, but it rocks an 800MHz Int...