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Photo Pooping Duck

Insert double take here.  This thing is all 'art'.  Actually, it really does take photos and poop them out.  It also posts the photos to its Flickr page via built-in WiFi.  It's officially called 'Charlie. Camerautomata' and bu...

Sony Laptop Refresh Eminent

I'm not really excited about this, but it should be interesting to see what Sony unveils.  The date you ask?  July 14, 2008 at 9pm EST.  According to the Electronista they'll be launching their Centrino 2 Vaio line plus 16:9 la...

Microsoft Arc Mouse

When I think Microsoft I usually think old and stuffy software. Sure, they make hardware but rarely do I, or anyone I know for that matter, associate it with words like 'cool' and' trendy'. But, check out this bad ass looking m...


Kodak Theatre HD Player

Netflix recently made the move and offered a set top box (The Netflix Player) to stream their content.  Now Kodak, a company that has been synonymous with photography as long as I can remember, is jumping in.  My initial reacti...

You Can Buy The Hellboy 2 ‘Big Baby Shotgun’

Hell ya!  Unfortunately, it costs 7 bills, but if you can spare the cash.  Upgrading to 'collector's grade' is only an additional $2.  What the HELL does that get you? You can preorder here, but it won't be available until the ...

Mitsubishi Builds 16 Speaker Flat Panel TV

Since Mitsubishi isn't being honest, at least in my opinion, then I'll try to be.  You can't fake surround sound.  But, that's exactly what Mitsubishi hopes to do with its newest LCD TVs.  Integrated into the base of the LCDs, ...


Seagate Releases 1.5TB Hard Drive

A large hard drive is no longer a perk but a necessity.  With photo's, MP3s and just about anything digital becoming closer to their original analog products in quality, it's inevitable.  Seagate broke the 1TB cap today with th...
Cell Phones
iphone 2.0 firmware

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Early

Macrumors, who by the way is always on the ball when it comes to all things Apple, got tipped to a 'hidden' version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware before it was released.  You can download it now, but as Macrumors points out, you'l...

Belkin’s GoStudio Turns Your iPod Into A Digital Audio Recorder

Drop the DAT, the mini disc - all those recording devices that are obsolete.  Wait, you probably already did.  Well, if you haven't, or you're now seeking a digital audio recording device, search no longer.  Just slip your iPod...

kodak easyshare m1093

Kodak Intros New M-Series Camera: Easyshare M1093

Let me begin by saying that Kodak is pushing the crap out of the Smart Capture feature on the Easyshare M1093.  It's designed to capture photos that they 'would have otherwise been missed' - they being the consumer. Forget the ...

2008 Xbox 360 Price Drop Revealed

The Xbox 360's price will drop to $299 on 7/31/08.  It's be called the Xbox Pro and include a controller, wired headset, and component plug. Hmmm, maybe I'll return my 360 to Costco, that is assuming they're selling the Pro the...

iTunes 7.7 Now Available

We all thought iTunes 7.7 would hit some time in the late morning, but according to murmurs on the net, it looks like it's available now via Apple's software update. The biggest feature mentioned in the update is the ability to...