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One Very Special Scientific Rock (video)

By now you're probably wondering why the hell am I featuring a rock on GR. The answer is quite simple in fact. This ain't a rock. Nope, it's an object crafted from man - two men to be exact and 1000 of hours of painstaking work...

Turn Your iPod Into A Digital VCR

This little ditty turns your iPod into a digital VCR. Just plug the iRecorder into your iPod and TV, satellite or cable box via A/V cords and hit record to capture the onscreen action. For every 1 gig of free space you'll get 3...
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iPhone Drum Machine: Drummer (video)

Getting the band back together has never been easier thanks to MooCowMusic. Why? Well, we've seen the iAno and the iPhone Guitar, and now there's "Drummer", the iPhone drum machine. It'll require all that Jailbroken goodness (u...
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Intel Introduces Low Powered, Mini Chips For Mobile Computing

Appropriately dubbed the Atom line, Intel's newest family of chips measure less than 25 mm squared and draw just .6 - 2.5 watts of power.  In other words they won't suck battery life as fast as today's chips and they're ideal f...

Pimp Your Laptop With Any Design

NVSpc takes custom laptop creation one step further than Colorware and allows you to choose from a wide selection of prefabbed designs, mix and max patterns, or create a completely custom design. They carry Acer, HP, Panasonic,...

Bang and Olufsen Introduces Plasma with Robotic Arm

Bang and Olufsen, long known for their illustrious line of visual/audio equipment, introduced the Beovision 4 plasma TV today. They've laid claim to having the best looking plasma on the market, but 'how so' you ask? Included i...

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Fearless 16 Year Old Nabs Mugger Via MySpace

Yudelka Polanco, a 16-year old NYC resident was mugged while commuting one day. Included in the snatching was her cell phone. The mugger, the idiot that he is, used the cell phone to make calls and send emails. Prior to receivi...

Navy Seal Bluetooth Style Headset

Sure to garner some stares for looking like a deuce bag, the Roadrunner handsfree headset looks more military opps than Bluetooth headset. The microphones are strategically placed next to your voicebox, which in turn surpresses...

Wiimote Hacked To Open/Close Curtains

[GR]FSMJiGPPzGM[/GR] This guy 'paired' his Wiimote to his PC (via Bluetooth), and slapped together some visual basics code to get it talking to his motorized curtains. Check out the above video to see it in action (riveting) an...


USB WiFi Extender

My wireless connection, pending any cable outages, is fine. But sometimes I wouldn't mind stepping outside with my laptop and soak up some of that LA sun while I work. I've read about the tin foil ears you can slap on our route...

Corsair Intros A Super Speedy USB Memory Stick

Corsair will show off its newest USB Thumb stick, the Flash Voyager GT, at CeBIT next week. What makes it so special, aside from its memory capacity (2 - 32GB), are its transfer rates which are 4 times faster than standard USB ...

E-Ink Sheet Music

The EMS, or E-Paper Music Score eliminates the need to carry books of sheet music. Using a single flexible display matched with E-ink technology the device can display sheet music transmitted via Bluetooth. Included in the pack...