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New Xbox Experience Launch Date Unveiled

Ready for Netflix streaming on your Xbox? Or perhaps you wanna dress up your avatar and show it off to friends? The New Xbox Experience, which is detailed here with a handful of videos, will go live 9/29 at 12:01 AM. Expect Xbo...
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Apollo Pro WX

Imation Apollo Pro WX Wireless USB Drive

By: Albert S The Imation Apollo Pro WX Wireless USB external drive connects to your desktop or laptop without wires. What this means is that if you're in connection range, this HDD automagicwirelessly connects to your PC and st...

Gadgets At A Glance: Retro Flip Down Clock

What is it: An old school clock that tells the time in the good old fashion way.  Powered by one D battery Features: Every 60 seconds the clock flips. Height adjustable from 35 - 45mm in height. Availability: Here Price: $84 [R...

clarion mind

Clarion Announces MiND – GPS Mobile Internet Navigation Device

By: Daniel O Clarion have announced that their new internet navigation handset MiND will be released in November at a price of $649.99 and €649.99 in Europe. They have also said that a 3G version is expected to come in Spring 2...

How The Europeans Avoid Speed Cameras

[GR]R359mIRnU6Q[/GR] Europe is saturated with speed cameras.  Much like the red light cameras that we have here in LA, they measure your speed, snap a photo if you're breaking the limit and automatically mail you a ticket in th...
Erasable Paper

Xerox Intros 24 Hour Fading Paper Concept

By:Daniel O Everyone knows about global warming and deforestation so what better way to save the planet than to invent paper that deletes all your work 24 hours after you have written it! Xerox announced this wacky idea on Frid...


Visomate Keeps Your Posture Legit

Safe to say the majority of 9 to 5ers have horrible posture while attending their cubes of despair.  The Visomate keeps a virtual eye on you by insuring that you maintain an appropriate head level in accordance with chiropracti...

Get The Tightest Sideburn Shave With Slim Trim Razor

I don't know about you guys, but I only shave one side of my burns.  But, who knows, perhaps the Slim Trim Razor might just provide the ultimate 'chin strip'. Street cred goes to its designer, John McAdams.  Sounds like he shou...

Mitsubishi Reveals Rally Vehicle Of 2025: MMR25

Sporting 8 omni-directional wheels (detailed in a video after the jump), the MMR25 is THE badass off road racer of the future. Incorporated in each wheel is an electric motor (this is the future of electric vehicles), providing...


Math Clock Staves Off Alzheimers and Keeps Your Brain Crisp

For fear of looking stupid, I don't dare use a pun such as 'got some time on your hands to read this clock', and I'll get straight to the point.  The math clock makes you solve the problem at 'hand' (quite literally) to determi...
PrimoVolta Gloves

PrimoVolta Gloves Keep Your Filangies Warm

By: A. Smith PrimoVolta an Outdoor Research company is selling self regulating heated gloves for about $250. The gloves use Aevex technology to evenly warm your hands. The thermostat, if you will, is a polymer that changes dens...
Apartment in a box

Kenchikukagu, the Apartment in a box (er, 3 boxes)

[caption id="attachment_7646" align="alignnone" width="465" caption="Apartment in a box"][/caption] By: A. Smith Coming from the land of all things compact, these 3 boxes transform into a kitchen, office, and bedroom.  Created ...