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Samsung R610 Blu-Ray Laptop Announced

By: Daniel O Samsung today announced their new R610 Blu-ray laptop aimed at making a dent in the multi-media market. Sporting a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels it supports full HD and with a 16:9 aspect ratio it makes viewing th...

Seagate 1.5TB FreeAgent XTreme Announced

By A. Smith Seagate announced in a press release it's flagship of the FreeAgent portable hard drives today. A 3.5-inch, 7200RPM, 1.5TB, stylish hard drive that Seagates boasts is 'the slimmest external drive available today. At...

Gadgets At A Glance: Sony ICF-CD3iP iPod/iPhone Clock

What is it: The ICF-CD3iP is a unique, euro-looking alarm clock with a built-in iPod/iPhone dock + CD player Features: Clock, alarm, FM/AM, CD player, iPod dock and remote Availability: October 2008 Price: $100 [iPodnn]


Human Catapult That Doesn’t Go Horribly Wrong

[GR]L5KscxnxY6A[/GR] Falling somewhere between the Darwin Awards and pure genius is this home made, semi professional human catapult.  I'm not sure what's powering it, but the grassy knolls in the backdrop look ever so Swissesq...
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Sprint HTC Touch Diamond Now Available For Purchase

Sunday isn't exactly the day I'd pick to officially launch a product, but the mishaps and missteps for Sprint are many these days, so just making the HTC Touch Diamond available for purchase is more than enough.  That is of cou...
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Another Asus Touchscreen Pops Up

Very little is known at this point, but according an Asus forum this is yet another Asus phone in development. Running some iteration of Window Mobile (probably 6.0), it looks like it sports a microSD card slot for memory expan...


Dell Latitude E4200 Availability Date Unveiled

By: Christen da Costa Dell finally set a launch date for the Latitude E4200 and E4300 laptops, which we originally announced 8/13.  Expect them September 16th.  Course, Dell transposed the intro copy from the E4300's page to th...

Giinii 8-inch Ultra-Thin Digital Picture Frame Review

By: Wallace Wang Most people capture pictures using digital cameras, yet they often print their images and store them in frames to hang on a wall or prop on a desk. Rather than waste time printing out an image on paper, use a d...

C@T-one Is The World’s Ugliest Mouse/Remote Combo Ever

By: Christen da Costa It might just be me, but the C@T-one is eye sore worthy. All things considered it was launched back in 2006, so at this point, relatively speaking of course, it's out dated design wise. So what can it do? ...

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iPhone Tethering Is Back Thanks To iPhone Modem App

By: Christen da Costa Hold up! Before you think you can run off to the App store and pick up iPhone Modem, think again. This one's for jailbreak(ed) iPhones only, that is until Apple approves their app, which has been the 'appr...

Toshiba Shows Off Its Handheld Pico Projector

By: Christen da Costa So the details are scarce, but Toshiba's LED based handheld Pico projector got some light of day at Europe's IFA 2008 this past week. What's known at this time is that it's 100 grams in weight (solid littl...
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Nokia Unveils Its Latest Uber Expensive Vertu Phone: Signature S Design

By: Christen da Costa Whatta you do when you've got boat loads of cash? Aside from taking a dip Scrooge McDuck style, you buy ridiculously expensive things, such at Nokia's latest Vertu cell phone. Clad in what looks like gold ...