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Google Announces Availability of Chrome Web Browser

By: Albert S Google announced the availability of their new Chrome web browser in beta form. Yeah, I know, it's not a gadget but it sure seems like one with its shiny name and numerous, nifty functions. Basically, it's a browse...
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Sony Ericsson EU Xperia Ad Emerges

[GR]CBjV2fYWlik[/GR] While watching this advert I couldn't help but notice that some of the imagery seemed a little forced.  For instance, they've sped up the portion of the video where the dude is responding to an email on the...

Remote Controlled Batman Tumbler Vehicle

If you can't afford to build your own Batman Tumbler vehicle than I've got the perfect alternative: The 1:6 scale remote controlled version! It ain't cheap, though, at $450 a pop.  For the money you get real headlights, a slida...
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Logitech Goes Super Thin With The Illuminated Keyboard

By: Christen da Costa Logitech announced three new keyboards today. The most notable of the three, is the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. It's a svelte .37-inches thick - Logitech's thinnest keyboard yet - and features their Per...
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Silver Metallic Nintendo Coming To The US

This type of news doesn't exactly pique my interests, but for those hard core Nintendo DS fans, especially the ones that collect them, will be glad to know that the Silver Nintendo DS will arrive State Side September 7, 2008.  ...

Apple Announces September 9th Event

By: Christen da Costa Come one, come all (actually, it's limited to invite only)! Apple will hold a special event on September 9, 2008. The event has been tagged 'Let Rock', thus insinuating it's music/iPod focused. The Net is ...


Hand Powered Walkie Talkies

There might not be anything worse than being stuck in an ultra remote location with walkie-talkie in hand and no battery juice left to power one last call for help.  Enter the dual powered hand crank two way radios.  On the bac...
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Lenovo Threatens Customer With NDA

Apparently, those who purchase a PC with a Windows license and don't use it can get a reimbursement for the unused software (according to a clause in the end user agreement).  Recently, one Lenovo customer found out it's not th...

Floating Drip Table

Looks like it's floating, huh?  Wrong, but you probably figured it out after a few seconds.  Apparently, you'll be able to buy one later this year here. [Make]

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T-Mobile’s HTC Dream Running Google’s Android OS Photos

Oh you better believe it!  Actually, I'm not that excited about the Dream or Android.  Why?  Because I signed my soul away to AT&T.  Based on these screenshots the Dream doesn't look too dreamy either.  In fact, it kinda le...

Samsung Intro 5 New Point and Shoot Cameras

Samsung introduced five new point and shoot digital cameras at Germany's IFA 2008, today.  The most notable (and flagship) of the bunch is the NV1000HD, which as it implies, can record 720p HD video.  It also sports a massive 3...

Will The Real Steve Jobs CSR Please Stand Up

According to posts on the Net, Steve Jobs might be double timing as a customer service rep and  responding to Apple devotees' emails.  In all likelihood it's a PR scheme to keep the Apple fan base happy, but if it works it work...