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Toshiba Announces 256GB Solid State Drives

As the Netbook battle heats up so does the need for larger sized SSDs.  Today, Toshiba unveiled their 256GB, 2.5-inch solid state drive.  It's backed by a multi-level cell controller which provides 'higher read-write speeds, pa...
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Microsoft To Develop iPhone App

Sorta makes your head spin, don't it?  The reality of the matter is that Microsoft acquired Tell Me, a company that provides a variety of 411 like services via a voice prompt, and is currently developing an iPhone compatible ve...
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Lightsaber Unleashed iPhone App Now Available

As we reported a few weeks ago, the original Star Wars Lightsaber app was pulled due to copyright issues.  Fortunately, Lucas promised its return with more frills and now it's here. You can download it from the iTunes app store...


Toshiba Shows Off TV Controlled By Waving Hand

Remotes have liberated us from the days of dial TVs, but too often we lose or break them. Soon, and thanks to Toshiba research arm, we'll drop the remote in the trash and depend on our limbs and hands to control our home entert...
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Zagg invisibleshield

Zagg’s InvisibleSHIELD Improved, Now Shipping

By: Albert S Zagg announced their improved invisibleSHIELD with a new clearer film. For those of you not in the know, the invisibleSHIELD is a complete, custom-cut body covering that protects your media player from scratches an...

Playstation 3 Price Drop Leaked

Blockbuster spilled the beans on the soon to be released Playstation 3 price drop. Expect the PS3 with 40GB hard drive to drop - the discontinued model - from $400 to $360, and the 40GB with Transformers and Spiderman bundled t...

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Palm Treo Pro Is Now Shipping

By: Albert S The Windows Mobile-based Palm Treo Pro is now shipping in the States and available through their website for $549 with free shipping. Guess they couldn't find a carrier so they're shipping it unlocked, directly to ...

Griffin Dumbs It Down With The Simplifi Dock

Griffin, heeding the calls of many an army captain (KISS - keep is simple stupid), introduced the Simplifi Dock today.  Quite simply, it's a dock for your iPhone or iPod and includes a built-in Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, S...
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Samsung Pixon Cell Phone

Samsung sure has done a good job making me do double takes.  First it was the Omni 900 Youtube viral video that started out 'oh so home video like', and today they've sent me the oddest email promoting their latest 8-megapixel ...


Casio’s 2 Inch LCD Screen Sports High Resolution

By: Albert S Casio is developing a high resolution 960-by-540 pixel 2" screen capable of displaying 16.7 million colors. Now that's a lot of pixels squeezed into such a small package--most phones these days have less than 480 p...
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Apple Updates iPhone Safari By Mimicking OS X

Taking a queue from its bigger brother, Apple plans to update Safari for the iPhone, via firmware 2.2, by integrating the Google search bar next to the URL window. The current iPhone firmware (2.1) places the Google search bar ...

192GB Gresso Pendant Sure Does Look Expensive

Carved from 200 year old African wood, the Gresso pendant is purely a collectible more than anything else. It's finished in a variety of jewels and metals. They're $5,000 Euros each and Gresso has only manufactured 99 of them. ...