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Helly Hansen’s Latest Jacket Automatically Adjusts Its Warmth Factor

With winter just around the corner, many of you living in inclement climates will warmly welcome Helly Hansen's latest jacket.  The Odin PCM jacket features a fabric called Phase Change Material that can either increase or decr...
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Peek Email Handheld Review

Mobile Burn managed to nab a test unit of the email only Peek Handheld device.  To summarize, the $99 price tag combined with the monthly $20 fee is 'steep' considering it's numerous flaws.  What are those flaws?  Slow processo...
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HTC Touch HD Officialy Unveiled

So that rumored HTC Touch HD?  Ya, it's out the bag.  So what's the official spec list?  As rumored, it's rocking a 480x800 3.8-inch touchscreen LCD which is supported by HTC's TouchFLO 3D.  Expect a 528Mhz Qualcomm MSM 7201A p...


Purecart: Drive Through Shopping Cart Sanitizer

Ahhh, you know the power of a capitalistic society is upon you when the grocery store sports their very own drive through car(t) wash.  The Purecart is a standalone device that disinfects shopping carts as they're driven throug...
iphone 2.1 update

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Update Fixes Many Problems

By: Albert S Apple's iPhone 2.1 firmware update is definitely a keeper according to numerous user reports and website reviews. Fixes include better reception, reduced dropped calls, longer battery life, reduced crashing and han...
cacc arcade cabinet

C-MACC Arcade Machine Plays Everything Under the Sun

By: Albert S That's right, folks, play just about every game ever made with this self contained, all-in-one arcade cabinet. This utterly drool-worthy machine contains a Xbox/360, PS3, Wii, Dreamcast, DS, PSP, and a PC to emulat...


Leica Releases Compact Pradovit D-1200 Projector

By: Daniel O Looks like projector month this September, and with the release of Leica's new D-1200 it's set to continue. Claiming to be the smallest projector of it's class the D-1200 features 2500:1 contrast ratio with images ...

Samsung R610 Blu-Ray Laptop Announced

By: Daniel O Samsung today announced their new R610 Blu-ray laptop aimed at making a dent in the multi-media market. Sporting a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels it supports full HD and with a 16:9 aspect ratio it makes viewing th...

Seagate 1.5TB FreeAgent XTreme Announced

By A. Smith Seagate announced in a press release it's flagship of the FreeAgent portable hard drives today. A 3.5-inch, 7200RPM, 1.5TB, stylish hard drive that Seagates boasts is 'the slimmest external drive available today. At...


Gadgets At A Glance: Sony ICF-CD3iP iPod/iPhone Clock

What is it: The ICF-CD3iP is a unique, euro-looking alarm clock with a built-in iPod/iPhone dock + CD player Features: Clock, alarm, FM/AM, CD player, iPod dock and remote Availability: October 2008 Price: $100 [iPodnn]

Human Catapult That Doesn’t Go Horribly Wrong

[GR]L5KscxnxY6A[/GR] Falling somewhere between the Darwin Awards and pure genius is this home made, semi professional human catapult.  I'm not sure what's powering it, but the grassy knolls in the backdrop look ever so Swissesq...
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Sprint HTC Touch Diamond Now Available For Purchase

Sunday isn't exactly the day I'd pick to officially launch a product, but the mishaps and missteps for Sprint are many these days, so just making the HTC Touch Diamond available for purchase is more than enough.  That is of cou...