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Motorola Krave ZN4 Arrives At Verizon Wireless

Looking very much like the Ming, the Motorola Krave ZN4 brings multiple touch displays to the flip phone market.  Both the clear outer flip screen and the internal screen are touch sensitive with haptic feedback.  It's compatib...

Solar Powered PMP: Shiro SQ-S

We're no strangers to the wind or sun powered MP3 players, so as the Aussie's say, 'throw another one on the barbie'.  Shiro's SQ-S is your garden variety PMP only it sports solar panels on its backside, which if charged basked...

Fusion CA-IP500 iPod Receiver Now Available For Purchase

Remember that CA-IP500, the world's first car receiver with an internal iPod dock.  Guess what?  It's available now for $242, but you'll have to search far and wide to locate one in your area, that is assuming you're not in Aus...
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4.3-inch USB LCD Monitor

The Nintendo DS has long had the bragging right of dual screens, so it's only suitable that someone would enter the market with an external stand alone 4.3-inch 800x480 LED backlit LCD screen, right?  The Century made LCD is co...

Customize Your Flip Video Mino!

Flip Video Mino by Pure Digital Technologies out of San Francisco announced today a new service that allows customers to fully customize their new camcorder. Sweet! Boasting large sales figures after just a year on the market, ...

The Latest Apple Macbook Pro Leaked

<3 JR ;), the same source that leaked the latest iPod Nano, has hit Engadget with some leaked snapshots of the latest Macbook Pro.  As you can see, blurry shot aside, the screen is a glossy finish, which might confirm the $8...
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4 Port USB HUB Disguised As A Cassette Tape

This isn't the first USB device that we've seen masquerading as a cassette tape, and I'm sure it won't be the last. This time around, it's a 4 port USB hub with all the retro stylings from the days of big hair and tight pants. ...
Cell Phones

LG Unveils Prada II Cell Phone

At over $800 you'd have to be a style snob to sacrifice Apple goodness (i.e. iPhone) to opt for this touchscreen phone. But where there's a label there's an idiot willing to over spend.  Expect HDSPA connectivity, touchscreen, ...

Averatec Intros Smaller All-in-one PC

Pardon me while I reserve my excitement for something, well, more exciting. Averatec is set to unleash an 18.4-inch version of their all-in-one desktop PC (they've already got a 22-inch version available here) with a consumer f...


LG Embeds Hidden Speakers In Its Latest LCD: Scarlet LG80

There's a million - ok, probably more like thousands of LCD TVs out there on the market today. Manufactures will do just about anything to set theirs apart from the others. LG's latest Scarlet TV (LG60 and LG70 are the predeces...
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MSN Missile Launcher Review

The latest trend with video games is to play opponents over the Internet. While battling human opponents in your favorite game can be more challenging, you might want to take online gaming one step further and shoot at each oth...

Oregon Scientific Waterproof Action Video Camera

Waterproof cameras are nothing new, but you have to appreciate Oregon Scientific's ability to make the ATC5K applicable to everyday and extreme life. The self contained waterproof camera takes still photos, can capture 640x480 ...