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Minoru Brings Us 3D Video Chatting

Minoru has announced that they will be bringing out a new webcam that hopes to make video calling so much more realistic. The whole point of video calling is that it feels personal rather than just calling someone so why not ma...

MeWe World Unveils First Quad Charger For Nintendo Wii Remotes

Because the gaming should never stop, MeWe World unveiled the first ever quad charger for Wii Remotes today. It comes packed with 4 fast-charging rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery packs that will provide up to 1...

Plywood Laptop Case Is Classic Meets New

Bearing on the completely impractical, this laptop case is constructed completely of ply wood and padded with a cork board for shock absorption.  There's no doubt that it will add sizable bulk to your bag, but sacrifices for st...


Far Cry 2 Looks Off The Hook

I don't usually post on video games, but the trailer for Far Cry 2 looks flat out kick ass. Enjoy!

Attention New Macbook Pro Owners, You’ll Want This Firewire 800 To 400 Adapter

Synchrotech, the smart folks that they are released an adapter yesterday that'll convert Firewire 400 devices to be compatible with the Macbook Pros' only Firewire port, Firewire 800.  It's on the cheap too, costing just $9 her...

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Sure, we've already had our tid bit of nostalgia for the day, but here's a little more, albeit in the form of an alarm clock.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to play the actual game on the Space Invaders Alarm Clock, but at l...


iStik Magnetic Case Let’s You Stick Your iPod Nano Anywhere, Well Almost Anywhere

iStik is a brilliant but simple product that allows you to fasten your iPod Nano to any article of clothing anywhere.  Fit the case to your iPod, place on one side of your clothing and the magnetic clip on the other, and presto...

Horror Halloween Mouse Handrest

In the spirit of Halloween, which is just over 2 weeks away, I figured why not?  The Horror Halloween Handrest can work as pictured or you can dip it in some blood and fling it two cubicles over. Available here for $10

Darth Vader USB Hub

For just under $100 it might be a bit excessive for a USB hub, but who can put a price on nostalgia. The Darth Vader USB Hub features 4 ports and more  importantly the sounds effect of the Sith Lord's breathing apparatus.  It'l...


Rockband Videogame Takes The Experience One Step Further: The Stagekit

Strap on the wig and break out the toy and drum guitars, because you haven't seen anything yet.  Rockband took the whole Guitar Hero experience a step further by adding more instruments and a singer, and now they're set to intr...

Amex Digital Announces Portable Blu-ray Drive In Time For New Mac Owners

Personally I think it's no 'biggy' that Apple left out Blu-ray drives from its latest laptops released this past Tuesday (I'm more pissed about the lack of Firewire in the new Macbooks).  It would've driven up cost and more imp...
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The World’s Smallest Hovercraft

When I was a kid I owned an RC hovercraft.  It worked for all of 2 days and then its rubber housing broke.  Well, here's my opportunity to revisit some childhood memories, or lack there of.  This tiny RC hovercraft is just 4.1 ...