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Samsung NC10 10.2″ Netbook Launches

Samsung have today announced the release of their Toshiba beater, the NC10. You may remember the Raon Everun being shipped the other day. Well if you were impressed by those specs then these will send you to notebook heaven. Ca...
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Samsung BEATb

Samsung to Launch BEATs and BEATb Music Phones

[caption id="attachment_6984" align="aligncenter" width="313" caption="Samsung BEATb"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_6985" align="aligncenter" width="313" caption="Samsung BEATs"][/caption] Samsung is launching two new musi...
lexar wi-fi sd

Lexar’s Eye-Fi Powered Wi-Fi SD Card

Lexar released the Eye-Fi powered Wi-Fi SD card. It's the same as the Eye-Fi Share but with the Lexar label. Simply plug this into any digital camera and turn it into a wi-fi enabled device. Now you can take pictures and copy t...


Gadgets At A Glace: Memorex MVBD-2510 Blu-ray Player

What is it: A low budget Blu-ray player that only supports Blu-ray 1.1 Features: Bonus view, PIP for director's commentary, 1080p HDMI and 5.1 audio outputs. Availability: November 2008 Price: $269 (I've seen a few players for ...

Asus Rolls Out An 80s Concept: AiGuru SV1 Videophone

Anyone else remember when 'video calling' was the wave of the future, in the the 80s? I recall people trying to solve the whole bandwidth, streaming, caching problem and then poof, cell phones eclipsed the video phone concept. ...

Shuttle D10 Desktop Computer Sports Built-in 7-inch LCD

This isn't the first time, and no doubt the last time we'll see a desktop computer with a built-in LCD.  Sure, the built-in monitor's application is pretty limited, but it might give you that warm and fuzzy 80s feeling from the...

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Video: HTC Touch HD Shows Serious Legs

[GR]eisadEADpwk[/GR] No way in hell am I giving up my iPhone, but the HTC Touch HD is probably enough to change a few peoples' minds, especially in light of the 480x800 screen. The froggies at Generation Phone got one and it lo...

Asus Intros 4 N-Series Model Laptops: N10, N20, N50 and N80

Asus added 4 new computers to their line up today and the feature set ranges from practical to just straight up odd.  Hit the leap to get a spec breakdown, but you should know a few of the big takeaways: facial recognition logi...

Starpex Guitar For Guitar Hero & Rock Band Now Available

Guitar Hero and Rock Band's flimsy plastic guitars have limited mileage, especially if there's booze and beer involved.  Enter the Starpex Guitar for Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the PS3 and PS2.  It's crafted from wood with a ...


Nintendo DS Hacked To Control Camera

Wireless might be a better, make that a more reasonable option, but if you've got some hacking skills you'd do what this guy did: hack a Nintendo DS to act as a remote viewer and controller for a Digital SLR camera. Not only di...
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Sonic Lighter iPhone App

Whose says 99 cents don' t buy squat!  For that exact same price, not a penny more, Smule has released the Sonic Lighter app for the iPhone.  Taking advantage of the iPhone mic and speakers, users can ignite adjacent Sonic Ligh...

Massive 100-inch Multitouch Table

[GR]42lqqwo1hhw[/GR] When you're construction project costs $60 billion - that's a 'b' - you don't skimp when it comes to impressing the potential clients.   That's why Alzorah Development Company hired 'Natural User Interface'...