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LG Intros KP500, 3-inch TouchScreen Cell Phone On The Cheap

According to LG, the KP500 will be a budget touchscreen handset.  No official word on price or launch date, but specs checkout at 3-inch touchscreen, 3MP camera, accelerometer, and available in black, brown, silver and gold. Hi...
Cell Phones

Adobe’s Flash Confirmed For The iPhone

Unfortunately, it's just not that simple. During a town hall meeting Paul Betlem, Adobe Systems' senior director of engineering, responded to an audience question about the existence of Flash for the iPhone. His response, to pa...

GadgetReview Contest: Win 1 of 5 iPhone 3G Cases From Agent 18

From now until October 13th we're giving away 5 iPhone 3G cases from Agent 18.  To enter the contest just go here.  To read our review of the case go here. To check out other Agent 18 products go here. Good luck!


Sony Launches New All-In-One Desktop Computer: Vaio JS1

The iMac comparison bit is, well, a bit worn out at this point.  But Sony, which long dragged its heels in denial of the iPod is perhaps getting on board a bit sooner with the cult of Mac thing, and introduced the small footpri...

Zeiss Victory Binoculars Provide The Distance For The Easy Kill

I'm no hunter or binocular expert, but this is the first I've heard of a pair of binoculars featuring a built-in range finder.  It works by firing a laser beam up to 200 yards away and then calculates the distance to the object...

Star Wars Storm Trooper Hoodie Keeps You Warm While Making You Cool

Clearly Star Wars geekdom bridges the gap to the fashion world, right?  The Real Trooper Hoodie, from Mark Ecko, features all the tell tale details of the original Star Wars Storm Trooper suit and adds mesh eye slits for comple...


Know The Weather At A Glance With The Weather Station Mood

One quick 'take' of the Weather Station Mood from Oregon Scientific and you'll know if the forecast calls for cloudiness, partially cloudiness, rain or sun.  The base of the clock changes color accordingly, while displaying the...
Cell Phones

LG Gets All Up In The 8 Megapixel Camera Phone Biz With The KC780

Is it me, or is the cell phone industry having a bout of Napoleon complex?  In other words, if your phone doesn't sport a slick UI and multitouch touchscreen, you gotta go bigger in the megapixel department. Details are limited...
Cell Phones

LG Decoy (Verizon) Review

For the past few weeks I had the luxury of playing with the LG Decoy cell phone from Verizon wireless. It's one of the first phones to feature an integrated Bluetooth headset into the body of the device. After testing, head sha...


Gadgets At A Glance: D3o Super-protective Fabric

What is it: A super protective fabric that's flexible Features: The fabric flows with your movements but if there's an impact, the molecules lock together to form an absorbent, protective covering. It won't turn you into a supe...

Sony Rolls Out Faster Memory Stick Cards, The HX Series

Sony announced a handful of new memory stick cards today. The most notable is the HX series. Available in a 4GB and 8GB capacity, the HX Series boasts a 20Mbps read speed and a 15MBps write speed, 3 times faster than regular Me...

Camcorder Spy Pen

Sorry, I can't resist any spy related goodies.  Featured in the head of this pen, embedded in the pin hole, is a color CMOS sensor.  4GBs of on board flash storage allow for up to 12 hours of video recording at 352x288 resoluti...