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Rumored Sega Handheld Device, Sega Vision, Debunked

Before the weekend there was a rumor flying around that Sega was getting back into the hardware market and was set to release a new handheld gaming device to compete with the PSP and DS.  We didn't post on it because it seemed ...

8-Bit NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Cartridge Hard Drive

This isn't the first time we've seen a Nintendo cartridge modded and I'm sure it's not the last.  Jammed into this Super Mario Bros. 3 NES cartridge is a 250GB SATA hard drive with 8MB of cache. It's powered purely by USB and c...
Cell Phones

Pantech’s New Flip Phone – 3G for $29

What the cell phone market really needs right now is a phone that has great functionality at a great price. Pantech hopes to offer all that with their new flip phone, the C610. Carrying GPS and 3G radio it has some high end spe...

Home Theater

Home Theater In A Trunk

If the misses doesn't want her living room over run with speakers and a massive TV, perhaps she'll settle for the Home Theater in a Trunk, more officially known as the Movie Trunk.  Jammed into the box, which is on wheels, is a...

Star Wars LED Flash Light

What kind of die hard Star Wars fan would you be if you didn't own one of these?  And hence why most Star Wars crap exists.  Still, though, there's some half way decent attention to detail, and its utilitarian + novelty factor ...
Cell Phones

Make iPhone Ringtones Free, Using Just iTunes 8

You're probably thinking it can't be that easy? Wrong, it is that easy. Hit the video after the 'leap' for the demonstration or read my break down below on how to make a custom iPhone ringtone, totally free, using JUST iTunes 8...

Cell Phones

Leaked: Blackberry 9500 and 9530 Super Duper Details

Honestly, this type of info is probably more deserving of the soon to be owners of the Blackberry Storm.  But if you're dieing to know the torrid details of the device, and perhaps think your IT department will double you up on...
Review Articles

Rovio Robot Reviewed

Robots-dreams, the purveyor of all things robot, got their hands on the Rovio robot.  Looking very mars mission worthy - hence the name, perhaps - the Rovio is a remotely controlled 3 wheeled vehicle with a built-in camera, LED...

Acer Rolls Out 4 New Aspire Laptops In Time For The Holidays: 8930, 6930, 5735 and 4730

Is it me, or is this week 'launch your absurdly large laptop week'?  Acer completes the 18.4-inch trifecta (Sony's here and HP's here) with the Aspire 8930.  We're talking an HD resolution screen, 2.53Ghz Core2 Duo T9400 proces...


Badass Portable Beer Pong Table: Port O Pong

For $50 you'll extend your summer time drinking stupidity and elevate it to a whole new level thanks to the Port O Pong beer pong inflatable table. Is it me, or does it look like that chick is about to snap in half. Available h...

Gadgets At A Glance: MSN Rocket Launcher

What is it: USB missile launcher controlled over MSN messenger Features: Developed with MSN, send your friends an invite to shoot you with three foam missiles over the internet from anywhere in the world! Includes a webcam so y...

Gadgets At A Glance: Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

What is it: An alarm clock Features: When the alarm goes off and the counter reaches 0, the rockets takes off. To stop the alarm you have to find the rocket and place it back on its launch dock. LCD display and time. Availabili...