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Gadgets At A Glance: Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

By: Daniel O What is it: An alarm clock with a difference. When the time is right this clock will throw a tantrum of noises and movements. It's like having a 4 year old on christmas morning... everyday. Features: Ummm, it moves...
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Sony Ericsson Launches Ladies Bluetooth Watches: MBW-200

You'll have to pardon my lack of excitement, but when I read that a consumer electronics manufacture is stepping out of its core operation, clothing accessories in this case, it tends to disturb my delicate sensibilities. The S...

Spykee Robot Can Be Controlled Via Skype

There nothing quick like mainstream compatibility. In the last 8 months I've become a huge Skype fan, thanks to their $3 a month 'call anywhere in the US unlimited plan'. I don't leave my apartment, let alone my bedroom very mu...

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Official Pics Of Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Phone (aka Tube Phone)

Bringing up the rear, touchscreen phone rear that is, is Nokia. It's been a few months to say the least, and finally, some actual screen shots of Nokia's Tube phone, or 5800 Express Music phone are starting to emerge. No offici...
Sanyo NV-BD600DT

Sanyo Intros 5.8 inch NV-BD600DT GPS

By: Daniel O Sanyo has announced their new Gorilla GPS, the NV-BD600DT. It has a huge screen measuring 5.8 inches and carries a rainbow of different specifications to wet our Global Positioning Satellite taste buds. Featuring a...
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Apple Adds 3G iPhone Checkout To Online Store

In attempt to expedite 3G iPhone shoppers this holiday, Apple has added 'online checkout' for the 3G iPhone. Unfortunately, you'll still need to battle the drove of tourists, teen MySpacers and everything in between because you...


Free Eye-Fi Update Ramps Up Transfer Speeds, Adds Services

By: Albert S On October 5th, Eye-Fi is set to release a firmware update that doubles the rate of transfer speeds and adds the ability to send images directly to Adoramapix or Apple's MobileMe. The cheaper Eye-Fi units can also ...

Macbook Pro Cooler

Sleek, simple and utilitarian. That's what this conceptual Macbook Pro cooler embodies. Hidden beneath the Apple logo is a fan and heatsink, which sucks out the heat. I'm not sure how you'd connect the extra USB and Firewire, b...
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Solar Powered iPhone Case

Get all green on your iPhone with the Solar Powered iPhone case.  Apparently, it works with Gen 1 and 2 iPhones and provides a peak power of .61 watts, which equates to a purported 'less than 3 hour charge time'. It's available...


Samsung MediaLive Extender To Arrive October 15

By: Albert S Samsung's MediaLive HDTV Media Center Extender is set to arrive on October 15. This sleek looking device attaches to the back of a compatible Samsung HDTV (with a HDMI-CEC connection) and streams content from a net...

Buffalo Claims Thinnest Hard Drive: The MiniStation Shinobi

Although I'm unable to do a side-by-side comparison, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this hard drive is using the same 1.8-inch platters as featured in the Samsung Black Edition Q series drive we saw in late August.  So is i...

Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric

Look no longer for the ultimate air guitar experience.  The Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric uses an infrared string system to detect your strums and a variety of buttons both on the fret board and above it to produce a wide ...