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Green Energy

AlertMe Lets You Remotely And Automatically Control Your Home’s Electricity Usage

I'm totally for the whole green thing - think I've said that a few times before.  But give me 'green' and save me money, otherwise it's just another hurdle.  In fact, AlertMe, a UK company which I wrote about earlier in the yea...

Toshiba Announces WiMax/WiFi Laptop: Satellite U405-ST550W

It's been not more than a week or so, and a flood of Wimax enabled products are hitting the market.  Today, Toshiba added to the mix with the introduction of their Satellite U405-ST550W Wimax laptop.  The 13.3-inch lappy sports...

Job: Gadgetreview Hiring Interns, 2 To Be Exact

Love them gadgets?  Then come write for Gadgetreview.  We're looking for 2 interns who can commit 15-20 hours a week.  The position is unpaid, but there are perks and the potential for part/full time hire in the future. Require...


What In The Gun O’ Clock Time Is It

Welcome to the wild, wild bed side. Set the Gun O' Clock to easy and it will take one bulls eye to shut her down. Need a more sobering challenge? Set 'er to hard and nail the bulls eye 5 times for RIP. It's not the first gun al...
Cell Phones

iPhone App: NetSketch

What is it: Collaborative drawing on the iPhone. The app detects other users on the WiFi network and let's them draw together. Features: Vector based drawing with a variety of colors, eyedropper tool, and share work with the wo...

A Really Unusual Safe, The Band Safe

More gimmick then utilitarian, unless you wanna annoy the crap out of the burglar, the Band Safe is a puzzle. It works by placing an object in the center largest compartment from the bottom. To move the object to another drawer...


Stainless Steel Wallet Made From Real Steel

A product like this begs the question of fire resistance? That has yet to be determined, but since it's woven from 25,000 steel threads no more then .001-inches thick, it's safe to say this wallet is resistant to the elements. ...
Cell Phones

Verizon Officially Announces Blackberry Storm (aka 9530) & Surprises With Clickable Screen

To much my surprise, Verizon officially announced the Blackberry Storm this evening.  I received the press release in my inbox around 9pm PST.  They've launched the device in tandem with Vodafone, Verizon's parent company in Eu...
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Antec Skeleton PC Case

Although it appears as though the Antec Skeleton is capable of take off, or cooling the engine of a Ford Mustang GT, it's in fact a PC Case.  Mounted on the top is a 250mm fan with multicolor LEDs, and if that doesn't keep your...


Crucial Goes Nutty and Intros Memory Module With Built-in LEDs

I don't know about you guys, but once I've install my RAM, I don't stare longingly into its cryptic mess of soldering.  Regardless, Crucial has seen it fit to introduce a DDR3 memory model with built-in LED lights for 10 second...

Cyberdyne Inc. Set To Mass Produce HAL Robot Suit

Putting aside the two movie names present in the title of this article, which by the way are both closely tied to robotics, the HAL suit is real and is apparently entering into mass production according to its CEO.  The HAL sui...

Southwing Intros SH241 Bluetooth Headset With One Touch News

Novelty never pushes a product to critical mass, but apparently Southwing didn't get the memo.  They've introduced a Bluetooth headset, the SH241, that features a one touch button that auto dials AT&T's 'VoiceInfo' service....