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Two Australian Men Claim To Have Invented A Perpetual Motion Machine (i.e. free electricity)

Using magnetic attraction and repulsion, two Australian men have claimed to produce a perpetual motion machine that will produce infinite electricity.  The concept has long been disputed in scientific communities due to laws of...
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Casio Unleashed An 8MP Camera Phone With An HD OLED Screen, The W63CA

Casio, which has long been associated with the digital watch from the 80s, has been building subpar point and shoot cameras for a while now.  I owned one for all of 1 week and returned it due to the antiquated UI.  Now it looks...

The Mir:ror Is A Consumer Level RFID Reader For Your Home

The makers of the Nabaztag Rabbit are at it again.  This time around they're offering a device called the Mir:ror.  It plugs into your computer via USB and displays information associated with objects that are placed on its sur...


Wii Hacked Again, Homebrew Still Alive

Poor Nintendo. Try as they might, they can't seem to quell the hackers of the underground gaming scene. The big N's latest update seemingly put an end to homebrew applications but it was bypassed rather easily. Not only that bu...
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HTC Touch Pro Now Available On Sprint

If  you've been waiting, wait no longer.  The HTC Touch Pro is available at select Sprint retailers starting today, and will go Sprint wide on November 2nd.  Expect to drop $300 after a 2-year contract and $100 mail-in-rebate f...

HP Quietly Unveils Mini 1000 Netbook

These past few weeks we've seen an unnamed HP 10-inch Netbook with designer Vivienne Tam slapped all over it.  HP didn't make anything official, but this pretty much clued us into what was to come.  And today they quietly intro...


Netflix Streaming Finally Arrives On Macs

Netflix has finally solved the DRM issues associated with streaming their movies to Mac computers.  In layman terms that means all Intel based Macs can now stream Netflix 12,000+ movies and TV shows.  Sorry, Power PCs aren't co...

Aderra USB Wrist Bands Help Promote Obama To A New Level

Aderra sent me a handful of their USB wrist bands. They're each preloaded with media, such as videos, music and one sheeters. Course, the Obama '08 wrist band was the most topical given that the election is just 9 days from now...

Sentio: A Stylish Watch For The Blind

'If you look good you're gonna feel good'.  I totally jacked that from the Men's Warehouse guy, but that's pretty close to what the Sentio watch is all about. Just read on, and you'll see what I'm talking about. The Sentio's fa...

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Gadget Leak: iPhone 2.2 Beta Makes Google Maps Street View Official

There were rumors floating around that 'street view' for Google maps would show on the next iPhone firmware update, 2.2. And here's some pictures that emerged today from the developer beta to confirm it. Notably, walking and ma...
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ToughDrive Camo, A Rugged USB Flash Drive Review

Flash drives are convenient for transferring data between computers, but too often, most flash drives are too fragile to survive the bumps and bruises of being carried in a pocket or purse. Inevitably, people drop their flash d...
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Qik Shows Up On A Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Robert Scoble, otherwise known as The Scobleizer, paid a visit to the folks of Qik. If you're not familiar with Qik they stream video recorded from a phone live to the Web. It's all software based and currently supports a varie...