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Pixel Sofa: Because Ugly Has Always Been Geek

It'll be real alright, it's just not into production, yet.  This sofa comes from the mind of Cristian Zuzunaga and will sell via Moroso. If you stare at it long enough you'll see an image.  I'M KIDDING! (more…)

Asus Rolls Out 4 New LCDs: VK266H, VW266H, VK246H & VW246H

Asus released a new set of LCDs today.  There's nothing to go nutty over, but you'll be glad to hear they've introduced two new 24-inchers (VK246H0 and VW246H) and two 25.5-incher (VK266H and VW266H).  All monitors boast a 20,0...

BMW Set To Introduce Electric Mini: E Mini

The days of electric vehicles are finally upon us.  Come next year BMW plans to put 500 electric Minis on US roads.  The limited production number is a bit annoying, but in such a nascent market it's probably financially warran...

Cell Phones

Iridium Launches 9555 Satellite Phone And Reminds Us Of Handsets From The 90s

It's definitely not pretty, but like your mother and teachers said: don't judge a book by it's cover. The Iridium satellite phone, which I believe is largely owned my Motorola, is your barebones, white knuckle explorer, work an...

Plant Holder With Robot Legs Automatically Finds The Sun

Surely no one in their right mind would want one of these in their house, right? Built-in to the plant holder is some sort of sensor that detects sunlight and scurries the plant in holding across the room for UV exposure. Can y...
Cell Phones

HP Unveils iPAQ Data Messenger and Voice Messenger Phones

It's a little too soon to tell, but at first glance I'm gonna assume HP's latest phones are gonna disappoint. Why so? They don't really bring anything particular to the vast and overwhelming see of smartphones, plus they're run...

iPhone Apps

iPhone App Review: Touch Hockey

Most iPhone games are single player and don't incorporate the social aspect of gaming, until now. Touch Hockey lets you and a partner play a virtual game of air hockey over your home or office's WiFi network. The menu is a litt...

A Pocket Projector On The Cheap

There's no doubt your taking a gamble on this here 'pocket projector'. After all, we've only seen a few of these things come to fruition in recent after what seems like countless amounts of money and research.  But, be you none...
Cell Phones

Samsung’s Lastest Smartphone, The I7110, Is More Than Meets The Eye

At first glance Samsung's I7110 looks like your garden variety candy bar cell phone. Fortunately, it's got some fancy-smancy features under it's dated looking hood to help it reach the elite crowd of cell phones snobs. Expect a...

Cell Phones

Motorola MOTOZINE5 5 Megapixel Camera Phone Launch Date

According to MobileWhack the MOTOZINE5, Motorola's 5 megapixel camera phone, will launch November 3rd.  No word on price, but we do know that it will sport a 2.4-inch high rez screen, quad-band connectivity (no 3G), EDGE suppor...
Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

Colorware Adds 4th Gen iPod To Its Line Up

Sure, you could give someone an iPod Nano for the holidays, but then you'd just be 'a friend'. If you really wanna win over that long time, perhaps since high school crush, you gotta go Colorware. You can personalize the colori...

MSI Wind U120 Launch Month And Details

Can't get enough of those Netbooks?  Good, because MSI is purportedly set to launch the Wind U120 sometime this November.  It'll feature built-in 3.5G connectivity, Intel's Atom N270 processor, 1GB memory, 120GB hard drive and ...