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A Pocket Projector On The Cheap

There's no doubt your taking a gamble on this here 'pocket projector'. After all, we've only seen a few of these things come to fruition in recent after what seems like countless amounts of money and research.  But, be you none...
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Samsung’s Lastest Smartphone, The I7110, Is More Than Meets The Eye

At first glance Samsung's I7110 looks like your garden variety candy bar cell phone. Fortunately, it's got some fancy-smancy features under it's dated looking hood to help it reach the elite crowd of cell phones snobs. Expect a...
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Motorola MOTOZINE5 5 Megapixel Camera Phone Launch Date

According to MobileWhack the MOTOZINE5, Motorola's 5 megapixel camera phone, will launch November 3rd.  No word on price, but we do know that it will sport a 2.4-inch high rez screen, quad-band connectivity (no 3G), EDGE suppor...

Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

Colorware Adds 4th Gen iPod To Its Line Up

Sure, you could give someone an iPod Nano for the holidays, but then you'd just be 'a friend'. If you really wanna win over that long time, perhaps since high school crush, you gotta go Colorware. You can personalize the colori...

MSI Wind U120 Launch Month And Details

Can't get enough of those Netbooks?  Good, because MSI is purportedly set to launch the Wind U120 sometime this November.  It'll feature built-in 3.5G connectivity, Intel's Atom N270 processor, 1GB memory, 120GB hard drive and ...

NES Game Cartridge Cuff Links

Geeky sheik. These custom made NES game cartridge cuff links are gonna be a sure fire hit this holiday, especially with the gaming crowd.  Plus, it's a good motive for the die hard gamer to wear more than a t-shirt and shorts. ...


Charge Your MP3 Player By Walking?

NTT is developing a high tech shoe that charges your MP3 player or cell phone. Neat but how does it work? Every step you take puts pressure on a liquid-filled sole, creating enough water flow to put some oomph in a small turbin...
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iPhone App Review: Easy Relax

Can't sleep at night?  Then you need the comforting sounds of Easy Relax.  It's a free iPhone app and pretty robust for $0 money.  It comes with a wide variety of soothing sounds, such as Hawaii Vacation or Rainy Day - I think ...
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Cell Phones

Blackberry Bold Launch Date Gets Leaked

BGR intercepted, rather received an AT&T email detailing future handset launch dates and prices.  If you look to the bottom of the above image you'll notice RIM's Blackberry Bold listed with an ETA of 10/27.  Course, this m...


Phiaton Brings Carbon Fiber Headphones To The US

Although I've never heard of the Moderna line of headphones until today, hordes of car enthusiasts will be glad to know they can now pickup a pair headphones to compliment their after market car parts.  The Moderna line, which ...

Dell Intros Quad-Core Laptop: Precision M6400 Covet

Dell's latest workstation laptop, the Precision M6400 Covet, is straight up bad ass. For some extra cash you can toss in an Quad-Core processor, upgrade the RAM to 16GB and increase total storage to 1TB. At the base level of th...

LG Unveils Double Sided Display

Call me narrow minded, but a double sided display has one good use: advertising.  Unlike PIP, or split screen, it won't solve any TV related sibling fights, or quell the Sunday football versus HGTV dispute.  Current max resolut...