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Intel Core i7 Reviews Are In, Verdict: Blazing

The reviews are in and the Intel Core i7, aka Nehalem, is receiving some rave reviews. In the next few days prepare to be bombarded with phrases such as "absolutely blazing!", "industry-changing!", "poor AMD!", and "world peace...

SkyV Skylights Puts A Virtual Window Anywhere

The latest offering from SkyV puts a HD video screen simulating the outdoors onto any wall. Imagine a relaxing view of an autumn scene complete with orange and yellow leaves blowing in the wind...on the ceiling of a concrete, w...

Netflix Streaming Arrives On The Mac

About freaking time!  I guess all that bitching and moaning I did finally paid off, or so I'd like to think.  Available now  Mac users can now stream Netflix's 12,000+ movies and TV shows on their computer.  It's a beta, so I'm...


Barack Obama and Sarah Palin Appear In Mercenaries 2 Video Game (video)

No explanation needed.  Just hit the video and watch Palin and Obama tear it up in Mercenaries 2! [GR]1cDZ32mhr60[/GR] [Thanks, Dan]

Umbrella Drying Takes A New Form With The Rain Wipe (video)

Don't let your hardwood floors suffer a water stained fate, and with this new Japanese gadget they won't have to.  The Rain Wipe, which doubles as a storage place for your brelly, sucks the water off your umbrella and draws it ...

Gadgets At A Glance: Dell S2209W & S2309W

What is it: Dell's latest 22-inch and 23-inch LCD monitors with 16:9 aspect ratio Features: 1920x1080 resolution, DVI/VGA input, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response Availability: Here and Here Price: $239 and $299


Trip Balls With The Interactive Mirror

Save the acid for the Phish show, because this Interactive Mirror built by Lit Studios will immerse you in a world of flowers, paintings, games and much more.  In fact, I'm kind of hoping this ends up in retailers enabling you ...
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Google Announces Update To Chrome Browser

Google announced an update to the Chrome browser, version 03.154.9, that features improved security and performance tweaks. I've been using it for a while now and it's been surprisingly stable and quick for a beta release. Read...

Bentley’s $20,000 Laptop

Pushing on the boarders of just stupid and wasteful, Bentley has partnered with Ego Lifestyle to produce the car manufacture's first and hopefully last laptop computer.  For a cool $20k you'll receive an overpriced machine that...


London Receives Vending Machines With PS3 Games, Movies, Blu-rays & MP3s

Universals Pictures and Sony Entertainment have teamed up to bring Londoners their favorite movies, music, and games delivered via a vending machine called PoP.  Users will also be able to download media directly to their PMP o...
Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

An Adult Star Wars Millennium Falcon Toy

By no means is this a toy for a child.  It's got 'nostaligia' written all over it, which deems it the ideal gift for the Star Wars geek in your life. It features Star Wars sounds effects, lighting, removable outer panels, smugg...

Laptop Mag Reviews The Samsung NC10 Netbook

Wow, that was quick.  Course, they ended up reviewing a Korean Samsung NC10.  But I can't imagine any massive changes when it officially arrives in the US with the exception of the keyboard and OS. Pros: 93% full sized keyboard...