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Alarm Clock Wants Your Money To Go Snooze

We've most certainly seen our fair share of odd alarm clocks at GadgetReview, but none quite like the Dreams Money-Saving Ban Clock.  Once the alarm goes off it won't shut up until you jam a coin, of any currency, into it.  It ...

Zippo Lighter With Built-in 8GB Flash Drive

Smoking and technology are synonymous.  How so?  Check with your IT guys and you'll get my drift.  Ok, perhaps that's an over simplification of the matter, but the USB 8GB Flash Drive Lighter might be their proverbial wet dream...
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HP Launches Pavilion dv3500t 13.3-inch Laptop

HP announced it's first 13.3-inch laptop for US shores today.  The 4.12lber features the latest Intel Core2 Duo processor (there's 4 you can choose from), up to 8GB of RAM, 160-400GB hard drive, DVD burner, Nvidia Geforce 9300M...


Sony Newest Laptop Is A Desktop Killer, The AW Series

Dubbed the 'Super Notebook' by Sony, the Vaio AW series is loaded with all the goodies to negate a desktop purchase.  There's two models, the AW170Y/Q ($3,300) and AW120J/H ($1,800), and expect them to ship 10/2. Both models sp...

Wii HD: Nintendo’s Next Gen Console?

According to some reports, Nintendo is working on their next gen console, the Wii HD. It's rumored to have, you guessed it, HD capability and an upgraded processor. Also, I'm fairly certain that they'll greatly increase the mot...

Pac-Man Seating – Because You Know It’s Cool

When I have friends round I like to think that they all have somewhere to sit, but the floor is not always the most comfortable option so what can I possibly buy that will quench my thirst for a pain free ass? Poufman of course...


Nintendo Working On A Pedometer…Maybe

Looks like Nintendo got the memo. You know, the one about mid 40 year old moms and their obsession with counting how many steps they've walked in a day.  Ya, it's for real, and it's a FITNESS CRAZE. So, there's no way of 100% c...

Ruf Set To Introduce Electric Porsche

Ruf, widely known for their Porsche aftermarket parts, will show off an all electric vehicle next month based off the 911.  At the heart of the vehicle will be an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery able to produce ...

NetGear Gets Fast And Green With Its Latest Routers: WNR2000 & DGN2000

Ah yes, there's nothing like playing the 'green' angle, but I'm totally with it.  Netgear's newest routers sports the latest WiFi standard, N, and their packaging is manufactured from 80% recycled material.  They've also achiev...


Gadgets At A Glance: Toshiba Super Charge Ion Batteries (SCiB)

What is it: Really cool super batteries that charge in 10 minutes flat Features: What more can I say, it charges to 90 percent capacity in 10 minutes, lasts longer than current lithium-ion batteries, can be charged 5,000 to 6,0...

Pandora Gaming Handheld Available For Pre-Order

Attention all you hardcore gamers: the Pandora gaming handheld is available for pre-order through their website. If you're not a gaming geek you probably thought this had something to do with the streaming music service (congra...

LG BD300 Blu-ray + Netflix Player Availability Date Gets A Little More Official

According to the Netflix blog, we can expect the LG BD300 around the first full week in October.  I'm gonna guess October 7th, since it's only fitting they release the product on a Tuesday, the same day movie and video game tit...