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Gadgets At A Glance: MSN Rocket Launcher

What is it: USB missile launcher controlled over MSN messenger Features: Developed with MSN, send your friends an invite to shoot you with three foam missiles over the internet from anywhere in the world! Includes a webcam so y...

Gadgets At A Glance: Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

What is it: An alarm clock Features: When the alarm goes off and the counter reaches 0, the rockets takes off. To stop the alarm you have to find the rocket and place it back on its launch dock. LCD display and time. Availabili...
Cell Phones

LG KC910 Launch Dates

We wrote about the LG KC910 (aka Renoir) 8MP camera phone with touchscreen at the beginning of September, and it's now available in Europe, with Asia, and Latin America following in November.  Africa and the Mid East will see i...


Amazon Kindle 2 Leaked

If you recall, a few weeks back there was a rumor circulating that Amazon was set to launch a new Kindle, a college friendly Kindle at that.  Although there's nothing in these 'spy' shots to confirm that particular rumor, it do...
Cell Phones

Skype Emerges For The iPhone Via Fring

I don't know about you guys, but I've been dieing for some VoIP Skype on my iPhone.  Surprisingly, the company has yet to launch an iPhone app.  Fortunately, an app called Fring emerged today, which includes all the popular IM ...
Cell Phones

T-Mobile’s HTC Shadow 2 Appears On FCC

Already riding a seriously huge ass publicity wave, HTC is at it again.  According to the Cellphone Signal forums this is the T-Mobile Shadow 2, and it just passed the FCC checkpoint.  Details are still vague, but launch date i...


Telson Multimedia PC Rocks 3D Screen and 3D Camera

Telson, which was just acquired by new ownership, is apparently bringing to market an ultra mobile Multimedia PC that will be able to display 3D images via its 4.3-inch touchscreen. Included is a camera dongle, which will purpo...

Hitachi Shows Off Wireless Streaming HD Video Camera

This past week at CEATEC, Hitachi showed off its wireless streaming HD video camera.  To put it in layman's terms, video can be shot or played back, streamed over WiFi (802.11g not N) and viewed over a compatible HDTV in hi-def...

Mystery Solved: Rumored Nintendo Pedometer Is Just That

Remember that Nintendo Pedometer thingee majig that showed up online earlier this week? Looks like it's just that, and it's designed to be used in tandem with a yet to be released Nintendo DS fitness title (pictured). It's iron...


Asus S101 Ultra Slim and Trim Laptop

Feather me timbers!  Asus has gone computer bonkers.  First they've had massive success with the Eee PC and now they've unveiled a Macbook Air killer, the S101, which sports an Intel Atom processor under the hood.  It's .7-inch...

Tiny Wireless Keyboard With Built-in Trackball From Brando

Last week we saw two tiny keyboards that are fit for elf hands and 3 fingered character cartoons.  Adding to the mix is yet another Brando keyboard, only this one sports wireless and a built-in optical trackball with 1000 dpi. ...

NiteTrip Motion-activated Adjustable Night Light Review

If you need a night light to illuminate part of your house, such as the top of the stairs, you could get an ordinary night light that plugs into an electric wall outlet. However, this will only illuminate the area around the wa...