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Keychain Tells You When It’s Safe

Come winter the heat is on and the air is dry.  Shuffle your feet across the carpet and touch a piece of metal, and you'll surely receive a shock, unless of course you've got one of these Electrostatic Absorbing Keychains.  Jus...

Asus Unveils N20A 12-inch Laptop

Asustek is on a tare lately.  Last month they launched the ultra slim Asus S101 laptop and today they've announced (via a retailer) the Asus N20A 12-inch laptop.  It's sporting an Intel Core 2 Duo processors (choose from T9400,...
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Gadget Leak: AT&T Fuze Smartphone Launch Date & Pricing

Yesterday we saw the first emergence of the AT&T Fuze, the closest thing, if not the same thing to the HTC Touch Pro on Sprint.  Today, it looks like the availability date and pricing have been leaked. You can expect the HT...

Cell Phones

T-Mobile Announces New Phones For The Holidays

T-Mobile announced their phone lineup for the holidays. Some of the phones include the new Samsung Behold, a touchscreen iPhone-like handset; and the Gravity, a phone made for messaging with a fold out keyboard. [Phonescoop]

Swann MovieStick Video Camera Is ‘Pack Of Gum’ Small

The details are a bit vague on the Swann Moviestick video camera, but what I do know is that it's ultra small. It's slightly larger than a pack of gum and weighs just 1oz. With a 2GB microSD card installed you can record up to ...

GrooveNeo iPod Alarm Clock Has One Big Ass Display

It's probably safe to say that you won't misread the time on Cygnett's GrooveNeo alarm clock.  The giant sized display is complimented by 2 full range speakers and an iPod dock for performing wake and sleep music playback.  It ...


TrickleStar Automatically Shuts Down Your Computer’s Peripherals

TrickleStar plans to cut your energy costs all while clearing your mind of any guilt associated with your computer's power sucking devices.  How so?  Well, your computer's external devices, yeah, the ones plugged in at your fee...

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Is there nothing Lucas won't license the Star Wars brand to?  Regardless, I'm gonna state that the Darth Vader Toaster is justified in the long line of movie paraphernalia crap.  After all, what kind of Sith in training would y...
Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson Officially Unveils The W705 Walkman Phone & The MBS-900 Bluetooth Speaker

In what I percieve as largely unremarkable news, Sony Ericsson announced the W705 walkman phone today.  It shares the same top notch sound quality as the W980, or so SE says, shake control for wrist numbing volume and track con...


KATA 3N1-20 Sling Bag Doesn’t Mess Around When It Comes To The Paparazzi

Designed by ex-Israeli Military dudes, the 3N1-20 Sling Bag is specifically designed for the hardcore photag.  It can be carried in three positions, eash catering to different scenarios. Backpack style for long hikes Quick draw...

iSnow, Just Add Water

My excitability meter is piquing at 'pet rock' right about now.  If you don't know what I mean, I'm talking one trick pony and by one trick pony I mean you can play with it once and relegate the iSnow to the junk drawer.  Still...

48 Hour Netflix Trial On Xbox 360 NXE

The newer Xbox 360 games seem to be bundled with a 48 hour Netflix trial on the soon to be released NXE. This could be a smart marketing move by MS and Netflix as they try to reel in new subscribers. Heck, I'd give it a try jus...