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Cell Phones

Google Introduces Gmail For Mobile 2.0

Google recently launched their Gmail mobile version 2.0 for J2ME-compatible and BlackBerry phones. It features a host of improvements including significant performance boosts, multiple account management, multiple mobile email ...

Logitech Gives Guitar Hero Fans A Premium Wireless Guitar Controller

My largest complaint about Guitar Hero is the child sized plastic guitar included with the game.  After a few songs my hands are cramped and my wrist surges with pain.  Logitech, the purveyor of most things wireless, has offici...

Intel’s Cooling System To Cool Laptop Exterior

Intel developed a cooling system designed to cool the exterior of ultra-thin laptops. Up until now, all the cooling technology focused on cooling the interior of the laptop. But Intel, realizing the need to cool the exterior of...


Hyundai Genesis Apple Vehicle

Hyundai, a long time struggling car company, is finally starting to emerge from the subprime demographic. This year they introduced the Hyundai Genesis, a high end sedan equitable in comfort and luxury to a Lexus at a fraction ...

USI’s Latest, The MID-160, Looks Like A Feather Weight But Packs A Punch

Boxing analogies aside, Tawainese USI's latest MID is one sexy and svelte beast.  Showcased at the Intel Developer Forum this week, the MID-160 is rocking a 5-inch 800x480 LCD touchscreen, which can produce over 167k colors.  I...

Limited Edition rayD8 Flash Drive In Time For Halloween

The 'cute and fun' Japanese character inspired rayD8 flash drives are back with a limited edition version. Only 200 of these glow in the dark, skeleton rayD8gig flash drives will be produced, so act now before the your collecto...


Vivienne Tam Edition HP Mini-Note Gets Official

Last month we got our first glimpse of HP's female targeted laptop, the HP Clutch.  It's dressed up in a pink floral pattern thanks to designer Vivienne Tam and just got a bit more official - via a partnership with Glam network...
Web Apps

Firefox Minefield Fastest Browser On Planet?

Watch out Google Chrome, there's a new player in town and its name is...Firefox? Mozilla's Minefield browser figures to be the fastest gun in the west (or east) and initial reports indicate that it's true. It's still in alpha p...

Another Official ‘Quantum of Solace’ Sony Laptop Emerges

A few weeks back we reported that this year's Bond - or 007 in some circles - had chosen the Sony Viao Z series laptop as his computer of choice.  Either Sony changed their mind or we totally got the facts wrong.  For fear of s...


Netflix Adds Two More Blu-ray Players To Their Instant Streaming Service

Just when you thought you found the perfect Blu-ray player, the LG BD300, Netflix goes and teams up with yet another Blu-ray player manufacture and blesses it with Netflix streaming. So how do you score this wonderful unlimited...
OWC Blu-Ray Drive

OWC Unveils Blu-Ray Burner

OWC (Other World Computing) have announced their latest product, the OWC Mecury Pro Blu-Ray Drive. You can connect it to your computer via FireWire 400/800, USB 2.0 and eSATA. Not only will it read Blu-Ray but write it as well,...
Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

Wacky Looking iPod Speaker System By Jean-Michel Jarre

Sharper Image has gone the way of bankruptcy, but fear not, for their design team's spirit shall live on in the AeroSystem (the names are all too familiar).  No, it doesn't Ionize the air, but it does feature 2x 20W speakers an...