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Play Your Old NES & Genesis Games On One Console

Whenever I head home for the holidays I end up blowing the proverbial dust of my 8-bit Nintendo system.  I own countless classics and love the nostalgia it elicits.  Problem is my system is like 22 years old (holy cow) and does...

Gadgets At A Glance: Fujitsu Lifebook U820 Mini-Notebook

What is it: An ultra lightweight and mini Notebook with touchscreen control. It weighs just 1.32lbs. Features: Intel Atom Processor Z530, Vista Biz or Home, 5.6" WXGA LCD touchscreen, webcam, fingerprint reader, 1GB of DDR2 RAM...
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AT&T Is Getting Its Own HTC Touch Pro, Called The Fuze

I totally didn't see this coming, simply because AT&T has spent some much money and time pushing the iPhone.  According to a forum poster, DJ Justifier, AT&T will receive its own version of the the HTC Touch Pro (it jus...


Fujitsu LifeBook N7010 Laptop Includes A 4-inch LCD Touchscreen

Maybe it was all the Nintendo DS fanfare that got Fujitsu on board with this design, but in any case it should prove to be an interesting precedent in the laptop world.  Embedded just above the LifeBook N7010's keyboard is a 4-...

Agent 18 Lauches 2 New iPod Nano 4G Cases

Agent 18 announced two new cases for Apple's latest iPod, the Nano 4G. The Flowervest case is built of soft silicone, comes in pink or yellow and is finished in a flower pattern; hence the name.  There's no doubt in my mind who...
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Best Of The New Android Apps

By itself the G1 Android is no big deal. What makes it cool is the potential for all kinds of fun and innovative apps. So after two weeks what are some of the best ones? Lifehacker takes a look at the best ones so far.

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Fastmac Intros A Swiss Army Knife iPhone 3G Battery Extender

Usually you'd expect a longer battery life with an add on juice pack and that's it.  Fastmac's lastest battery pack for the iPhone 3G, the iV, does that and yes, much more. Sure, it'll extend your iPhone's talk time to 24 hours...
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Nokia Ups The Vertu Line With Ferrari Branding

Nokia has upped the anty on their uber expensive Vertu phones by introducing a Ferrari branded version of their Ascent Ti.  Perhaps now they'll be able to sell some of these overpriced paper weights seeing as elitist Ferrari ow...

World’s Smallest Solar Racing Car

Looks like you can officially forget about wind up Matchbook cars. Soon as the sun catches this tiny car's solar panel it's 'pedal to the metal'. Probably good for 2 minutes of entertainment or at the very least some 'green cre...


Gadgets At A Glance: Maxell MXSP-1100 iPod Dock

What is it: An iPod dock with built-in speakers from Maxell Features: It's compatible with all iPods and features two 4 watts speakers + bass reflex with a total frequency range of 80Hz to 20Khz.  The system also includes a rem...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Bold 9000 Now Officially On Sale

Just like AT&T said it would, the Blackberry Bold 9000 has officially gone on sale today.  I frantically searched the AT&T Wireless site this morning hoping they'd let it slip early, but no go.  You can get it for $300 ...
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Boxee Media Center Plays Most Media Including Streaming Media Sites

The free Boxee Media Center, based on the XBMC project, plays just about any local content but it's specifically tuned to handle internet media streaming sites such as Hulu, CBS, Comedy Central,, and flickr. Not only th...