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Southwing Intros SH241 Bluetooth Headset With One Touch News

Novelty never pushes a product to critical mass, but apparently Southwing didn't get the memo.  They've introduced a Bluetooth headset, the SH241, that features a one touch button that auto dials AT&T's 'VoiceInfo' service....

Razer Unveils Lycosa Mirror and Arctosa Edition Keyboards

Razer unveiled two new versions of its gaming keyboard, the Lycosa, today.  The Lycosa Mirror adds a polished finish to the keyboard's surface and is complimented by enhanced backlighting (pictured).  The Arctosa is designed fo...

Slick, Low Profile Media Center: OMS-SX100

I'm no media center fanatic, but this low profile (2.7-inches) unit from Okoro Media System struck a cord with the aesthetics snob in me. The OMS-SX100 is equipped with an AMD dual core Athlon X2 processor, is energy 'green' an...


Asus Intros First Quad-Core Gaming Laptop: G71

Asus announced the World's first quad-core processor laptop, today.  Additionally, it also features the ability to overclock the processor's speed - 3 settings - thanks to the Direct Console 2.0 interface.  Expect, at the top e...

Nikon Rolls Out Borg Like Headphones: UP300x

"Hey Nikon, I don't know how to tell you this, but you make cameras!" What in the world is going on? Today, Nikon rolled out the oddest looking piece of kit, regardless of the fact that they're primarily a camera manufacture. A...

Gadget Image Porn: Asus Eec PC S101 Laptop

More photos of the Macbook Air killer, the Asus Eee PC S101 have appeared thanks to Notebook Italia (say it in an Italian accent, it's more fun).  Gadget porn after the 'leap' (more…)


PopStar Guitar Wii Peripheral

Due out sometime this November, the PopStar Guitar title is yet another 'rhythm' based game to hit the market.  Fortunately, they've had some foresight into the turbulent economical woes ahead and have included two of these pic...

Gadgets At A Glance: BenQ S6 Mobile Internet Device

What is it: A touchscreen mobile Internet device Features: 4.8-inch touchscreen (800x480), 800Mhz Intel Atom processor, 3G and quad band connectivity, includes stylus, three axial G-sensor for scrolling through web pages and la...
Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

Open It! Packaging Removal Shears Review

As a product reviewer, I'm always having a hard time dealing with the way smaller products are packaged. The main proponent of my exacerbation is usually that super sealed plastic that most gadgets are contained with in, like m...


ELV Motors Shows Off 180MPG Hybrid Scooter: VKM 50

It goes without saying: times are tough for Americans right now.  We're all boot strapped and even though the price per barrel of oil is going down gasoline isn't.  The VKM 50, ELV's latest hybrid scooter manages a surreal 180M...
Cell Phones

Verizon Launches New Samsung Slider: SCH-U650 aka Sway

Verizon officially launched a new Samsung slider today, called the Sway.  The handset features access to Verizon's Rhapsody store (I'm currently reviewing and I'm impressed so far), Bluetooth stereo functionality, a 2.2-inch 26...

Herman Miller ‘Embody Chair’ Sports Flexible Spine & Moving Discs

Sporting 56 flexors in the back and 93 connected plastic discs in the cushion, the Embody chair, Herman Miller's latest, is no slouch when it comes to comfort.  The chair adjusts with your involuntary movements providing an opt...
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