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Optoma Finally Announces Pocket Sized Pico Projector Launch Date

After months of anticipation, Optoma has made the launch date of their Pico projector official. But as with all things 'wanted', there's a catch. The 'world's smallest projector' will be available for preorder December 1st in J...

Callpod Intros ‘The Drone’ Bluetooth USB Adapter With 100 Meter Range

For the most part 'The Drone's' abilities are apparent.  You stick the Bluetooth USB adapter into your computer and you'll be able to channel VoIP calls and music to any compatible Bluetooth headset.  What makes it different is...
Cell Phones

Gadget Rumor: iPhone 2.2 Firmware Release Date?

Nothing is confirmed, but according to rumors circulating in the blogosphere we can expect the iPhone 2.2 firmware update in 10 days, November 21st to be exact. We've already seen a few of the updates, but what else can we expe...


The Intel Classmate Netvertible: Getting Kids Online

Similar to the One Laptop Per Child Program of a little while ago, Intel's Classmate Program is offering a super-cheap Classmate ‘Netbook’ designed to provide educators with an inexpensive platform that will get kids online and...

Listening In The Rain: Personal Speaker Umbrella

Oto-Shigure looks like a regular Japanese umbrella carved in bamboo and oil- paper. Looks can be deceiving, however, as this umbrella leads a double life as a personal speaker system with a built-in amp and four vibrating motor...

ViewSonic’s Wide-Screen Monitor: Entertaining And Expensive

Well, blow those trumpets and ring those bells! ViewSonic has announced its latest widescreen monitor, the VX2260wm. It delivers the 22-inch LCD as its name suggests, but the question is at what a cost? Read on for details. Vie...


Gadget Review: Altrio Series M5 Earbuds by Future Sonics

Do you have to know what you're talking about to be a snob? Wikipedia's definition didn't provide me with the answer, but I consider myself somewhat of an earbud snob. As with wine, or anything else, I feel as long you are happ...
Cell Phones

AT&T HTC Fuze Now Officially Available Online

Looks like all those rumors and leaked documents were true.  AT&T Wireless now has the HTC Fuze product page up and running.  You can grab your own for $300 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract signing.  If you wa...

Gadgets At A Glance: Viewsonic DPG801BK and DPG807BK 8-inch LCD Photo Frames

What is it: Two 8-inch LCD photo frames with SwifTouch touch-screen technology that only displays the buttons when they're touched Features: 800x600 resolution, JPEG/BMP picture compatibility,  MPEG-1 (DPG807BK only), MPEG-4 (D...


Posture Perfect With The iPosture (video)

If all else fails - corrective shoes, in soles, etc - the iPosture has your back, zing! The handy little device is said to give you better posture in just two week, that is assuming you use it for the recommended four hours a d...
Home Theater

It’s Official: The Blockbuster Set-Top Media Streaming Box

Blockbuster announced their plans to release a set top box that will stream movies via the Movielink rental service.  I say it's about time but is it a case of too little, too late? It may not be enough to surmount Netflix's co...

Foldable Kitchen Faucet Is Space Savings & Aesthetically Pleasing

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to strain pasta or wash a large pan, only to be inhibited by my overbearing kitchen faucet. The foldable kitchen faucet from Ritmonio, called the Tac Tac, won't clean your dishes for y...