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Gadget Review: NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse

The mouse that came with your computer is probably a generic mouse designed to do common tasks like using a word processor or a web browser. If you spend most of your time playing video games, you’ll find such an ordinary mouse...

TIP-521 Digital Camera Is The World’s First Camera With A Built-in ZINK Printer

When we first heard about a Zink printer appearing in a camera, rumor pegged Polaroid as the suspect in question.  Looks like TOMY Company, long time toy manufacture, has beaten them to the punch with the TIP-521 Digital Camera...
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Samsung Launches The Cleo, Female Targeted Cell Phone

There's really no question in my mind that the Samsung Cleo is based off a 'compact', one of those makeup things chicks carry around in their purse.  Although it lacks a mirror, the Cleo sports a full QWERTY keyboard, a 1.3MP c...


MCor’s 3D Printer Uses Regular Old A4 Paper

Not that 3D printing will show up in your house anytime soon, but the folks at Mcor Technologies are making it a closer reality than ever before.   Their Matrix 3D printer uses regular old A4 paper to build, yes, 3D objects.  I...

Microsoft’s Zune Gets The Artist Touch

Microsoft has gone the rather novel route of decking out their Zune players with art work in the hopes of building an allegiance.  I'm not sure if it's worked, but the Gears of War 2 Zune got enough press to make the big wigs i...
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Gadget Study: iPhones More Realiable Than Blackberries

Ha!  Take that Blackberry owners!  Okay, maybe it ain't worth getting into a pissing contest over smart phones, but being an iPhone owner (Gen 1) I take pleasure in knowing that my device is considered more reliable than a Blac...

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iPhone 3G Tethering Made Legit By AT&T CEO

Michael Arrington sat down with AT&T's Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega at the Web 2.0 summit yesterday.  During the interview Vega confirmed that iPhone 3G tethering would be come official "soon", but didn't make any indicati...
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AT&T Experiencing Network Problems in SoCal

I'm in West LA and can't make or receive any calls on my iPhone. Anyone else having an issue?  My phone has a full signal. [Thanks, Erik]

Keychain Tells You When It’s Safe

Come winter the heat is on and the air is dry.  Shuffle your feet across the carpet and touch a piece of metal, and you'll surely receive a shock, unless of course you've got one of these Electrostatic Absorbing Keychains.  Jus...


Asus Unveils N20A 12-inch Laptop

Asustek is on a tare lately.  Last month they launched the ultra slim Asus S101 laptop and today they've announced (via a retailer) the Asus N20A 12-inch laptop.  It's sporting an Intel Core 2 Duo processors (choose from T9400,...
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Gadget Leak: AT&T Fuze Smartphone Launch Date & Pricing

Yesterday we saw the first emergence of the AT&T Fuze, the closest thing, if not the same thing to the HTC Touch Pro on Sprint.  Today, it looks like the availability date and pricing have been leaked. You can expect the HT...
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T-Mobile Announces New Phones For The Holidays

T-Mobile announced their phone lineup for the holidays. Some of the phones include the new Samsung Behold, a touchscreen iPhone-like handset; and the Gravity, a phone made for messaging with a fold out keyboard. [Phonescoop]