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Portable Cell Phone Jammer Is Just What The Auteur Ordered

Too many times I've had some deuce bag sitting within ear range in the movie theater answer his cell phone mid movie.  Come on now!  I'm all for 'staying in touch' but during a movie?  No longer, thanks to the Portable Phone Ja...
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A Martini Maker Even James Bond Would Be Jealous Of

It's said that the perfect martini is all in the way it's made.  Shake it too much or over stir the drink and you'll sour the flavor.  The Perfect Martini Maker does it all for you.  Just add the ingredients using the included ...

Mitsubishi Starts Shipping 3D LaserVue TVs

Mitsubishi is finally shipping one of two of their LaserVue TVs.  The 65-incher is going for $7,000 and produces stunning color (twice as much as most sets) in complete 1080 hi-def.  The 73-inch set still doesn't have a price o...


iLuv 3G iPhone Case (Model# iCC72) Review

As an iPhone owner, I have plenty of choices when it comes to cases and accessories.  There are many companies out there vying for your undervalued American dollar.  To shed some light on what's cool and why, before you buy, I ...
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Car Charger with 4 USB Ports and 1 Cigarette Socket Review

If you travel in your car, you probably take an MP3 digital music player (such as an iPod), a personal digital assistant (PDA), and a mobile phone (such as an iPhone) wherever you go. The biggest problem with relying on so many...

Sony Rolly SEP-50BT Robot Now With Bluetooth Remote Control

Sony updated their original Rolly to include Bluetooth remote control functionality. Now you can use your bluetooth enabled cell phone or PC to control the dancing, light-flashing, MP3-thumping robot. Just think of the possibil...


Get These Mother Fing Snakes Of This Mother Fing Hot Chick

Here's a little thanks to one of our sponsor, although I'm not sure my preface serves as one: For some reason the makers of "Anaconda" 1 and 2 didn't get the memo about how horribly bad the movies were.  In light of the void in...

Guitar Hero World Tour Ad Stars Big Sports Celebs In White Socks

Activision is pulling out all the punches for their latest release, Guitar Hero World Tour.  They've hired a whole gaggle of sports celebs to star in a commercial that bites off the 1980s movie, Risky Business.  The games in st...

Netflix Streaming On Macs Limited To A Small Set Of Users, We Won’t See It Until End Of Year

Hohum.  Looks like that Netflix streaming on a Mac I reported on yesterday was a bit of tease.  According to the Netflix blog they're: "testing it with a small percentage of new Netflix members so that we can conduct a thorough...

Cell Phones

Android Market Officially Open to Devs

The Android Market is now officially open to devs only. This gives them the opportunity to unleash their apps to the rest of the world without a big brother breathing down their backs. It'll be interesting to see the influx of ...

Phlips Launches The GoGear LUXE, A Bluetooth Enabled 2GB MP3 Player

Before you roll your eyes at what seems like another MP3 player I urge you to read on.  Ok, maybe to urge is a bit overstated, but the GoGear LUXE from Philips is slightly unique.  The pricey 2GB MP3 player ($95) includes built...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Bold 9000 Now On Sale At Best Buy

Many of  you hoped for it.  Many of you waited for it.  And now finally many of you can purchase the Blackberry Bold 9000 at Best Buy.  It's available at their website, but unfortunately it's already back ordered.   I checked i...