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Laptop Mag Reviews The Samsung NC10 Netbook

Wow, that was quick.  Course, they ended up reviewing a Korean Samsung NC10.  But I can't imagine any massive changes when it officially arrives in the US with the exception of the keyboard and OS. Pros: 93% full sized keyboard...
Home Theater

Iomega’s ScreenPlay Pro Hard Drive Is Almost A Media Center

Sweet Mary!  I love the sound of Iomega's latest network storage drive, the ScreenPlay Pro.  Sure, it's branded as a hard drive, but it does so much more.  For one, it connects to your TV via HDMI, component or composite.  Two,...

Connect Your Plant To Twitter

I've probably murdered a good 5 or 6 plants in my lifetime.  I have no clue when to water them.  My guess is that I just saturated them with H20 until they couldn't breath, or didn't provide enough water for them to live.  This...


Super Talent Dresses Up Chest Hair With Gold 8GB Flash Drive

Say what?!?!  Super Talent will release a $600, 8GB USB flash drive finished in 18k Gold that could ostensibly pass for a real piece of jewelry.  Granted, you'll need some serious chest hair and 3 buttons down to pull it off.  ...
SmartGauge(TM) with EcoGuide

Ford Shows Off New HUD: SmartGuage + EcoGuide UI With Dual LCDs

Recently we saw the Kiwi Driving Tool that immerses the driver in an Eco like game to promote fuel efficient driving.  Ford is going full featured and embedding a similar, but much more robust system in their Ford Fusion and Me...
Cell Phones

Softbank Set To Launch An HD TouchScreen Phone: Sharp Aquos Fulltouch 931SH

Mind boggling as it might be, Sharp's latest phone, the Fulltouch931SH is sporting a resolution equivalent to some Netbooks: 1024x480.  This mass amount of pixel craziness is packed into a 3.8-inch LCD, displays 26 million colo...

Cell Phones

Sprint Family Locator Service Now Only $5/month

Sprint dropped the price on their GPS-based Family Locator service from $10/month to $5. This service allows parents to login to their web enabled phone or PC and track their kid's phone on an interactive, real-time map. Parent...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Storm Launch Party (L.A)

I'm just getting back from the Blackberry Storm Launch Party here in LA.  Getting in was a breeze.  I just texted a 5 digiit smart code and later showed the SMS at the door for entry.  Unfortunately, I wasn't offered any VIP or...

Netflix To Stream Content Through TiVo

It seems Netflix is trying to stream their way into every electronic nook and cranny. This time they're offering the 'Watch Instantly' service through Tivo's series 3, HD, and HD XL units. If you're a lucky subscriber to both, ...

Cell Phones

Garmin Nuvifone Gets A Launch Date, Sort Of

After two delays of the long awaited and teased Garmin smartphone, the Nuvifone, it looks like we'll see it some time in the first half of 2009.  Garmin firmed this up by stating that they've signed letters of intent with "carr...

HP Mini 1000 Specs, Price And Availability Get Real

This past weekend HP slipped up and inadvertently placedn a HP Mini 1000 teaser ad on their shopping home page.  Today, they officially unveiled all it's specs, pricing and availability. So what are we looking at?  There will b...
Cell Phones

AT&T Hooks Up iPhone Users With Free WiFi…Finally

I think it was like a year ago when AT&T said they'd provide free WiFi at all Hotspot locations for iPhone owners.  Then they reneged on the offer and pissed off a lot of people, including me.  Looks like they're finally ma...
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