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Alienware Area-51 750i: An Affordable High End Gaming Rig

In a move that has shocked the PC gaming world, Alienware has added a relatively affordable rig with all the stylings of their high end models.  Starting at $1,050 you can pick up the Area-51 750i for $1,049, which includes a 3...

Auto Star Gazing Comes Home With The ETX-LS Telescope

Meades Instruments is set to introduce a telescope that will bring the most advanced features of star gazing to the amateur, all in a palatable and easy to use format. Setting up and calibrating the ETX-LS telescope is as simpl...
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Hercules Launches XPS 2.1 50 Computer Speaker System

It's a struggle to find a pair of stylish computer speakers that sound good.  If Hercules' holds true to their claim 'of great sound' then the quest is over.  Total power output for the XPS system is 32 watts - 8 watts per spea...


Logitech Gets More Mac Friendly With The diNovo, Mac Edition Keyboard

Logitech announced their latest keyboard yesterday, the diNovo Keyboard, Mac Edition.  The slim (.87") profiled keyboard packs in 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity and somehow accomplishes an amazing 3 year battery life.  Much like ...
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LG Prada II Availability Date Announced

The LG Prada II, which is less of an iteration and more a copy of the first Prada phone, will hit stores shelves in the EU come Tuesday, November 13th. LG plans to kick things off with some sort of swanky event in downtown Lond...
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Gadget Rumor: iPhone To Hit Costco Stores for $150

Yeah, right!  I have a hard time believing this rumor.  The source?  Global Equities Research founder Trip Chowdhry.  The speculation, which says the iPhone will be available in Costco stores for $149 in January of next year, h...

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Nokia Makes The E63 Official With Price & Launch Window

The Nokia E63 has finally gotten 'Nokia official'. Yesterday they issued a press release detailing the E63 existence, but made really no serious design changes to separate it from the E71. So what's different about the E63 over...

S1 Audio ‘NxSet -Music1′ Headphones: What Are They?

The 'NxSET -Music1' from S1 looks more like a brain control apparatus for a prison camp than a pair of headphones, but that's exactly what it is. Say what?! This Jody Laford looking device takes the place of a pair of headphone...

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Laptop Ships Early December

Dell officially launched their Inspiron Mini 12 laptop today, the big brother of the Mini 9. You can choose between 3 different configs, or mod it to suit your own taste. Starting at $549 expect a 1.33Ghz Intel Atom Processor Z...


Meet Japan’s NEC Bot Payment Terminal: Cough Up Please!

Although presently just a prototype presented at the 2008 IExpo Trade Show in Tokyo earlier this year, this new payment terminal modeled after a life-size android has been developed in response to the fast growing practice of p...

Moshi IVR Voice-Activated Alarm Clock: Attention Please!

Innovative alarm clocks are not that common although ones offering all sorts of gimmicks have flooded the market. The Moshi IVR clock is cool, new, stylish and completely voice activated! Just talk to it and you will see. The M...
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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Xl Will be Pricey

Available the day after Thanksgiving, Sony Ericsson’s touch-screen phone, the Xperia Xl, will most likely be used on A T &T’s network. It may prove to be a tough sell at the price of $800 smackeroos. With Apple’s iPhone cos...