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Vibrating Toilet Seat: Is Toilet Paper With an Attitude Next?

Johnny Henry of Laurel, Mississippi has developed a prototype of a Vibrating Toilet Seat that is designed to “stimulate and make you feel good while you are there.” Probably easier than filling our stomachs with bran and all th...
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Gadget Review: R/C Alien Microfly UFO

You gotta love toys you can just pick up and play with. The instructions - what instructions! The R/C Alien Microfly UFO is no more then a balance weight, box cutter knifed Styrofoam and propeller. So, ya, my initial reaction w...
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Aurora LED Pool Table

Talk about pimp! Only available in Britain this extravagant LED pool table is sure to be the talk of your next crumpet party. It also doubles as a dining or card table top so you can jam it in your flat like that! Provided you'...

Home Theater

ButtKicker: A Wireless Home Theater Rumble Pack

If strategically placing your 12-inch powered sub to provide a couch shaking home movie theater experience isn't enough then you'll want one of these, the ButtKicker.  Today its maker, The Guitammer Company, announced an all ne...

Gateway Intros Two New FX Gaming Rigs: The FX6800-01e & FX6800-05

Gateway introduced two new gaming rigs today: the FX6800-01e and FX6800-05. Both computers feature Intel's latest chip, the Core i7. The  Gateway FX6800-01e includes a 2.66 GHZ Core i7 processor (automatically accelerating to 2...

The Lunar Baby Thermometer Is Function Dictates Form

Since the dawn of time Moms and Dads have been using the good old 'hand to the forehead' method for determining if the child is breaking a fever.  Unfortunately, the method is far from accurate unless you had one of these, the ...


Brando USB Carabiner Flash Drive

We've seen flash drives in a variety of forms before, but none in the shape of climbing gear.  Ok, so the carabiner is no longer synonymous with mountaineers, but cars and house keys.  So instead of hooking the flash drive to y...
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Incase PowerSlider: Protect & Power The iPhone

Incase launched the Power Slider for the iPhone 3G today.  What is it?  A case that both protects the iPhone and more than doubles (220%) the phone's battery life.  Thank to Incase's innovative design there's no need to remove ...

OLPC Partnering With In XO Laptop Relaunch

The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO laptop program relaunched for the second time with taking care of the ordering and distribution. As of now you can order the amazing XO laptop through the Give 1, Get 1 program for ...

Cell Phones

Gadget Porn: AT&T HTC Fuze Unboxing

I've never done an 'unboxing' post before, but here goes.  I only snapped a few pics.  Expect a complete review in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  First I need to score a compatible SIM card from AT&T since my EDGE iPhone's data pl...
Cell Phones

iRiver Launches The Wave & Announces Release Date

iRiver has plans to compete with the iPhone, albeit in the Korean Market. Early next year, the company will launch the Wave, a cell phone complete with PMP functionality.  It will sport a 3-inch 480x272 touchscreen, 4GB of inte...

The DanBall Finger Massager Promotes Good Health, But Will Make Your Bank Account Sick

Did you know that a finger massage "has been linked to an improvement in the immune system and relief from insomnia, headaches, and irritability"? Well, one company thinks so highly of the practice that they're willing to sell ...