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Netflix To Stream HD Content To Your Xbox 360

Netflix is set to deliver HD content (with 300 initial titles) to your Xbox 360 via the NXE interface. In a strange twist, it'll actually be the very first to feature HD streaming, even trumping their own Roku player. The New X...
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The Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler: Just Because (video)

I saw the Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler earlier today and had some reservations writing about it, that is until I saw the commercial (click through to get the video).  No mystery here.  It's a cooler that can be stuffed wit...

Gadget Giveaway: Win A Vuzix iWear AV920 Head Set

In light of the new look (yes, we launched a new design) here at GadgetReview we're giving away a Vuzix iWear AV920 head set! It plugs into a variety of video sources (no Touch or iPhone, though) and provides the equivalent of ...
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Leaked Gadgets: Dell Pharos Traveler 117 and 127 SmartPhones

Due to a website mishap - some more sap pushed the wrong images or something  - Dell leaked a new line of Pharos branded smartphones. The Traveller 117 and 127, which will be made by Inventec, will rock 7.2Mbps HSDPA, GPS, Wind...

BF Evergreen Offers Laptop Sans Keyboard And USB 2.0

I'm not sure where to begin with BF Evergreen's latest 'laptop', the 7010A.  The 7-inch touchscreen (800x480) device is more PocketPC than laptop and doesn't even feature a USB 2.0 port and instead opts for 1.1.  It's got a Sam...

Sanyo Set To Intro HNV-M70 7-Inch Photo Frame With E-Mail, RSS, & WiFi

Sanyo intro'd their 7-inch LCD photo frame with built-in WiFi and email capabilitiies, today.  The HNV-M70 isn't ground breaking by any account, but offers a full suite of features, such as the ability to display photos sent to...


Duracell Gets In On The Flash Memory Biz

When you checkout at at grocery stores there's a few impulse items strategically placed at an arms length.  If you ever take notice, one of those items are usually batteries.  Duracell, the Cooper Top battery maker is looking t...

Killacycle Breaks It’s Own Speed & Time Record…Again (video)

I don't know if you guys remember, but the Killacycle (an all electric motorcycle) broke on the scene last year when it's owner crashed it outside of the Wired Nextfest here in LA (you can see it after the 'leap').  In the end ...
Cell Phones

Portable Cell Phone Jammer Is Just What The Auteur Ordered

Too many times I've had some deuce bag sitting within ear range in the movie theater answer his cell phone mid movie.  Come on now!  I'm all for 'staying in touch' but during a movie?  No longer, thanks to the Portable Phone Ja...

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A Martini Maker Even James Bond Would Be Jealous Of

It's said that the perfect martini is all in the way it's made.  Shake it too much or over stir the drink and you'll sour the flavor.  The Perfect Martini Maker does it all for you.  Just add the ingredients using the included ...

Mitsubishi Starts Shipping 3D LaserVue TVs

Mitsubishi is finally shipping one of two of their LaserVue TVs.  The 65-incher is going for $7,000 and produces stunning color (twice as much as most sets) in complete 1080 hi-def.  The 73-inch set still doesn't have a price o...

iLuv 3G iPhone Case (Model# iCC72) Review

As an iPhone owner, I have plenty of choices when it comes to cases and accessories.  There are many companies out there vying for your undervalued American dollar.  To shed some light on what's cool and why, before you buy, I ...