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Nintendo DSi Reviewed At

The lucky blokes from got their grubby little hands on the dual-screen Nintendo DSi. So what did they think? Judging by their glowing review, I think they rather liked it. The notable feature is the new digital distri...
Cell Phones

Nokia Gets Egregious With The Vertu Constellation Diamond Phone

Ok, listen Nokia, or Vertu - whatever you're calling yourself these days - stop rereleasling old phones and dubbing them 'new' by simply adding a diamond here, or a gold finish there.  I'm glad you have an uber expensive line o...

Line 6 Back Track + Mic Is An Ispiration Tool For Guitarists

There has been countless times when I have been "noodling" on my guitar, yah know, playing but not really paying attention, and I write a stellar riff. And many times that moment has come and gone, and I don't even remember how...


Wrist Light: Rave Gadget Or Handyman Tool, You Choose

The Wrist Light is one of those things that looks good 'on paper' but in actual practice is probably torture to wear.  Embedded in the clear, snap on bracelet are 4 LED lights powered by a button sized battery.  Just switch it ...
Home Theater

Yamaha RX-Z7 Home Theater Receiver Does Rhapsody, Internet Radio & More

Yahama's latest receiver, the RX-Z7, is all that and a bag of chips.  What the hell am I talking about?  The $2,600 receiver decodes all the latest codecs and features all the latest inputs, but unlike many of today's receivers...

GPS SIM Cards Could Make Your Gen 1 iPhone GPS Enabled

Still regretting the Gen 1 iPhone for lack of GPS? Soon your regrets maybe no longer. A telephony electronics company called Sagem, and GPS experts Bluesky have teamed up to produced a SIM card embedded with GPS. The details ar...

Cell Phones

WeSC Releases Special Edition Nokia Headphones

Don't get me wrong, I love me some cool clothing, but the last thing I'm gonna do is buy a pair of matching headphones.  Contrary to my beliefs, though, WeSC and Nokia have teamed up to produce an exclusive range of headphones ...

Blackbird Guitars Release The Rider Nylon String

The San Francisco based luthiers at Blackbird Guitars have taken it upon themselves to craft the ultimate travel guitar they call the Rider. Perhaps in homage to the classic Doors song "Riders on the Storm?" Seemingly fitting I...

Digifriends & Nextwave Get Into Bed, Make M3 MID

MID devices are on the rise and there to capture the hot market is a partnership between Korea-based Digifriends and Nextwave.  I've never heard of either company, but their M3 MID doesn't look too shabby. At its core is Intel'...


Gadgets At A Glance: I-Dog Soft Speaker

What is it: A soft, fuzzy version of the original plasticky I-Dog speaker Features: Blinking LED lights and wagging ears synced to your favorite iPod tunes. Cover it with warm, fuzzy iFur and you get an irresistible little pet ...

Microsoft Zune Price Drop On 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Models

According to reports, Microsoft is dropping the price of their Zune portable media player just in time for the holidays: 4GB Zune $99 (reduced $30), 8GB $139 (reduced $10), and the 16GB $179 (reduced $20). These prices should g...

Apple Is Now Shipping Their 24-inch LED Cinema Display

If you ordered Apple latest display, the 24-inch LED Cinema Display, you can expect it to ship in the next 7-10 days.  In the event you haven't ordered it, or don't know jack about it you'll be glad to hear that it's specifical...