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Acer Announces K10 Pocket Projector: Special or No?

Pocket projectors are plentiful on the market today and Acer is the newest company to add one more to the ever-growing pool. The K10 is a bit more box-shaped than the Optoma Pico and the Toshiba pocket projector, and is expecte...

SmartScan Deadbolt: The Most Tasteful Finger Printer Reading Door Lock

Pardon me for saying so, but biometrics door locks are often ugly and attract unwanted attention. SmartScan with taste for miles, has jammed a finger print reader into an unassuming deadbolt lock. Just slide your finger under t...
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Gadgets At A Glance: The Kogan Agora Android Phone

What is it: The Kogan Agora is the next Google Android phone that sorta, kinda looks like a blackjack Features: Qwerty keyboard, GPS, Wi-Fi, camera, microSD, 320x240 touchscreen, blah, blah, the usual stuff. But it is an Androi...
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God Father USB Flash Drive, Just Because

The Bruce Lee Nokia N96 just wouldn't be complete without the addition of the Godfather USB drive.  The Flash Drives will comes in 1GB to 8GB sizes, include still pictures and quotes from the movies, and come finished with eith...
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One Cryptic Ass Clock: The Time Cube

Looking like a prop from the movie 'Dark City', this cube adorned with numbers is in fact a clock.  It's actually only a cube for two minutes of the day, midnight and noon.  I'm not really sure how you read it, but it sure woul...
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iPhone Apps

Top 10 iPhone Apps – Free And Paid – Of 2008

Wondering what the top 10 iTunes apps - paid and free - for 2008 are? Here you go: Top 10 Paid Apps Koi Pond Texas Hold’em Moto Chaser Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d Super Monkey Ball Cro-Mag Rally Enigmo Pocket Guitar Recorder...


Sniper Detection System: SWAT

I love me some sniper action in COD4 (I'm still waiting on my copy of COD5).  The reality, though, is that snipers are ultra deadly on the battlefield and for lack of better words they have proved a significant nuisance in Iraq...

Dr. Dre Launches ‘Beats’ In Ear Headphones, Claims Tangle Free Cord

It looks like Dr. Dre and Monster aren't willing to give up on their co-branded headphone effort.  Following the little to no hype of the 'over the ear' Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, the rap artist cum producer has launched a pa...
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Mini iPhone Appears On eBay

What's better than an iPhone?  No, not a Blackberry Storm.  A mini iPhone of course!  An eBay seller is trying to pass this crap-gadget as a mini iPhone.  Bidding starts at $1000.  I'm guessing it's a Photoshop job. Update: Loo...


MSI EX300 Laptops Now Available For Purchase In The US

MSI Computer released the EX300 Notebook here in the US, today.  The 4.5lbs machine sports a 2Ghz Intel Core2 Duo Mobile Processor P7350 and Intel PM45 + ICH9-M Express Chipset.  It's backed by a ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450 with...

Denon Still Believe In DVD and Super CD Audio, Rolls Out The DVD-A1UD

SACD and DVD audio lasted about as long as a prom dress stays on in style.  Denon, the little audio company that could, still believes in the tech and if you've got a library of super audio CDs and/or DVD audio, and mind you ca...
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Peek Handheld On Sale, Today Only For $50

Perhaps you miss the days of Blackberry handsets that were email only?  Or maybe you just want an email device so you can stay in the know during business school exams and other sorted affairs that are sure to transpire during ...