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Mini Coyote: A Peer-To-Peer Speed Trap Detector

I'm all in favor of the red light and speed cameras, that is if they save lives.  The ones that juice the system and rip off hard working citizens should be abolished.  Since those convicted of these erroneous crimes don't seem...

New Internet Connected GPS In Town: The Telenav Shotgun

Much like the Dash Express GPS, the new Telenav Shotgun uses cell phone signal technology for Internet connectivity. This means you can do a host of Internet related activities right on your unit, including web searches, real t...

V-Moda Unleashes The Vibe II Headphones, Shows Off Funk Within

All I can say is that I hope that V-moda's latest incarnation of their Vibe headphones, the Vibe II, aren't a reflection of their sound quality, because they sure are fugly.  Falling some where in between gimmick and high end, ...

Green Energy

MSolar: Solar Power In A Suitcase

Here's one item I never thought to include in my 'emergency earth quake' pack, the MSolar suit case. The solar charging device comes in 3 different outputs and can provide up to 100W of power after a 10 hour charge. God forbid ...
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South Korean Engineers Greatly Improve Lithium Battery Life

South Korean engineers have found a way to greatly increase the life of lithium batteries by replacing graphite with 3-D porous silicon particles as the main material. They claim devices using these batteries can last up to 8x ...
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Vornado TVH 600: A Touchscreen Space Heater

Tis the year of the touchscreen and hence the Vornado TVH 600. This compact single room heater is apparently the smallest in its class and includes not only touchscreen control, but a remote with a built-in thermostat that wire...

Cell Phones

Gadget Porn: Hands On With AT&T’s HTC Fuze (video)

So the AT&T HTC Fuze just officially hit yesterday.  Some how Michael Manna of T4Show managed to score a hands own with the device and has taken the time to do a video walk through set to the beats of the 70s (I''m not joki...
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Nokia E63 Gets A Bit More Official

In an unprecedented move, Nokia has begun shipping test units of their rumored E63 sans official packaging.  If you recall, it's pretty much the same phone as the E71 with the exception of an tiny space key and red finish.  Bes...

Optoma Finally Announces Pocket Sized Pico Projector Launch Date

After months of anticipation, Optoma has made the launch date of their Pico projector official. But as with all things 'wanted', there's a catch. The 'world's smallest projector' will be available for preorder December 1st in J...


Callpod Intros ‘The Drone’ Bluetooth USB Adapter With 100 Meter Range

For the most part 'The Drone's' abilities are apparent.  You stick the Bluetooth USB adapter into your computer and you'll be able to channel VoIP calls and music to any compatible Bluetooth headset.  What makes it different is...
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Gadget Rumor: iPhone 2.2 Firmware Release Date?

Nothing is confirmed, but according to rumors circulating in the blogosphere we can expect the iPhone 2.2 firmware update in 10 days, November 21st to be exact. We've already seen a few of the updates, but what else can we expe...

The Intel Classmate Netvertible: Getting Kids Online

Similar to the One Laptop Per Child Program of a little while ago, Intel's Classmate Program is offering a super-cheap Classmate ‘Netbook’ designed to provide educators with an inexpensive platform that will get kids online and...