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Pharos Finally Unveils Already Leaked Traveler 117 & 127 Smartphones

Two weeks back Dell's website leaked Pharos latest handsets, the Traveler 117 and 127. Well my friends, here they are in all their glory, or lack there of. There's not a ton of tidbits to salivate over, but they both look to be...

Eye-Fi Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With 4GB WiFi SD Card

To celebrate Eye-Fi's one year anniversary, the company has launched a limited edition SD card that doubles the original's capacity from 2GB to 4GB. The new WiFi SD card sports the same great wireless function we've all come to...
Cell Phones

Nokia Cares: ClarityLife C900 Handset For The Elderly

No one wants to grow old but when you consider the alternative, it is the only path for all self-respecting flesh to go. Read on about Nokia, a company that celebrates the elderly with their wonderful new handset, the Clarity L...


Apple’s In-Ear Headphones: New and Cool

The new Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic are engineered for superior acoustic accuracy, balance, and clarity. In addition to the promise of delivering a truly immersive sound experience, the even better news is their...

Toshiba’s Wireless USB DynaDock: An Advanced Docking Solution

Toshiba’s latest Wireless USB DynaDock is an advanced docking solution with a high performance video controller built-in. Powered by an Aleron AL5000 chipset that meets the world-wide regulatory requirement, this Dyna Dock is a...

Flip Video HD Mino, World’s Smallest HD Camcorder!

San Francisco based Pure Digital, the makers of the wildly popular Flip Video Mino Camcorders announced today that they are releasing the smallest HD camcorder known to earth, the HD Mino. Boasting a weight of only 3 ounces, th...


Gadgets At A Glance: Audiovox AR5100 iPod Boombox

What is it: A 3-inch thick iPod dock with speakers Features: Horn loaded tweeters, ported subwoofer enclosure, premium audio crossovers, touch sensitive backlit controls, and video out Availability: 12/2008 Price: $200 [Gearlog]
Cell Phones

Gadget Leak: Blackberry Storm Launch Date & Price Get Official

If you haven't bought an iPhone or Bold by now chances are you're holding out for the Blackberry Storm. Soon my friend the wait shall be over.  By way of leaked documents, the Blackberry Storm will hit store shelves on 11/24 fo...

Mini Coyote: A Peer-To-Peer Speed Trap Detector

I'm all in favor of the red light and speed cameras, that is if they save lives.  The ones that juice the system and rip off hard working citizens should be abolished.  Since those convicted of these erroneous crimes don't seem...


New Internet Connected GPS In Town: The Telenav Shotgun

Much like the Dash Express GPS, the new Telenav Shotgun uses cell phone signal technology for Internet connectivity. This means you can do a host of Internet related activities right on your unit, including web searches, real t...

V-Moda Unleashes The Vibe II Headphones, Shows Off Funk Within

All I can say is that I hope that V-moda's latest incarnation of their Vibe headphones, the Vibe II, aren't a reflection of their sound quality, because they sure are fugly.  Falling some where in between gimmick and high end, ...
Green Energy

MSolar: Solar Power In A Suitcase

Here's one item I never thought to include in my 'emergency earth quake' pack, the MSolar suit case. The solar charging device comes in 3 different outputs and can provide up to 100W of power after a 10 hour charge. God forbid ...
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