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Gadget Porn: Video Walk Through Of Verizon’s Samsung Omnia (video)

Mobile Burn got their hands on the just released Samsung Omni from Verizon Wireless and they've been kind enough to do a video walk through.  The first thing I noticed was the antiquated stylus, which attaches to the Omnia via ...

Wrap Up Tripod Camera Case

Accessories for your camera are great and all, but carrying them around can be a drag.  This camera case from Firebox does double duty as both a case and a mini tripod.  Sure, it won't replace a stand alone tripod, but for scen...

Daybed: A Laptop Chair That Won’t Wreck Your Back

Merging James Bond elegance and the similar stylings of the Herman Miller Embody chair, the Daybed from Mauelsaez is designed to provide an ultra comfortable working environment with a touch of opulence.  It looks like Humansca...

Cell Phones

Nokia Launches The 6260 Slide Cell Phone

Nokia launched their 6260 Slide today, which is basically a modded version of the 6220 Classic.  It's running on the S40 platform and includes A-GPS, quad-band edge on top of 3G, WiFi, 200MB internal memory expandable by microS...

Portable Voice Changer

Add a ransom note to the mix and you'll be a full fledge kidnapper. In all seriousness, the portable voice changer achieves 8 different pitches and runs on the junk drawer allusive 9V battery. I'm sure there's a practical appli...

Kenwood Adds An iPod Boombox: The CR-iP500

If you're thinking 'oh great, just another iPod boombox', don't worry I am too (sorry, I wish I had some way of quelling your disappointment).  The Kenwood CR-iP500 is a bit more elegant than your standard piece of iPod kit, th...


Nintendo Announces Special Edition Black Friday DS Bundles: Mario Red & Ice Blue

In anticipation of Black Friday, Nintendo plans to launch two special edition Nintendo DS bundles on the craziest shopping day of the year.  The Mario Red Nintendo DS will includes a red system emblazoned with an 'M' and a copy...
Home Theater

Blockbuster MediaPoint Digital Media Player Available Now

The Blockbuster MediaPoint Digital Media Player, developed by 2Wire, is available now for your viewing pleasure. As we reported earlier, Blockbuster's new set top box allows you to download and view their huge library of media ...

Gadget Rumor: Amazon Kindle 2 Available Q1 2009?

According to rumors, the successor to the Amazon Kindle is expected to arrive Q1 of 2009. The Amazon Kindle 2 looks to have smoother edges and rounded buttons on the QWERTY keyboard. It also has smaller page-turn buttons, joyst...

Cell Phones

Verizon’s Samsung Omnia Launch Date And Pricing Announced

As leaked, the Samsung Omnia will hit Verizon Wireless on November 26th.  At first it will only be available online and via their business channel, but come December 8th you'll be able to experience all the glory the Omnia has ...
Cell Phones

Gadget Leak: Motorola Atila Is A Real Handset, Not a Hun

Although still under development, it looks like the secret is out and this new addition from Motorola is about to make its entrance, albeit not as violently as its namesake who used to be a barbarian. This all-touch screen hand...
High Def

DLO Home Dock HD Pro: The World’s First Upscaling iPod Dock

Does this dock really transform iPod movies into HD video? Its price tag of $399 seems high enough for it to deliver as promised, but the question is, will it? By plugging your iPod into this DLO Home Dock HD Pro, your video is...