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Sony Rolls Out A New Walkman Phone: The Xmini

The details are a bit scarce, but KDDI of Japan just released a new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone called the Xmini. Aside from its somewhat flamboyant color scheme there's nothing too exciting about this phone. Features: 1.8-inch...

DVR-BF2000: Mitsubishi’s DVR With Built-in Blu-ray Burner

Mitsubishi just released their DVR-BF2000, a DVR capable of burning recorded content directly to Blu-ray or DVD.  It features a 500GB hard drive, dual tuners, SD card slot, and the ability to automatically edit out commercials....
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Video Of China’s First Android Phone, The QiGi i6, Appears (video)

So the World's largest population is set to get an Android injected smartphone.  Many of you were probably left wondering what it would look like and is it the real deal.  Wonder no more, for there is video of the Qigi i6 just ...


Unwire Your iPod With The Audioengine AW2

Hold on to your hat, because Audioengine is about to knock it off with the AW2.  The just released, handy little device plugs directly into your iPod (should work with the iPhone but you might experience some GSM annoyance), is...
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Gadget Rumor: Nokia’s Full Touchscreen Phone For 2009

Is this a slated touchscreen phone for 2009 from the Finish cell phone maker, Nokia?  I'd say 'no', but if anything it provides some clues, if not queues, to where they plan to go with their handsets and UI.  For the record, th...

iStik Adds 4G iPod Nano Case That You Can Stick Anywhere

Remember the unique iStik case for gen 2 and 3 iPod Nanos? Well, the company is back and they've got a new version for the 4G iPod Nano (notably, the original pic, just below, showed a 4G iPod). In case you forget, the iStik ca...

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Sony Ericsson’s ‘Kate’ Becomes The C510

Sony Ericsson's 'Kate' has finally received an official moniker: C510.  Specs include Cybershot UI 2.0, 3.2MP camera, 120MB built-in memory and expansion slot, face detect, some sort of photo light and a 2.2-inch QVGA screen. N...
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The UK Scores The World’s First ‘Pay As You Go’ iPhone

The UK just received the World's first 'pay as you go' iPhone.  Available on 02, the 8GB version costs £342.50 ($500 US), while the 16GB costs £391.45 ($575 US).  Both prices will put a significant dent in your bank account, bu...

Anti-Gravity Remote Controlled Car Sticks To Walls (video)

What's better than an RC car?  An RC car that defies gravity.  Sounds crazy, I know, but it ain't no joke. This little RC vehicle uses a internal vacuum to adhere itself to the wall and in turn doubles, or perhaps triples your ...


JVC: We’ve Got The Biggest Hi-Def Display In NYC’s Times Square

JVC just scored some bragging rights (they sure as hell ain't doing it any time soon with their products).  The consumer electronics manufacturer says they now run the first true 720p hi-def display in New York's Times Square. ...
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Awethumbs: Orthopedic Shoes For Your PDA Finger (video)

Don't get me wrong, I definitely struggle, albeit at times, to formulate a message via my iPhone's touchscreen. But would I carry a device, let alone, use a device to improve my typing accuracy? Sure, if I could affix it to the...

Axiotron Updates The Modbook For 2009

Axiotron, the folks that brought us a Macbook in the form of a touchscreen tablet, has updated their Modbook for 2009.  Apple's OS X now runs more smoothly, longer battery life, a more efficient sleep mode and full Bluetooth fo...