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Official: Playstation Home Release Date (video)

Wait no longer, because Playstation Home will launch tomorrow, December 11th. 'Home' will be a free and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB. Initially you can expect virtual...

Buffalo LS-WSS240GL/R1: Solid State Drives In A Mini NAS

Remember Buffalo's Mini Linkstation NAS?  Yeah, the one that fit in the palm of a hand.  The company has now upgraded the drive to include dueling 120GB solid state drives.  As a result, the LS-WSS240GL/R1 emits just 2.3db of n...

One Laptop Per Child Commercials Will Surely Offend. Deal With It (video)

One Laptop Per Child just rolled out a new commercial that is beyond crazy. I'm not saying it's bad, but it depicts children in what are presumably 3rd World countries learning to use guns or sell their bodies. The whole point ...
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Logitech Unveils The G13 Gameboard With Built-in Analog Stick

Logitech unveiled their latest gameboard today, the G13. Sitting some where between a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard and G9 gaming mouse, the G13 incorporates 25 programmable keys and analog stick, which some how equates to '87 w...

HP To Offer The Sonata Battery In Laptops, Holds Charge For 3 Years

HP is to offer the Sonata battery (re-branded as the HP Enviro battery) in their 2009 laptops. Developed by Boston-Power, the Sonata battery can sustain 1,000 charges before degrading in capacity. Combined with HP's 3 year warr...

It’s Official: Playstation Home To Launch This Month

Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed the rumors that Playstation Home will be launching later this month. Playstation Home, Sony's answer to Xbox Live, features a graphical virtual world where users can own a customiza...

Cell Phones

LG Shows Off Early Stage LTE Technology, Achieves 60Mbps Download

LG announced today that they're the first handset maker to independently produce a modem chip based on Long Term Evolution (LTE), the next and best in Internet connectivity when it comes to cell phones.  Spec'd at supporting up...

DirecTV Officially Cancels The HDCP-20

Bated breaths no more. 3 years in development and with nothing to show DirecTV has canceled the HDPC-20, a tuner that was designed to integrate the satellite service with Windows Media Center. As stated by a company spokesperso...

Jabra Releases Two New Headsets: M5390 & BT530 USB

It looks like the Bluetooth headset market has piqued. or at least is the case for Jabra.  Today they released two new Bluetooth headsets, the BT530 and M5390 (pictured above), which aren't bad looking, but are pretty unremarka...

Cell Phones

Blackberry Makes The Curve 8900 Official In UK. US Release?

Originally codenamed the 'Javelin', Blackberry officially unveiled the Curve 8900 in the UK today. The Curve is very similar to the Bold, but sports a small footprint, and a high rez camera (3.2MP vs 2MP).  It's a quad-band GSM...

Flashing Dry Erase Memo Board

In today's technology focused World, if it's not beeping or arriving in an inbox most people will ignore it.  Merging some of the old with a bit of the new is the Flashing Dry Erase Memo board.  Just write your message and flip...

Novatel Intros The ‘Mifi’, A Hotspot Sharing Router

Novatel unveiled the MiFi today, a router that allows you to share your 3G hotspot. The details, well, seem to be lacking, but much like the Huawei D100 Router it connects to your 3G hot spot connection and distributes the band...