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Gadget Rumor: The New Mac Mini

According to reports, a new Mac Mini will be announced on January 5, 2009 at Macworld 2009. This popular little desktop hasn't been refreshed since August 2007 so it's definitely due for an upgrade. According to these...

GTA 4 DLC “Official Trailer” for Xbox 360

If you are like me, and haven't finished GTA 4 yet, you'd better get on it. Well OK, you've got two months, but since this has been one of the best gaming holiday seasons in several years, we'll see how far that gets you. Febru...

Cowon’s S9 Curve Finally Gets A US Release Date

Enough already! This is the last time I'm posting release info about Cowon's S9. So when is the US release date for the S9? December 19th, 2008. The 8GB will cost $200 and the 16GB will cost $240. I'd expect Amazon and all the ...


Sega Genesis Bag

I'm not saying I'd buy this bag, let alone carry around this type of bag, but it's a trip down memory lane.  Besides, who can knock the Sega Genesis, which I remind you came with 'Altered Beast', the most badass game of its tim...

Viewsonic Rolls Out The VT2430, A 24-inch LCD TV

There's nothing ground breaking about Viewsonic's latest, but at least you'll enjoy movies on its 16:9 aspect ratio.  Other features includes a 1920x1080 resolution, 5ms response time, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, built-in ...

Tweeter Finally Shuts Down, Shafts Employees And Customers

I don't know if you remember Tweeter, but I do, because I used to work there. The company has been in financial trouble for something like two years and after closing endless stores and downsizing, they finally conceded defeat ...


Apple OS X 10.5.6 Update Now Available

Over the weekend, actually just before, rumors emerged that the latest installment of 10.5 would be available.  The weekend came and went (as did a few cold ones, if you know what I'm saying) and no update emerged.  Today I fir...

Gadget Rumor: iPhone Nano Leaked By A Protective Case?

The footprint of the iPhone Nano may have been leaked by a XSKN protective case from China. Judging by the case pics we can infer that the new iPhone Nano will be 20 percent shorter than the iPhone, slightly narrower, and taper...

Kodak OLED 7.6-inch Photo Frame Now Available For Purchase

Buy one of these and you're the epitome of 'early adopter'.  Sure it will cost $1,000, the cost of some big screen LCD TVs, but you can endlessly bask in all the OLED glory you've come to afford.  Specs have pretty much remaine...


TEAC Brings Another Over Stated iPod Dock To The Market: The ITB1000

In some weird ass attempt to keep pace with the rest of the audio world, TEAC has unveiled an unusual iPod dock cum speaker setup called the ITB1000.  It features a dock at its peak and a 2.1 channel sound system just beneath. ...

Star Wars Nintendo Wii And A Million LEDs (video)

There's die hard and then there's DIE HARD. The Star Wars Nintendo Wii is clearly the latter. You can actually build your own LED infused Star Wars Wii, but that requires a pain staking amount of hours and patience. Screw that,...

A Car Key That Kills Your Cell Phone

No teenager, or adult for that matter will willingly opt for a car key that prevents their cell phone from working.  Utah University thinks otherwise, though.  They've invented a car key that communicates with your cell phone. ...