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DirecTV Officially Cancels The HDCP-20

Bated breaths no more. 3 years in development and with nothing to show DirecTV has canceled the HDPC-20, a tuner that was designed to integrate the satellite service with Windows Media Center. As stated by a company spokesperso...

Jabra Releases Two New Headsets: M5390 & BT530 USB

It looks like the Bluetooth headset market has piqued. or at least is the case for Jabra.  Today they released two new Bluetooth headsets, the BT530 and M5390 (pictured above), which aren't bad looking, but are pretty unremarka...
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Blackberry Makes The Curve 8900 Official In UK. US Release?

Originally codenamed the 'Javelin', Blackberry officially unveiled the Curve 8900 in the UK today. The Curve is very similar to the Bold, but sports a small footprint, and a high rez camera (3.2MP vs 2MP).  It's a quad-band GSM...


Flashing Dry Erase Memo Board

In today's technology focused World, if it's not beeping or arriving in an inbox most people will ignore it.  Merging some of the old with a bit of the new is the Flashing Dry Erase Memo board.  Just write your message and flip...

Novatel Intros The ‘Mifi’, A Hotspot Sharing Router

Novatel unveiled the MiFi today, a router that allows you to share your 3G hotspot. The details, well, seem to be lacking, but much like the Huawei D100 Router it connects to your 3G hot spot connection and distributes the band...

A BMW M3 Is More Green Than A Prius (video)

Before you scream poppycock, hit the video and watch how Top Gear came to this conclusion.  What I truly find interesting, and assuming it's true, is the that the Prius isn't all that green when it comes to the batteries they u...


Logic 3 Intros iPod Dock With Accelerometer: i-Station 25

At first glance the i-Station25 from Logic 3 appears to be your run of the mill iPod dock with stereo speakers.  Look a little further, though, and you'll notice a few features that aren't of the norm.  Sure, it's got 2x4w ster...

The Gravity Balans Recliner Makes You Feel Like You’re Floating

Comfort never looked to precarious.  You're laying your eyes on a Special edition GRAVITY balans recliner.  Available in a limited run of 250, the special chair was built and designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the re...
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Tivoli’s Networks Radio Looks Old School But Does The New School

Sure there's cheaper Internet radios, but how many sport the Tivoli name and come in three solid-wood finishes, including walnut, cherry and rosewood.  The NetWorks radio can tune into the endless array of Internet radio statio...

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Gadget Rumor: Treo’s Swivel Phone For 2009 , Codenamed The Roteo, Or Some Other Mysterious Swivel Device?

There's no official word on this mysterious swivel phone with full QWERTY keyboard, but in all likelihood it's a Palm smartphone for 2009.  As noted by Treo Central there's the familiar Treo keyboard, plus the obvious Treo look...
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Broadcom BCM4329 Chip Provides Low Power 802.11n To Phones

The Broadcom BCM4329 chip adds 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and FM tuner/receiver functionality to your cell phone and does it using less power than the previous 802.11g implementation. How it accomplishes that I do not ...
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The Mobiado 105GMT GOLD Cell Phone Is Neither Hip Or Cool, But Features All Things Expensive

So, at some point things become so opulent they're ugly.  Such is the case with the Mobiado 105GMT GOLD.  Draped in 24k gold paint and sapphire crystal (back and front), the 105GMT GOLD is a quad-band GSM/EGSM and dual-band WCD...