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HTC Touch Diamond Shows Up In White

Just in time for the holidays, and just like G1, HTC has added a Touch Diamond in white. Otherwise, specs should remain the same.  Note that I couldn't find an official product page for the white variant, but did see it on the ...

iRiver’s E50 MP3 Player Is Looking Mighty Fine In Aluminum

iRiver's latest MP3 player, the E50, is looking pretty slim and trim.  Nothing is completely official, but you should expect a brushed aluminum casing, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of storage, a 1.8-inch LCD, FM tuner, microphone, EQ, and c...
Cell Phones

Dior Releases Its First Cell Phone & Includes Mini Phone

Dior released their first cell phone today. Clearly we don't need yet another crappy, overpriced handset on the market, but these lifestyle brands refuse to leave no stone unturned. The hand brushed aluminum phone measures just...


SRSLabs Adds iPod Adaptor For Super Enhanced Audio Quality

SRSLabs is apparently making a business out of undermining Apple products, the iPod in this case.  The iWOW Adaptor attaches to your iPod's dock port (works with iPod Classic, iPod nano 3G, iPod 5G) and by some SRS wizardry res...
Cell Phones

Nokia Starts Shipping The N85 And Costs $100 Less Than Thought

Remember the Nokia N85? It's the first smartphone to receive an AMOLED screen.  Well, as we said it would, it has started shipping. But there's some good news.  We were wrong on the price.  Nokia direct is currently selling it ...
Home Theater

LG And Samsung Officially Issue Firmware Updates For Netflix HD Streaming On Blu-ray Players

If you were envious of Xbox 360 owners ability to stream Netflix's HD titles, well don't worry, because Samsung and LG today officially issued firmware updates for their applicable Blu-ray players.  Actually, LG's firmware upda...

Green Energy

World’s First Energy Generating Revolving Door. Why Didn’t It Happen Sooner?

I'm not sure why every NYC high rise doesn't have one of these, but the Energy Generating Revolving Door is really a no brainer.  A transparent glass ceiling inside the door shows off the door's inner workings and displays the ...

eStarling’s ImpactV WiFi Photo Frame Is A Darling And Connects With Facebook, RSS, Email & More

eStarling's latest photo frame, the ImpactV, makes it ultra easy to display photos from a wide variety of photo sources.  For starters, it's got built-in WiFi, which enables it to connect to the Net sans cord.  You can attach a...

Official: Playstation Home Release Date (video)

Wait no longer, because Playstation Home will launch tomorrow, December 11th. 'Home' will be a free and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB. Initially you can expect virtual...


Buffalo LS-WSS240GL/R1: Solid State Drives In A Mini NAS

Remember Buffalo's Mini Linkstation NAS?  Yeah, the one that fit in the palm of a hand.  The company has now upgraded the drive to include dueling 120GB solid state drives.  As a result, the LS-WSS240GL/R1 emits just 2.3db of n...

One Laptop Per Child Commercials Will Surely Offend. Deal With It (video)

One Laptop Per Child just rolled out a new commercial that is beyond crazy. I'm not saying it's bad, but it depicts children in what are presumably 3rd World countries learning to use guns or sell their bodies. The whole point ...
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Logitech Unveils The G13 Gameboard With Built-in Analog Stick

Logitech unveiled their latest gameboard today, the G13. Sitting some where between a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard and G9 gaming mouse, the G13 incorporates 25 programmable keys and analog stick, which some how equates to '87 w...