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The Intel Core i7 Overclocked To 5510.09 MHz, Sets World Record

The Intel Core i7 was overclocked to a mind-numbing 5510.09 MHz by a Japanese enthusiast known as the "duck". Yup, this was the same guy that overclocked a P4 631 CPU to a staggering, shut-the-hell-up 8180.4 MHz. Talk about el ...

V-Moda Vibe II Headphones Go On Sale

I'm not sure who in their right mind is holding out for these funky looking ear buds, but just in case that be you, the V-Moda Vibe II headphones are on sale now for $120. You can grab a pair here

Samsung Intros 80-inch Touchscreen LCD: 820TSn

Samsung introduced 4 new large flat panel touchscreen displays, yesterday.  The TSn series of displays come in 40 (400TSn), 46 (460TSn), 70 (700TSn) and 80-inch (820TSn) sizes.  What's makes them unique is that they're embedded...

Cell Phones

Motorola Announces The ROKR EM35 Music Phone

Motorola announced their newest music-centric phone: the ROKR EM35. This rockin' gadget takes cell phone music to a new level with features such as: High-quality audio processing (CrystalTalk technology) Dedicated music control...

Huawei D100 Router: A Router With a Difference

The Huawei D100 Router turns a 3G dongle into a WiFi network that accommodates the traveling user. Perfect for this holiday season, there are no set up fees, installment costs or wires required. So what strings are attached to ...

Wii MusicPack: Whole Orchestra: No Tuxedo Required

Do you secretly yearn to have an entire orchestra in your living room that you can listen while in your pajamas? Now nothing can stand in the way of your dream with the new the eGear Wii Music Pack. The eGear WiiiMusic Pack can...


2009 Optibike OB1: Revolutionary Golden Mountain Bike

The amazing Optibike OB1 is a unique electric/manual hybrid with the durability of a mountain bike that sets a standard all its own. The Optibike 08, which was created by award-winning bike designer, Jim Turner, was touted as t...

Gadget Giveaway Reminder: Win A Wicked Laser Elite 125 Plus Laser Pointer

We're giving away a $600 laser.  Don't worry, you've got a few days left to enter (expires 12/3). Hit this post and follow the instructions to get in on the action.
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Cell Phones

Nokia Launches A New Touchscreen Smartphone: N97 (video)

Nokia teased us yesterday and now, today, they've satisfied our touchscreen smartphone lust with the N97 Smartphone. Looking oh so N95, it features a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, 32GB flash memory, micro...
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Home Theater

Gadget Leak: Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite EVA9000

Netgear's newest media player, the Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite EVA9000, has been leaked on the net. It pretty much plays every format imaginable and can be connected TO anything imaginable. Features include a 3.5" SATA ha...

2008 LA Auto Show Recap & A Segway Dispensing Car

I hit up the LA Auto show this past Saturday.  Sickness aside (cough, cough) it was an okay experience.  Most of the cars were redundant to last year's show with the exception of the some of the concept vehicles, which I've pos...

Parra x The Perfect Unison Headphones Are Made From Wood

Talk about uncomfortable looking.  The Parra x The Perfect Unison Headphones headband is crafted from birch - that's wood people - and stylized by artist Dutch artist Parra.  I couldn't tell you much more than that, but they'll...