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AOC’s Latest LCD Monitors: 2230Fh, 2230Fm and V22

AOC, the display maker, is getting up in the gaming market with a new line of gamer certified displays.  Today, they announced 3 monitors - the 2230Fh, 2230Fm and V22 - that all sport a 22-inch display, a 2ms response time and ...
Cell Phones

Gadget Rumor: Samsung Android Phone

According to reports, Samsung will be releasing an Android phone in the second quarter of 2009. Released through Sprint Nextel and T-mobile, the phone will supposedly be similar to the Samsung Instinct and Omnia models; meaning...

Brando Upgrades Their Super Tiny Keyboard With Backlighting

Small and some what understated, Brando's mini USB keyboard just got an upgrade: LED backlighting.  You can illuminate the crap out of this keyboard but I'll still have a near to impossible time performing the common keystroke....


LED Exhaust Tip

Perhaps the Wife won't let you deck out the minivan with under carriage lighting.  What's the alternative?  The Pyle LED Chrome Exhaust Tip. Available here for $23 [Bookofjoe]

Boston Commuter Trains To Receive Free WiFi

Boston's Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail will be the first U.S commuter rail to receive full blown high speed WiFi via a 3G cellular connection.  The MBTA, which runs the rail system, choose WAAV's AirBox X2 dual connection cel...

Gadget Rumor: Dell To Release Adamo Laptop, Macbook Air Murderer

Rumorville says that Dell is set to introduce a Macbook Air competitor called the Adamo.  According to NYTimes, site uncovered the purported razor thin computer via a trademark search.  And then of course there's...


Mivx Rolls Out A PVR, Couldn’t Get Witty On The Name: MivxPVR

This holiday just wouldn't be complete without yet another device with a built-in iPod dock. The only difference is that this device, the MivxPVR, looks a bit more titillating than the usual set of offenders.  Aside from its ab...

$10,000 R/C Replica Tiger Tank

This replica German King Tiger tank doesn't actually fire, but at 6 feet long and 550 pounds it ain't to be messed with.  Under its hood are two 500-watt, 24 volt motors that are apparently able to pull a car.  For added realis...

The Go Mic Is For The Church Going Type

It's not too often a press release pitches 'a house of worship', but such is the case of Samson's Go Mic.  It's to be officially unveiled at CES 2009 and they're pitching it as an omni directional USB microphone with a built-in...


iSP200 2.1 Channel Speakers For Laptops And Desktops Is Also A USB Hub

Much like Philips, iLuv is getting ahead of the CES curve (yesterday they released the i9500). Today they unveiled the iSP200 2.1 Channel Speakers for laptops and desktops. If you're still looking for the other 'speakers' don't...
Holiday 2008 Gift Guide

Holiday Shipping Cut Off Drawing Close

Just a quick warning: if you haven't ordered your holiday gifts and plan to shop online, you'll need to do it today or tomorrow.  Tomorrow is pushing it, especially if you're doing the 'cheapo' regular shipping method.  Most re...

Samsung Yepp P3 Gets Shown Off And Boy Is It Pretty (video)

Geez, I recall the original Samsung Yepp from back in the early 2000s, and the thing was a beast.  And by beast I mean ugly as all hell.  Amazingly though, the player's name has survived the times and a new version, the P3 is a...