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Nokia Intros Another Touchscreen Phone, The 6208C

Looks like Nokia is set to introduce a new touchscreen handset, the 6208c. Apparently, the 'c' stands for China, which is where the phone will be issued initially. A relatively large sized stylus snaps into the back of the phon...

Vent-Miser: A Robotic Venting System

Talk about useless gadgets.  The Vent-miser is a robotic vent that can be programmed to open and close at select times.  It's designed for folks without zone heating or cooling in their home, but honestly, at the end of the day...

HP Gets Its CES Tease On With The Firefly Laptop With Secondary Screen & Weird Trackpad

HP has officially instituted the preCES 2009 spin machine. They've exclusively issued a prototype laptop, called the “HP Firefly with Voodoo DNA", to LaptopMag for a hands on. The laptop is conceptual, so the likelihood of all ...


Swann PenCam DVR Records Nefarious Activities On The DL

Corporate espionage is probably pretty low on the totem poll of most executives, but yes, there are sleuths out there hired specifically to perform this sort of activity.  Given the slumping economy and the need to make more mo...

Gadget Review: Audioengine W2 Wireless iPod Audio Solution

Earlier this year Audio Engine introduced their first wireless audio solution, the W1. Although the W1 worked flawlessly, it left the iPod crowd salivating for a wireless solution for their coveted MP3 player. Heeding the calls...

Road Mice: Computer Mice Shaped Like Your Favorite Car

The word 'Obsession' doesn't even begin to describe the passion some folks have for automobiles.  There's no sense in hiding your enthusiasm, at least that's what Road Mice thinks.  Currently the company offers a line of wirele...


Brother Quattro 6000D: World’s First Sewing Machine With A Camera & HD LCD Screen

The future of sewing, yes sewing has arrived.  Brother is set to introduce the Quattro 6000D at this years CES, which is the World's 'First Camera Built Into a Sewing and Embroidery Machine'.  I'm no home maker and this thing h...

MSI Wind Unveils The U115 Hybrid Netbook With Dueling Drives

MSI officially unveiled its latest netbook yesterday, the U115 Hybrid.  The most notable features is its green (battery) friendly hybrid drive system that uses a solid state drive for day-to-day use and a good old fashion spinn...
Cell Phones

Twist To Fit BGP100 Smartphone Game Pad

Gaming on any cell phone is a challenge to say the least; the tiny buttons are far from applicable.  The BGP100, which appears to be yet another after market game pad for cell phones is actually an innovative piece of kit.  The...


Gadget Rumor: iPod Touch With 7-9 Inch Screen

According to numerous sources, Apple is working on a larger iPod Touch with a 7-9" screen. The rumors indicate that it'll be a touch tablet rather than a netbook but it's too early to tell. These reports are strengthened by the...
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Cell Phones

Gadget Leak: Samsung S8300 8 Megapixel Camera Phone With AMOLED Screen

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be the battle of massive megapixel camera phones. First it was Casio, then Motorola, LG and now Samsung.  Ok, so Samsung has long had a phone with an 8 megapixel camera, the Pixon to be more spe...

Gadget Rumor: New Mac Mini Details

According to reports, the new Mac Minis will be launched at the MacWorld Expo 2009. The new Mac will supposedly feature: Aluminum-black enclosure SATA optical drive which can be swapped out for a SATA hard drive Nvidia chipset ...