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BUGLabs Announces BugvonHippel And Hints At 3G

BUGLabs, the folks that brought us the Lego like cell phone, is ramping up for CES 2009. Yesterday they sent out an email blast announcing their latest, the BUGvonHippel. It will enable BUG lovers to "to create new and interest...

Cowon S9 Curve Now Available For Purchase

I swore I wouldn't write any more release info about the Cowon S9, and guess what, I won't.  Why? Because the 16GB version is available here for $240! Get one and let us know what you think, would you?

Samsung Wastes No Time, Intros NC20 Netbook

Samsung's NC10 netbook barely poked its head above water long enough to grab a breath and the company is already set to release a successor.  Aptly named the NC20, its expected to have a 1.3GHz VIA Nano U225 processor under its...


Sony Teases With Site About Game Changing Laptop

I'm not sure why Sony New Zealand gets the teaser site, but apparently the company is set to intro a brand new Vaio laptop that "will change the way you look at laptops. Forever."  Sony's known for making over the top statement...
Cell Phones

Clothing Brand Hugo Boss Intros Smartphone

Riding firmly on Prada's coattails, Hugo Boss is set to intro a cell phone of their own.  Apparently it's pretty much the same phone as Prada and features 3G connectivity, GSM and EDGE tri band (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), 2.8-inch...

Vuzix 920AV: 3D & Headtracking In A Pair Of Sunglasses

CES is just around the corner and so are a new pair of Vuzix's eyewear.  They plan to officially unveil the Wrap 920AV at the 3 day event, which will boast such features as focal adjustable lenses, stereoscopic 3-D effects, and...


The World’s Cheapest E-Reader: The Foxit eSlick

A no namer called Foxit plans to introduce an e-reader next year that will undercut the competition by $130.  Called the eSlick, it measures just .4-inches thick, includes a 2GB SD card (accepts up to 4GB SD cards) and MP3 play...

Trendnet TV-M7 7-inch Photo Frame Does CCTV And Photos

We've seen our fair share of LCD Photo frames, but the Trendnet TV-M7 7-inch Photo Frame brings something new to the game.  Thanks to its built-in WiFi it's able to detect and access up to 4 Trendnet compatible security cameras...

Move Over Brass Knuckles And Say Hello To The Blast Knuckles

The Blast Knuckles are just an accident waiting to happen.  The whole idea behind a taser is that you can keep your distance from the attacker and you don't have to know how to fight.  Just point and taser.  The Blast Knuckles ...


Gadget Leak: Lenovo Dual Screen Laptop, W700ds

So the inherent problem with any laptop is screen real estate.  There just isn't enough to properly traverse the ever expanding Internet or wide range of applications, such as Photoshop that call for an endless array of windows...

Parrot By Philippe Starck Zikmu iPod Wireless Speakers

For $1,500, the Parrot by Philippe Starck Zikmu speakers better sound friggin' awesome.  Perched atop one speaker is the quintessential iPod dock while Bluetooth connectivity relays music to the other.  You'll need to plug them...

Wazabee Enables 3D On The iPhone And Macbook

3D pics are coming to an iPhone near you. How so?  The Wazabee 3DeeShell.  Complicated spellings aside, the 3DeeShell is an iPhone case that also covers the iPhone's (or iPod Touch) screen and enables 3D viewing. Although it wo...