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LG Launches Sunlight Powered LCD Display

LG just got a whole lot greener today with the introduction of their sunlight illuminated LCD.  Standard notebook LCDs use LED or fluorescent backlighting, which tends to consume large amounts of power, especially if your runni...

Kenwood’s Latest Car Receiver, The I-K50, Features Front USB & Complete iPod Control

I know, I know, car receivers or head units with built-in USB ports are nothing new. But Kenwood's latest, the I-K50 not only features a USB input and headphone jack, but provides complete iPod control without having to lay a s...

Xbox Live To Offer Hulu, Youtube?

Shane Kim, head of Microsoft's game studio, wants to "open" up the Xbox 360 platform like it did with the Netflix service. Rather than focusing on quantity, their plan is to integrate high quality content such as the Hulu and Y...


What’s A Bag Without A TV Built-in

Is there nothing that can't be retrofitted with an LCD display? The Bagtv takes it a step too far and features a 7-inch LCD combined with an MP3 and DVD player. You'll get 2.5 hours of crook eyed stares (i.e. battery life) whil...

Iqua SunVizor: A Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

Iqua's latest product, the VizorSUN Bluetooth speaker phone, offers an endless amount of talk time.  No, it won't hook you up with more 'Anytime' minutes, but with its built-in solar panel it should provide you with an endless ...
Green Energy

Gadget Review: After-Lite Crystal Energy Cell Night Light

Everyone knows that light bulbs burn electricity, but if you get compact Energy Star fluorescent light bulb (which looks like a thick strand of spaghetti twisted in a circle), you can cut back on the amount of power consumed co...


Another Tiny Projector: Castrade Mini-LED

As every day passes it seems like the 'pocket projector' is becoming more and more common place.  Sure, the Castrade Mini-LED Projector only puts out a 640x480 image, but at least it fits in an over sized wine glass (it's 40 x ...
Cell Phones

BUGLabs Announces BugvonHippel And Hints At 3G

BUGLabs, the folks that brought us the Lego like cell phone, is ramping up for CES 2009. Yesterday they sent out an email blast announcing their latest, the BUGvonHippel. It will enable BUG lovers to "to create new and interest...

Cowon S9 Curve Now Available For Purchase

I swore I wouldn't write any more release info about the Cowon S9, and guess what, I won't.  Why? Because the 16GB version is available here for $240! Get one and let us know what you think, would you?


Samsung Wastes No Time, Intros NC20 Netbook

Samsung's NC10 netbook barely poked its head above water long enough to grab a breath and the company is already set to release a successor.  Aptly named the NC20, its expected to have a 1.3GHz VIA Nano U225 processor under its...

Sony Teases With Site About Game Changing Laptop

I'm not sure why Sony New Zealand gets the teaser site, but apparently the company is set to intro a brand new Vaio laptop that "will change the way you look at laptops. Forever."  Sony's known for making over the top statement...
Cell Phones

Clothing Brand Hugo Boss Intros Smartphone

Riding firmly on Prada's coattails, Hugo Boss is set to intro a cell phone of their own.  Apparently it's pretty much the same phone as Prada and features 3G connectivity, GSM and EDGE tri band (900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz), 2.8-inch...