Netflix Weekend Must Watch: 10 Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix as of December 14, 2012 (list)

netflix must watch

Another long-awaited weekend has approached us…TGIF! So if you don’t have holiday parties to attend or family functions to go to, stay home and relax…and watch some flicks on Netflix. Instead of going through the entire selection, we’ve made is easy on you and compiled some must-watch movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure this weekend.


10. Footloose (Drama/Romantic)

Kevin Bacon had the moves as city teen who moves to a small rural town that has outlawed dancing. And what does he do…defy authority, hooks up with the minister’s daughter and put on the best damn prom ever!

9. Natural Born Killers (Crime/Thriller)

Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play some crazy ass killers who are really victims of traumatic childhoods who become mass murderers and are then glorified by the mass media.

8. The Adventures of Tintin (Adventure/Animated)

Despite it being a cartoon, The Adventures of Tintin is actually a great movie overall…even if you don’t have kids! The cartoon is about an intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock who both set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock’s ancestor.

7. The Artist (Comedy/Drama/Romance)

Winner of five Oscars, this artful black-and-white silent film follows the romance between a silent-era superstar on a downward spiral and a rising young starlet who embraces the future of cinema at the dawn of the “talkies.”

6. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Sci-Fi)

Here’s something for all you Sci-Fi and Trekkie fans! This edition is about how Admiral Kirk and his bridge crew risk their careers stealing the decommissioned Enterprise to return to the restricted Genesis planet to recover Spock’s body.

TV Shows

5. How I Met Your Mother Season 1 (comedy)

Meet the gang from the very first season that started in 2005 (including the pilot episode) and see why this is one of TV’s best comedies around right now!

4. Luther Season 1 (Crime/Drama)

Since it first aired in 2010, “Luther” has been a critics favorite show and now you can watch why with Season 1 streaming on Netflix. It tells the adventures of Detective John Luther and how he keeps his morals while confronting depravity in the form of psychological duels with killers and more.

3. Futurama Season 1  (Animation/Comedy)

It might have been a short-lived animated series, but it was a very funny one! Set in the year 3000, Futurama is the acme of sci-fi animated sitcom from Simpsons creator Matt Groening. While not as universally popular as The SimpsonsFuturama is equally hip and hilarious, thanks to its zippy lateral-thinking contemporary pop cultural references, celebrity appearances and more!

2. Friday Night Lights Season 1 (Drama)

First airing in 2006, go back to the beginning of the show that was dramatized high school football in a small Texas town.

1. Surviving the Cut Season 1 (Reality/Drama)

The Discovery Channel show about how some of the toughest men in American go through bootcamp and military training is brutal! These figures struggle through intense training programs in the hopes of Surviving the Cut. Each episode follows a different sector of the armed forces from Rangers to Marines to the Air Force, and each group of trainees pushes their physical and mental limits in the hopes of reaching elite status.

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