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ireless Bluetooth speakers are all the rage. We’ve seen some really innovative products go to market and others that have successfully rallied believers behind efficient Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns. Yet the quality and performance has varied. They can’t all be like the Ultimate Ear Boom. But we know they’ll keep trying.

Next up at bat is an offering from BEM Wireless. The Bem Wireless Boom Box is a large portable speaker designed to be both tethered with a traditional AC cord and adapter, or it can operate on its rechargeable battery for full portability. It’s a decent looking device, though it does appear more like a bathroom item in this pearlescent white and silver motif. There is an all-black option that supports the boom box nostalgia a bit more.


The Bem Wireless Boom Box ships with the main portable speaker unit, 3.5mm auxilary cable, wall charger and user guide. it boasts 10 hours of battery life. But really that’s gonna depend on your sound quality (file format, volume…etc). The Bem–like the Prisma–is also a 2.1 stereo sound setup. You just can’t see the woofer and satellites, which are all housed in a single unit. It’s capable of a impressive 105dB–which Bem is quick to highlight, is 15dB less than a typical rock concert. The unit is not heavy but feels secure and solid. it doesn’t hurt the Bem Boom Box features front and back metal casing, which is nicely offset by soft touch finish.

The first two things that struck me hard when I began my initial testing, were the ease of setup and the impressive audio performance. Getting up and running is not wildly different from your garden variety Bluetooth device. Turn the thing on and then navigate to your audio player’s available Bluetooth devices. Select the Bem and wait for the thing two pair up. But with the Bem there is almost no wait at all. It pairs quicker to your various Bluetooth supported devices than most any other similar BT speaker.


Again, audio quality stands very tall for this one. It offers better pitch in the highs and deeper, less thumping bass than the Edifier Prisma BT speaker set. Don’t get me wrong that’s a fabulous BT option. But it is a year old. No surprise, in that time, entropy has taken hold of the Prisma’s dominance. The Bem Boom fills large rooms with your favorite audio, quite easily and more so than the Prisma does with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Midrange sounds are solid if not great, but again, the clarity and pitch in the high tones is what impressive me the most.

Bottom Line: The Bem Wireless Boom Box is simple and great. It even offers auxiliary audio-in and audio-out ports at the rear. The entire speaker kicks out fantastic sound from up to 25 feet (interference not withstanding) over Bluetooth. It features Play/Pause and volume controls right on the handle. My only real complaints are middling midranges and the price. Expect to lighten your billfold by well over $200 before you can enjoy your favorite tunes with the Bem Wireless Boom Box.



Release Date: Available Now
Price: $249
Size: 12" x 9.5" x 5"
Weight: approx 7lbs.
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Impressive soundstage over 2.1 stereo. Crystal highs. Deep lows. Portable. 10hrs of batt-life. Expansive 25ft Bluetooth reception.


Pricey. midrange is a bit lacking.


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    Thank you for the very thorough review. The design appears to be a throw back to the old Boom Box style with the handle etc. – not exactly back pack friendly. You did not mention NFC pairing, or a speaker phone option, or water resistance which appear to be becoming a standard in the portable speaker category – as this offering is in the upper price point of the category it may be an oversight on the manufacturers part. As for me I will stick with my Mighty Dwarf BlueII – Bluetooth vibration speaker for now.

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