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dds are you own more than one pair of headphones.  I know I do.  Many in fact, and some of top notch quality.   So if the prospect of investing in yet another pair, simply to go wireless, seems like another frivolous expense, I’m right there with you.

The solution you ask?  Outdoor Tech’s Adapt, a Bluetooth headphone adapter.  It’s quite simple.  You charge it, pair it with your smartphone and then just plug in any pair of headphones with a 3.5mm jack.  A built-in mic lets you take calls and the on board controls allow you to skip tracks and control volume.

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Outdoor Tech promises 5-6 hours of use – I got something closer to 4 hours.  They also claim about a 30-foot range, though thats with a direct line of sight and anything beyond 25 and the sound begins to fade in and out.  When the battery does begin to run out, the Adapt emits a a beeping noise every 10 seconds.  I understand that it’s important to indicate when the battery will die, but doing this incessantly with just a minute of juice left seems absolutely asinine.

But that isn’t to say the Adapt is all bad.  It’s light weight, easy to use and thanks to a built-in clip can attach to just about any piece of clothing.  Pairing isn’t a sorted affair – you’ll just need to hold down the power button until it flashes blue and red – though on occasion I had to manually prompt my phone to reconnect with it.  Thanks to its simple design, it’s easy to control the Adapt, even without looking at it.  And it’s light enough that it won’t weigh down your shorts and even during rigorous exercise it only fell off once and when it did it hung from my headphone cord ensuring.

Unfortunately, sound quality is fairly well diminished compared to a wired connection while using OT’s Adapt.  That said, I realize that Bluetooth reduces audio quality, but the Adapt’s sound processing is sub par, which is to say there is absolutely no bass and music is just straight flat.

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Comparatively speaking, Tenqa’s Fit Bluetooth headphones, which I’m reviewing right now, far out pace the Adapt in both sound quality and convenience, and they cost just $30 more.   Moreover, Tenqa’s Fit headphones charge via a standard microUSB plug.  The Adapt requires a special plug that ships with the unit, and trust me when I say it’s easy to use.

Save your money and get a pair of stand alone Bluetooth headphones.  As mentioned, the Adapt isn’t all bad since it can be used in a variety of scenarios beyond headphones, such as an existing Bluetooth car stereo system that doesn’t include a mic input.  Nevertheless, the majority will be after the Adapt to convert their existing headphones to Bluetooth.  However, sound quality is significantly diminished and since charging comes by way of a special plug, it’s just not worth the hassle of $40.


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Price: $39.95
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Easy to setup, works with any pair of existing set of headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack


Subpar sound quality, mediocre battery life


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